Suit Up for Swim

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Hello Summer!  I’m kicking off summer with a functional and real post.  My good bloggy friends Karly Nelson of Paisley Roots and Tami Peterson of Sew Sophie Lynn are hosting a swimwear tour and I thought I would use it as a great excuse to tackle swimwear once again.  I did this one other time before and it wasn’t the greatest success and the pattern was… let’s just say…less than great.  So this time I thought I’d really try to get some good creations.  You should know there are some awesome prizes to be won by sponsors, so be sure to head over to Karly and Tami’s blogs for how to have a chance to win some goodies from the sponsors.
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Well… I’ve finished two of my projects and I would definitely say there is a learning curve to the swimwear creation skill.  I’m a little OCD and Karly could definitely confirm that because I am always sending her pictures of things I’m just not happy with and I think she sometimes laughs at my obsessiveness.  With that said, I’m going to call the suits created in this post my wearable muslins and this is only because I know I can do better personally. So if you are OCD like me… just be gentle and whatever you do… don’t zoom in on the photos. 😜

So, let’s get started on what I’ve sewn up.  I used the Peach Beach Swim Suit from Lil Luxe Collection and the Cosi Swimsuit from Sewpony.  Both of these patterns were provided to my for the purpose of this tour, but please know any opinions are my own.  I also want to include that I sewed these using my serger and sewing machine. I really did need both. I own a coverstitch machine but was just too chicken to bust it out on this project. I was afraid I would cause unrepairable damage and was racing against the clock to get these in before we headed to the beach for a vacation.

I started with the Peach Swimsuit. As many know, I’m a huge fan of the quality of Lil Luxe Collection and this pattern keeps with that level. There are TONs of tips and photos included in this pattern to help you achieve the best product. I found them very helpful.  This pattern includes options for a one piece or a two piece. I love this, it’s like a two for one deal.  Both versions are nicely lined and include the super fun front panel and bow front. When my husband saw the finished product I think he was surprised I could make something that looked so legit. I always love when I get a response like that…then I usually continue by pointing out all the things I need to fix for the next version to bring him back to reality.  We are our own worst critics…amiright?!

The most challenging part to this suit is getting the bow to lay just right. This is where the learning curve part comes in. I didn’t stretch my elastic across the top enough on my first version which gives it a little more wiggle than I would like, but I think my next one will be better.  The pattern includes a lot of support with this.

In terms of fit, this suit gives great coverage and doesn’t ride up the the bum at all. This is a huge deal in my family. No one likes picking their suit out of their butt crack all day long. 😂 I took new measurements before starting both of these suits and chose the size according to the size chart. Both of these worked well.

For the Cosi, I must say… If this is the only pattern you had for girl’s swim, you could be set for life. This pattern is seriously loaded with options out the whazoo.  Check out the listing for the options, I can’t even list them all here. I think this would be a great pattern for a mini mix-and-match swim collection. Several tops and bottoms that are all interchangeable would make summers at my house so simple!  We basically live in swimwear and don’t even have a pool. I know… so weird.

For my Cosi I chose the one piece view with the skirt option and adjustable straps. I almost chickened out on the straps, but I reminded myself that I jumped on this tour for a challenge and decided to go for it. #challengeaccepted.
For this suit I chose the un-lined version and went with just the gusset lining. I mainly wanted to do this to incorporate a new skill. I didn’t mind this design option at all, but I did learn that it should mainly be used for darker fabrics. My coral fabric was maybe not the best choice, but also not inappropriate either. It did make me aware how lighter colored fabrics could show things we don’t want to show.

If I’m being completely real, I’ll share that while making this suit I totally jacked up and sewed the bottom onto the top backwards… Agh!!! Removing serger seams sucks, but I did it. But for real, I’m not even sure how I jacked that up. I feel like that’s as bad as sewing a sleeve on inside out and I haven’t done that in a loooonng time. I thought I was past moments like that.  I guess not.

Are you wondering how the adjustable straps went? They turned out pretty good. My machine wasn’t making friends with the multiple layers of fabric in some places, but overall I love that I did them. It makes the suit potty functional which is a total win in my book.

For fit on this, I thought it was good. No wedgy issues here either. I did add a tiny bit of height to the top of the suit just for personal preference on coverage up top. I will probably continue to do that. I’m super conservative and even though my models aren’t “developed” I want to promote keeping boobies covered. Call it imprinting. 😂

So, that’s my swim journey thus far this year. I’m sure I will make a few more. I still have some swim fabric I bought but haven’t used yet.  Thanks so much to Karly and Tami for hosting this tour and pushing my skills a bit. Thanks to Jess and Suz for trusting me with your patterns to tackle for this project.

Hosted by Sew Sophie Lynn & Paisley Roots

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Gnome Matter What! Fabric Tour


I am so excited to be part of the Gnome Matter What! fabric tour!  I have to say I feel like the small blogger on the totem pole of these stops, and I’m so thankful to have been invited.  Check out all these rocking blogs along the tour!  After you scope out this post, don’t miss the raffle copter waaayyyy down at the bottom!

Tour Graphic (1).jpg

Ink & Arrow Fabrics is a new to me company.  There is a store locator to help you find fabric stores close to you that carry it.  I was just playing around with the locator and totally discovered a shop I didn’t even know existed just 6 miles from my house.  How does that even happen?! It’s almost too embarrassing to say.  I guess I’ll be checking that out this week sometime.  I’m hoping to attend quilt market next fall so maybe I’ll have my eyes opened to even more of the companies out there that I’m not aware of.  I can’t wait.

Alrighty then, how about we show of some of the Gnome Matter What! line, designed by Alicia Jacobs Dujets.  This line is full of cute little features that remind me of summertime fun in the back yard.  I made looks for the littles to show off these fun designs.


This first look features a floral design, Sketchbook Garden Natural using the Swallowtail Top from Lil Luxe Collection.  It’s such a feminine top and a perfect pattern match for this print.  This is probably my favorite of the line because I am totally a floral girl.  If you follow me, you probably already know that.  I paired this floral with the Square Dot Blender in Charcoal for the flutters and the bloomers.  I used that Tadah Flexi Shorts which is a pattern I hop back to from time to time.


This print features dainty sketched flowers with faint colors of green, purple, coral, and blue. It’s just enough color to keep it simple but not boring.  A nice balance.  The background also features a faint grid print as well.



For our second look we just had to get our hands on those cute Gnomes! I’ve thought Gnomes were cute before Gnomeo and Juliet hit the theaters and they got cool. 🙂 I stitched up the Willow Skirt from Violette Field Threads in Lawn Ornaments in Seafoam with the Madelyn Top in Snails in Natural.  You see, I got sucked into that sale a few weeks ago and needed to justify the purchase by actually sewing up those patterns.  I guess I can check that off the list now.  #justified


We topped of the top with the Square Dot Blender in Lilac for the collar.  It was a great way to pull some of that purple from the other prints.


And sometimes I just don’t want to do button holes, so check out those Kam Snaps while you look at these cute little snails.  You can see that this also print features a faint grid paper background as the floral.  The math teacher in me is doing a little happy dance at that design feature.


And before we get to the rafflecopter, we have some fun moments.  We have started getting rather goofy in our shoots lately, so here is a little bit of the craziness we had while wrapping up.





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Don’t forget to swing by the rest of the Gnome Matter What! Tour featuring fun fabrics from Ink & Arrow Fabrics.  Don’t forget to scope out the other Ink & Arrow Lines.  I absolutely love the Zola Line, so I’m going to see if my newly discovered shop has any of that in stock.

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Pandalicious: by Art Gallery


Oh my goodness! The Pandalicious Tour is here! I just can’t even believe that I get to sew up some of the Art Gallery Fabrics Pandalicious line by Katerina Roccella for you to see. *This post is sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics, but my opinions and emotions of excitement are my own. I’ve been eyeing this fabric since it first hit the web and I just love it! I’ve put together a sister set for my little ladies to show off some of this awesome line.  Check out my creations, then be sure to read about the multiple giveaways for the tour.



I stitched up this first outfit with Ni hao Fairies Yu for the top and Panda Patches Blue for the shorts.  If you haven’t put your hands on Art Gallery fabrics you are certainly missing out.  The wovens are so soft and smooth to the touch and sew beautifully!  The Pleat Fold Top from Madeit patterns was a perfect match for the Papillon Shorties from Lil Luxe Collection.  Lil Luxe is also a sponsor for this post and I was so excited to get to stitch up the shorties.

For outfit number two I used the Hidden Panda Cottonbud.  I love how the little pandas just peak out in this fabric.  It’s a soft and fun design! Perfect for a little person to sport in a romper.  I used the Summer Romper for kids, a FREE pattern from Purl SOHO. This romper was simple and the fit was great. A pattern I will definitely use again.  It is so hot here right now, so cool clothes are a must!




You can see the whole line here: Pandalicious Line

And check out the Pandalicious Look Book!

Enter the Rafflecopter to win: 

Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids Pattern Book & 2 yards Hidden Panda Cottonbud in Knit

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Leave me a comment below about and I’ll be doing a random drawing at the end of the tour from the comments.

For the Love of Legends: Dreaming of Mermaids


The best part about being a kid is getting to believe in all the great magical creatures of our bedtime stories and childhood movies.  I’m so excited to be taking the time to credit these great legends by joining in on this blog tour.

I have three daughters, so there isn’t a better legend or creature to celebrate than mermaids for this tour.  One can not simply take a bath in my house, rather they must pretend they are mermaids swimming in the ocean. The tub is cluttered with diverse collection of mer-toys.  Dora, Barbie, and Ariel are just a few who congregate in the tub for a daily (or almost daily) swim.

I grew up on a lake and as a child. I used to have some of the strangest dreams about creatures that lived in the lake.  I currently live on a lake now, and sometimes those weird dreams try to escape even now as an adult.  I’m not sure where these come from, but I wish that just for once I could have a peaceful dream where a mermaid lived in our lake rather than something similar to the Loch Ness Monster.


To celebrate our love of mermaids, I stitched up a few outfits for the Littles.Believe it or not, finding perfect mermaid match in fabric was harder than I thought.  I used Riley Blake Saltwater Mermaids that I picked up at a local fabric shop in St. Louis last weekend while on a day out with my husband.   Poor guy, he barely survived 15 minutes in the little shop before he was asking when we were leaving.  Bless his heart.


I sewed up a dress for my prissy diva using the Lil Luxe Collection Lil Luxe Dress.  I used a single circle skirt and none of the fancy extras that make the fancy version oh-sew-lovely.  If you want to see a fancy one, check out this post.  It was such a quick sew for a simple dress.  I hemmed the skirt with some single fold bias tape.  Ahh! I’ve got to do that more often.  Add hemming with bias tape to my “Tried Something New in 2016” list because it is a keeper for the toolbox.




My sporty girl got a top and shorts for her outfit.  I used the Lil Luxe Dress again, but this time I used the tutorial from the blog to create a top with a gathered skirt that buttons, or in my case snaps, down the back.  If you read my last post about how to line up snaps, you may notice that I will be using them more frequently now. Who wouldn’t really?  The top needed some fun bottoms, and there may not be a faster pair of shorts than Tadah’s Flexi Shorts.  I used some denim I had purchased from Persnickety (back before they were “reorganizing” their fabric until the end of time). That pattern is so versatile, check it out if you haven’t.




I hope you have enjoyed checking out my creation in honor of the most popular legend among females everywhere.  There is nothing better than dreaming of being a mermaid.  Heaven knows that if I could see one, or even be one for a day, I would jump all over that!  I love the world of legends and hope to keep it alive in my home as my children grow.

Be sure to check out all the stops on the tour and participate in the giveaway too!  Good luck.  There is also a  link up at the bottom for you to share something you’ve made in the last three months that is related to a legend.  Be sure to link up to be entered into a drawing to win the latest OneThimble magazine and be considered for the CraftingCon Event.


For the Love of Legends Blog Tour hosted by CraftingCon and Phat Quarters
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Lil Luxe Collection LIL LUXE DRESS



Not so recently I was welcomed into the testing group for Lil Luxe Collection. When I was able to join in on this pattern test I was excited and nervous.  This group is filled with some amazing sewists, photographers, and bloggers to say the least. It is a lot of pressure to hang with these lovely ladies and their sewing creations.

Jessica Bustos designs modern patterns for little fashionistas.  The patterns are much more of the style I find myself creating as my sewing skills have developed. You can see many Lil Luxe Patterns in my Sew N Style post found here. (I’m not longer blogging at the blogspot address.)  Jessica encouraged me to join in at the end of the Sew N Style series and I’m glad I did! I stitched up quite a few items for Peyton to wear this fall.

Let’s get to the dress!

The Lil Luxe Dress

AHH! It’s amazing!  I have never sewn up anything so beautiful and the Littles have never fought over who was going to model until this dress.

This pattern included several skills and materials I did not have experience with. Yay for learning new things!  This dress includes double circle skirts, use of tulle for the underskirt (optional), box pleats, blind hemming, and horsehair braid.  All of these were new to me, but the tutorial includes great detail so that even the inexperienced can be successful.  Jessica even includes a tutorial video to help create the pleats!


  • Sizes 18 months – 8
    • Larger girl’s and women’s sizes will be coming soon!
  • Scoop Back with Button Placket
  • Sleeveless or Capped Sleeves
  • Pleated Double Circle Skirt
  • Optional Tulle Underskirt
  • BONUS Maxi Skirt and Zipper Directions Included


Doesn’t she just look like a little ballerina?!

Get the Pattern:

Lil Luxe Dress Pattern: The pattern price is $12, but has an opening sale price of $8.40!

Join the Facebook Group to see even more Lil Luxe Dress Creations


My Version:

My version was created using an ivory colored Swiss Dot that I picked up for an unknown reason because that’s basically how I buy fabric.  I did the cap sleeve option to provide some extra coverage for the weather.  I love the finished look.  It is classy and elegant while still being youthful. #love I’m going to be ordering another color of Swiss Dot to make a second version.  One Easter Dress completed, two to go.


Love that chin and grin!

What do you think of my version? Will you tackle the Lil Luxe Dress too?