Sew Pony Tour {Juliette Dress}


A few weeks ago I was asked to join a group of ladies showing off the Juliette pattern.  This great new pattern was a collaboration between Jill of Kneesocks +Goldilocks and Suz of SewPony. I basically stalk Jill and all her creations on Instagram (I mean, who can make standing in front of a couch in pretty things look so good? I want to be able to do that! Also, I think she’s secretly superwoman), so I was happy to jump on board with this tour.  Suz at Sewpony is kinda new-ish to me, but I’m glad I’m getting to see her work through this tour.  Thanks for having me ladies!!


A little about this dress pattern… The Juliette pattern has both dress and top options.  I have to admit, that the dress versions are my favorite as of now.  Juliette is an A-Line silhouette with many options to choose from.  You can make this with or without sleeves, with the neck ruffle or without, and you can add a faux button placket to the front if you like too!  The back closure has options of a loop and button or bias ties.  Both of these options make this dress perfect for the beginner sewist and a great make for anyone.


I love the collar detail on this dress.  It’s like Jill and Suz have been snooping my Pinterest account and know things that I like.  This ruffle just so dainty and feminine, I love it.  A few tips for the sewist on making your ruffle collar look great… 1.Don’t cheat on the gathering stitches!!  You need to do more than one gathering stitch, and overachievers would probably do three.  It really does make your gathers nice and even.  2. Make your own bias tape.  The pre-made stuff works okay, but making your own is just a different ballgame altogether. (Plus there are pattern pieces for this, so you don’t have to have a bias tape making process.) The results are totally worth the extra few minutes on these points, I promise!


If you haven’t followed me for long, you may not know that I am kinda a floral girl.  I’m wondering if people every get bored with my overuse of florals?  But, it’s spring now and that is a perfect excuse to bust them out, right?! I’ve been saving these florals from Lecien Fabrics for several years I think…  I’m glad I finally cut into them. The blues and pinks are lovely and I just love the floral in the collar!  It gives a nice pop of color to her face.


Sale and Contest Alert!

So, now that you’ve gotten to scope out this dress, I’ve got some good information to share with you!  There is a 10% discount on all Sew Pony Patterns through June 2 with the Code DRESSEDINSEWPONY.  Not only is there a discount, but Suz is also hosting her very first contest featuring her patterns.  It’s a great opportunity to try out a new designer if you haven’t already, or to get a chance to win at some awesome prizes.  All the contest details can be found here.  Read all about the contest and the great prize packages here.

Tour Schedule



I hope you have enjoyed this stop along the tour!  Lately I’ve been having some fun sending people off with a fun photo from our shoots that will leave you smiling.  These are kids doing our modeling, and even though we share all the “good” ones with you I love sharing the “real” ones too.  It shows everyone we are just real people having some real fun.



Beginning Sewing Class Ahead {Matilda Dress}


Recently I was approached by a local sewing shop about teaching some sewing classes on the things that I love to sew, children’s apparel. If you are interested in joining, register here.  I thought it sounded like a fabulously fun project, so I got right to deciding on a pattern that would be great to use for a beginner class.  I asked around for some ideas on patterns that would be great for beginners and I ended up selecting the Matilda dress pattern from Violette Field Threads.


Matilda is a great little peasant style dress that offers three sleeve options.  I think this will be a great way for people to get a little taste for selecting options within a pattern.  for my samples I used the cap sleeve option and the flutter sleeve.  I just love the flutter sleeve! It’s so feminine.  I also think this is a great time to point out how fabric choice can really affect the look of your creations.  These two dresses with just a simple sleeve change and different fabric look completely different from each other.  I LOVE that! By the way, you can order these Dear Stella Fabrics from the shop I’m teaching at.  I also love that I can make two dresses and know which child will pick which one.  There wasn’t any fighting over who got each dress.  It was like they knew which was theirs right away.  That makes a mommy happy.


After deciding on patterns, I went to work thinking about how I could use this pattern to give people the confidence to embark on what could be the beginning of a long sewing adventure.  While sewing up the pattern I noted the parts I liked, the parts I thought could be improved, and tips that beginners could take with them to use with future projects.  Aren’t there things that you wished you would have learned through a pattern but didn’t until much later along in your sewing adventure?  Some of my big points I plan to share are about the importance of pressing regularly.  I especially love to memory press all my hems and casings.  This saves so much time and really simplifies the process in the long run.  I also think there are a lot of ways to gather, and some ways give better results than others. People need to know and see this, especially if they are planning to do dresses.  What are some things you always do on projects that aren’t included in pattern instructions? I’d love to hear.



Simple Life Pattern Co. Bella

Hey everyone! I’ve been slightly silent for the last few weeks.  Mostly, I’m still getting back into the swing of things now that Christmas break is over.



I do have a little something to share. I got a new sewing machine! Woot Woot.  Thanks to my husband for supporting my VERY expensive hobby.  Bless his heart, as soon as I get a new machine, I put another on my wish list.  I should be good to go for a while with the set up I have right now.  That should help take the pressure off the man of the house… at least until my birthday in October.

IMG_1704 (1).JPG

Here is a close up of my new toy.  I don’t have a fabulous set up, so you are going to have to be okay with this angle. You can read more about this machine here. Maybe my next wish list item should be a table area.  I’m still working at a folding table with metal folding chair.  But, one step at a time I suppose.  I gotta pay my dues.  Who knows, maybe a sewing machine table company will contact me to feature their furniture. How awesome would that be?!


So, what was my first project with my new baby?  I knocked out a project on my unfinished project pile because getting a new machine meant reorganizing my space.  I found all kinds of things that needed to be finished.  Shhh, don’t tell.  I’ve had this Bella cut since it arrived this summer and things just kept being pushed ahead of it.  In truth, I actually had three cut out, so I still have two to go.  This pattern is seriously fast, so I’m not sure how I haven’t squeezed them in. Life I suppose is the answer to that… and sleep… the need for sleep.


I shared a few snapshots of this make on Instagram (Follow me!) and in the SLPco group.  I got lots of positive response, which makes me even more sad that I took so long to finish it.   We also grabbed a few photos today outside in the 40 degree weather.  I want you to know that Porter asked if she could put on this dress and go out and take some pictures.  I said okay because a blogger mom should never turn down a model offering to work for free.  I did try to get her to put on a nice sweater, but that was not going to happen.  So please enjoy my very freezing cold, just delightfully happy daughter in her lovely pink dress.


I just love this sequin lace I added here.  It was a simple addition but definitely goes great with the Sarah Jane Magic Parade from Michael Miller.  I love so many things about Sarah Jane designs.  They are youthful and magical all at the same time.  You can’t go wrong with that when thinking about little girls.


And just for fun, here are a few of the shots where she is admitting she is slightly cold.  But really, she did a great job for a self-volunteering,  middle of the driveway shoot.

Itch to Stitch Holiday Tour


It is finally my day to share a creation on the Itch to Stitch Holiday Blog Tour!  I was excited to get the invite to join in.  Itch to Stitch (and awesome helpers) along with Stylemaker Fabrics have helped to put together a great tour.  This post does contain affliate links, but as always my opinions are my own.

So far we have seen an array of different looks on the tour.  Some are classy and elegant while others are comfortable yet stylish.  I stitched up the Idyllwild Top and Dress which I love. You can see a short sleeved version I did here on the Itch to Stitch Blog. Idyllwild is a t-shirt pattern that includes so many fun extras.  There are 2 necklines, 7 sleeve options, and 3 length options.  That is a total of 42 different combinations.  I’m a math teacher, so I can confirm that 42 is a correct number and Kennis did a good job on her math when she wrote the listing. 🙂  I used some fabulous French Terry supplied by StyleMakers Fabric.  I love how warm and cozy this dress was in French Terry.  It has a 4 way stretch too!  You can find the fabric HERE. I really hadn’t gotten into the French Terry craze that has hit all the sewing groups I belong to.  I had bought some, but used it for items for my kids so I hadn’t really figured out what the craze is all about. I get it now.


The only adjustment I did to this dress was to shorten the length.  I did this using the shorten and lengthen lines provided within the pattern. I don’t know about you but I’m short, so basically all my dresses have to be adjusted for a flattering length.  Due to the heavier nature of this fabric I probably could have shortened a tad more, but since it cool here in Indiana I kept it as is.


I’ve been wanting a tee-shirt dress for a while.  I’ve been talking about it with teacher friends about how comfy they would be for our long days at school, so this was easy to pick for the tour.  I added a scarf for styling for a touch of holiday spirit.  You may also see a belt in a few photos. I’ve recently discovered that belting your scarf give a fun look that is slightly out of the norm of what we usually see with scarves.  Belting it makes me feel like there is a part of me that is fashion forward.


When I chose this neckline for this dress I opted for the larger neckline. I’ve made both necklines with this pattern now and think they are great.  Sometimes I like a higher neckline for comfort and easy of dealing with children without fear of flashing my goods.  I think the larger neckline works pretty well for this too.  It is still modest, but does allow for you to wear pop on a necklace and look great.



I’ve sewn up several Itch to Stitch patterns and I must say they are top notch.  I love the clear concise illustrations and how there are detailed measurement charts to help you select exactly what size you need for your perfect fit. Some patterns even include cup size options so you don’t have to do bust adjustments. That is huge!


Well that raps up my feature for the Itch to Stitch Holiday Tour.  I hope you liked my make and take the time to look over all the patterns offered at Itch to Stitch.  There is a special discount code during the tour. Use code holiday16 for 16% off your entire cart. StyleMakers fabric is offering a great deal too! $5 shipping on all fabric from Style Makers, no code needed. There’s a discount for international shipping as well!

Don’t forget to pop in on the other posts! There are so many lovely creations featuring StyleMakers Fabrics and Itch to Stitch Patterns.


Make Laundry Don’t Do Laundry Pre-Show Day 6

Kelsey sneak

It is Day 6 of the Pre-Show!!! We made it to the end of the beginning.  I hope you have been enjoying these quick sew pattern features we have been featuring for you.  If this is your first stop visiting the Make Laundry, Don’t Do Laundry Pre-Show, learn all about it on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5.

Today I’m featuring the Kelsey Dress from Sis Boom.  It’s a super cute little pattern that makes for a fast sew and if you leave off the ruffle option on the bottom, it is even faster. Can you tell this girl is ready for her trip to Disney in a few weeks? Complete with Minnie wallet, she is ready to roll.


The Kelsey pattern includes a simple dress with cross over bodice. The pattern includes Maxi, Tea Length, and Tunic Lengths, with and without ruffle options.  The skirt is not especially full, so if you are a froo-froo kind of sewist, you may want to add some with to you your skirts when cutting.  I personally like less fluff on tunics because they tend to stay down better and blow up less on breezy days.


I also stitched up another Kelsey recently.  It really is a quick sew and a perfect top for summer.  To see even more Kelsey examples, join the SisBoom facebook group here.


Don’t forget to check out the other Pre-Show Stops today!! Karly has a post here featuring Blaverry patterns and Jeanine has a post here.  Monday is when the real tour begins, so be sure you are following us to keep up with all the exciting prizes! See you Monday!!


One Thimble Issue 11: Hoya Dress


One Thimble Issue 11 (*Affiliate Link) is out and I’m joining Pattern Revolution along with some awesome sewists to feature some of the goodies in this issue!  Check out all the patterns included in this issue below! These patterns, along with with some nice and juicy articles are definitely making this issue worth the investment. This post contains affiliate links.  If you decide you can’t live without this issue of One Thimble* or the Hoya Pattern you will be supporting my fabric buying habits at no extra cost to yourself. 🙂

OT11 stand alone pattern covers

I stitched up the Hoya Dress* from Cassie of Lily Sunshine Boutique for Little Lizard King for this feature post. (Wow, that’s a lot of links to hit!)  I was excited to stitch this up because we share a name (I think it is important to support people who share your name even if it is spelled a little differently) and because I just did a pattern test for Cassie and it was a great experience. Find that here.  I definitely wanted to take part in supporting her and Little Lizard King.  The Hoya Dress* can be a simple quick sew or you can accent parts of the dress with some (or all) of the fun detail features within the pattern.


The Hoya Dress* in its simplest form is a simple button down dress.  It’s the extra features that step this dress up a notch.  The first feature (and probably most important if you ask my girls) is the extra large side pockets.  If my children had the choice they would say to #pocketallthethings because they love to carry around little tiny toys and need places to store them.  These pockets fit the bill and are also a great way to add a little color accent to your design.


Along with the pockets, this dress also includes an adjustable belt and shoulder tabs. Both of these features give the design a safari explorer vibe.  Super fun and it totally goes with the theme for this Issue.   I chose to include the belt but not the shoulder tabs. Chose is a very loose term here as the truth is I really just struggled finding enough matching buttons.  Apparently, none of my local stores believe people would need 9 buttons that match for any single item. Shame on them.  The belt, with its cute little bow detail was a win! I didn’t include the belt loops as I wanted the dress to be able to be worn with or without it.  The belt stays up just fine without the loops, so I’m super happy with that choice.

The construction of this dress was fairly simple.  The bodice is lined and the skirt seam is hidden within the bodice lining.  I love dresses with a clean finish on the inside like this.  Even if you don’t have a serger, you can make this dress with confidence and know that it is going to look well made from the inside as well as the outside.  Who doesn’t love that?!


I’m wrapping up this sew and tell post, but be ready for some more Hoya Dresses from me very soon.  I’ve made three others and we are going to do a cousin shoot with my girls and one of my nieces.  I can’t wait to see how our little photo shoot turns out with all the dresses together! Fun, fun, fun!

I hope you have enjoyed checking out my little version of the Hoya Dress.  Be sure to check out the rest of the stops on the Pattern Revolution Tour for One Thimble*! There is still so much more to see!

Tour Stops Along the Way


Laela Jeyne: Samantha and Sammy Swing Top and Dress


Yesterday was the release of the Samantha and Sammy Swing Top and Dress from Laela Jeyne Patterns*!  I’ve been able to participate in sewing up both the Women’s and Girl’s Versions.  These patterns have many options, so be sure to get the scoop and check them out.*This post does contain affiliate links, which means if you decide you need this pattern or others and purchase it through a link in this post, I could earn some money to buy more fabric. 🙂Up first is Sammy, the girl’s pattern.

Sammy: Girls Swing Top and Dress*



  • Size: 6m-14
  • Top options with tunic length, or high-low hemline
  • Dress options with regular length or high-low hemline
  • Sleeve options: Sleeveless Racerback, cap, short, elbow, or long sleeve option
  • Neckline: Crew Neckline or Cowl (not for racerback version)

I made both a tunic length and a high-low tunic for my big girl.  Pictured here is the the high-low with short sleeves.  We paired it with leggings for a great go-to outfit.  I’ve taken to preferring my girls go to school in comfy wear rather than fancy attire.  They should be comfortable and relaxed.  I know I want to be in comfy clothes whenever I can.  But…. no one said comfy can ‘t be cut too!


Doesn’t she look comfy and playful here?! This shirt is made from fabric purchased from Girl Charlee.  It doesn’t have quite the amount of stretch recommended, but it still worked.  It was too lovely not to try.  Bright and cheery, perfect for spring.  I bought enough for everyone to have something from this fabric, even myself.  I’m getting ready to take some time to sew projects that don’t have deadlines and I’m planning to make good use of this floral stuff.


I used a contrasting thread for all my hemming and neckline topstitching on this one.  I’ve never tried that before because I’m always afraid uneven stitching with stand out, but I’m loving the look.  It was a fun way to add a little something extra to this simple piece.

Samantha: Women’s Swing Top and Dress*



  • Size: XS- XXL
  • Top options with tunic length, or high-low hemline
  • Dress options with regular length or high-low hemline
  • Sleeve options: Sleeveless Racerback, cap, short, elbow, or long sleeve option
  • Neckline: Crew Neckline or Cowl (not for racerback version)
  • Built in bra option for Racerback
  • Directions for how to adjust the pattern to get the best fit for you

For my Samantha, I got to stitch up the racerback tunic length top.  The built-in bra was added to the pattern after mine was created, so I don’t have that included in my top. I used fabric from Girl Charlee on this one too! I snag it up for super cheap around Christmas this year.  They always have a great Christmas time sale! I’m really excited about the possibilities with this.  I can have a piece (or many) for every season.  I’m especially pumped about the cowl neck option because I love feeling warm and cozy in winter and that is a perfect way to meet my needs.


Both Samantha and Sammy include what you would expect from Laela Jeyne patterns. Clear directions with step by step photos, layered printing ability, and no trim pages (on newest patterns), size charts, fabric layout, materials lists!!

Get the Patterns*

Women’s Samantha : Regular Price $9.00, Introductory Price $6.50

Girl’s Sammy: Regular Price $8.00, Introductory Price $5.95

Samantha and Sammy Bundle: Regular Price $15.50, Introductory Price $11.50

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