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It’s finally here, it’s my day to show off some of the fabrics I played with featuring one of Art Gallery fabric’s new lines from Katarina Roccella, InBlue!  I’m kinda geeking out here a little bit.  I’ve hardly been able to wait. How about all the lovely creations so far this week?  I loved Becca’s sibling set over at Sunflower Seams and Kelly’s son at Handmade Boy was just fantastic.  I loved the creek they visited for their photos!

As a reminder, don’t forget the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the tour posts!  The prize package is legit.  I mean, you could make nearly every creation on the tour if you win.  I love that the pattern designers support us bloggers so much!

Before I get to my fun post, there is another post live on the tour today too! Sherri of Thread Riding Hood has sewn up some lovely dresses for her girls.  She did a dress length and a maxi with the same pattern for her girls.  It makes them coordinate so well. Be sure to notice the fabrics here because Sherri used wovens and I used knits for our posts today, but of the some of the same designs.  I love how changing the fabric type opens up new doors.


Let’s Get Started!!

So, let me tell you a little about this my adventure in hosting this tour.  I was so excited to be able to host because this line was love at first sight. Thanks to Art Gallery Fabrics for sponsoring this tour and allowing me to host it! As a reminder, even though this is a sponsored tour, my love for this fabric completely genuine and my own.  I think it was probably the florals that snagged me at first.  If you follow me, you may already know that nearly everything I sew is a floral… I just can’t help myself.


But there are a few other reasons I love this line.  It’s the blues and the designs that make me think of delicate china. Have you ever seen the movie, The Great and Powerful Oz? For our family, it was a long time favorite… I mean we watched it a LOT.  By far my favorite parts included the little China Girl.  The little China town she is from is amazing.  I snagged a photo from here to give you an idea if you haven’t seen it.  There is just something magical about the designs and the feelings you get looking at all the details.   Along with these designs I love the hot air balloons and dutch inspired themes.  All together, it just makes a fun collection.

China Town.jpg

For my first look I sewed up the Fly Away Laat and the Dalaroze in Cotton/Spandex.  This knit fabric was fantastic to work with.  Both of these prints have soft pastel colors with designs in darker hues of blue and pinks to brighten the print. The Chalk and Notch Waterfall Raglan is a favorite of my first model, so I knew it would be a great pattern for this post.  Along with the Waterfall, I used my go-to legging pattern, the Deluxe Charlotte Leggings from Laela Jeyne Patterns.  The fit is spot on every time.



The intricate details in the balloons are amazing in Fly Away Laat.  You really have to take a moment to check them out.   The Dalaroze print was a favorite because my model called it her horse fabric.  I’m always excited when they think I pick something just for them.  She is a total horse lover. (Does every little girl go through a horse phase?)



For my second look I just had to use the Bloesem Dark because it stole my heart from the beginning.  The colors…the details in the florals… it’s all there. I used the Calabria Dress pattern from Lil Luxe Collection for this.  I thought the “puffed sleeves” would go perfectly with the dainty-ness of the floral. I think it was a perfect marriage of fabric and pattern.


Would you believe it took me three attempts to get photos of this girl in this this dress?! Man, she gave me a run for my money…LITERALLY.  In the end, I can’t believe some of the beautiful shots we got of this dress.




So what do you think? Are you ready to take off and snag some of these fabrics?  I know we have been showing you all these fabrics, but maybe you need a place to grab them for yourself.

Shops to find INBlue Art Gallery Fabric. (This is just a few I use.)

Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Hawthorne Threads

Let’s Sew (This is my local shop, so I feel like I should give them a little support.)


Don’t forget about the rest of the tour! One more day after today.  You won’t want to miss it the last day.  And be sure to enter the rafflecopter below.  Thank you so much for following along!

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Ammon LaneSew and Tell Project


INblue Tour Day 3

We are at our halfway mark for the tour this week!  I hope you have checked out the fabulous creations with the INblue line from Art Gallery Fabrics so far.  I love how everyone has selected a variety of fabrics to give you an idea of what this line includes.  If you have missed any of the posts, you can hop through the schedule below to get caught up.  Be sure to leave someone a comment if you love what they created.

Tour Schedule


I Married Superman


Coffee and ThreadHandmade Frenzy


Sunflower SeamsHandmade Boy


Thread Riding HoodPear Berry Lane


Ammon LaneSew and Tell Project

For today, we have some boy creations!  I am so excited to see how this line works for the boys of our bloggers.  Up first is Becca from Sunflower Seams.  She stitched up creations for both her son and daughter for the tour.  I always love to get my kids together in photos, but to be honest I don’t have a lot of luck keeping two kids cooperating in one photo.  Becca must have a magical spell because her kids are looking adorable together. Be sure to hop over and check out her gorgeous makes here.


For our second boy creation, the fabulous Kelly of Handmade boy has created an amazing look to share.  I just knew she was going to knock this tour out of the park and she did.  You will not want miss out on her post.

Handmade Boy.jpg


And don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter.  So many awesome patterns up for grabs.

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INblue Tour Day 2


Did you love Bethany’s post from day one of the INblue tour?  I just adore those little twins and I love how she coordinated the fabrics.  And that Lola dress for her big girl?! To die for.  I just loved it.

Up next is Olga of Coffee + Thread.  She designs sewing patterns that have a classic vibe with a modern feel.  I just love the classic style she evokes with her creations and I’m sure you will see that in her post.   For the tour she stitched up two lovely dresses for her girls.  Olga has also donated a pattern as part of the giveaway in the rafflecopter below, so be sure to get your entries in so you can have a chance to be able to recreate her looks.

Coffee and Thread Sneak.jpg

Up after Coffee + Thread is Heidi of Handmade Frenzy.  I’m excited to read Heidi’s post because not only did she stitch up something for her daughter, she made something for herself too! I wish I would spend more time stitching up items for myself.  Heidi also used my favorite floral from the entire line, Bloesem Dark.  I love the hues of blue with pinks and whites sneaking into the floral.  It’s so soft and dainty!

Handmade Frenzy Sneak.jpg

What is your favorite fabric from the line so far? How much time have you spent scoping out all the INblue options?  Tell us your favorite from the line in the comments.  I love to see how we are all drawn to different looks and styles.

Don’t miss out on entering the rafflecopter below while you are here!

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INblue Tour Kickoff


The newest line from Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics, INblue, has arrived and this week I’m going to be hosting a tour to show off some of the fabrics from this line with the help of some of my friends in the sewing community.  Be sure to check out the tour schedule so that you won’t miss out on any of the great creations!

This line features quilting cottons, knits, as well as having a voile and canvas option too.  It doesn’t matter if you sew quilts, apparel for yourself, or apparel for your kids, you should be able to find something in this line that works for you.

Kicking off the tour today is Bethany from I Married Superman.  I got to know Bethany a little be this year as she competed in Project Run and Play when I was a competitor. Bethany stitched up creations for three of her little ladies for the tour.  I know I can’t wait to see all her images showing off these fabrics.  Hop on over to her post here to see for yourself.

Superman Blue.jpg


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I Married Superman


Coffee and ThreadHandmade Frenzy


Sunflower SeamsHandmade Boy


Thread Riding HoodPear Berry Lane


Ammon LaneSew and Tell Project

Check back in tomorrow for more creations featuring INblue by Katarina Roccella. While you are waiting for another day, don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter for a chance at some great patterns to get you rolling.  We thought some of you may be so inspired by the creations you see on the tour that you may want to make something from this line too.  To help you out with that, we’ve had several designers donate patterns to help get you started.  Be sure to check out the rafflecopter to see all the great patterns up for grabs.

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Blue Image.jpg

Suit Up for Swim

Swim Tour-24.jpg
Hello Summer!  I’m kicking off summer with a functional and real post.  My good bloggy friends Karly Nelson of Paisley Roots and Tami Peterson of Sew Sophie Lynn are hosting a swimwear tour and I thought I would use it as a great excuse to tackle swimwear once again.  I did this one other time before and it wasn’t the greatest success and the pattern was… let’s just say…less than great.  So this time I thought I’d really try to get some good creations.  You should know there are some awesome prizes to be won by sponsors, so be sure to head over to Karly and Tami’s blogs for how to have a chance to win some goodies from the sponsors.
sponsor image swim

Well… I’ve finished two of my projects and I would definitely say there is a learning curve to the swimwear creation skill.  I’m a little OCD and Karly could definitely confirm that because I am always sending her pictures of things I’m just not happy with and I think she sometimes laughs at my obsessiveness.  With that said, I’m going to call the suits created in this post my wearable muslins and this is only because I know I can do better personally. So if you are OCD like me… just be gentle and whatever you do… don’t zoom in on the photos. 😜

So, let’s get started on what I’ve sewn up.  I used the Peach Beach Swim Suit from Lil Luxe Collection and the Cosi Swimsuit from Sewpony.  Both of these patterns were provided to my for the purpose of this tour, but please know any opinions are my own.  I also want to include that I sewed these using my serger and sewing machine. I really did need both. I own a coverstitch machine but was just too chicken to bust it out on this project. I was afraid I would cause unrepairable damage and was racing against the clock to get these in before we headed to the beach for a vacation.

I started with the Peach Swimsuit. As many know, I’m a huge fan of the quality of Lil Luxe Collection and this pattern keeps with that level. There are TONs of tips and photos included in this pattern to help you achieve the best product. I found them very helpful.  This pattern includes options for a one piece or a two piece. I love this, it’s like a two for one deal.  Both versions are nicely lined and include the super fun front panel and bow front. When my husband saw the finished product I think he was surprised I could make something that looked so legit. I always love when I get a response like that…then I usually continue by pointing out all the things I need to fix for the next version to bring him back to reality.  We are our own worst critics…amiright?!

The most challenging part to this suit is getting the bow to lay just right. This is where the learning curve part comes in. I didn’t stretch my elastic across the top enough on my first version which gives it a little more wiggle than I would like, but I think my next one will be better.  The pattern includes a lot of support with this.

In terms of fit, this suit gives great coverage and doesn’t ride up the the bum at all. This is a huge deal in my family. No one likes picking their suit out of their butt crack all day long. 😂 I took new measurements before starting both of these suits and chose the size according to the size chart. Both of these worked well.

For the Cosi, I must say… If this is the only pattern you had for girl’s swim, you could be set for life. This pattern is seriously loaded with options out the whazoo.  Check out the listing for the options, I can’t even list them all here. I think this would be a great pattern for a mini mix-and-match swim collection. Several tops and bottoms that are all interchangeable would make summers at my house so simple!  We basically live in swimwear and don’t even have a pool. I know… so weird.

For my Cosi I chose the one piece view with the skirt option and adjustable straps. I almost chickened out on the straps, but I reminded myself that I jumped on this tour for a challenge and decided to go for it. #challengeaccepted.
For this suit I chose the un-lined version and went with just the gusset lining. I mainly wanted to do this to incorporate a new skill. I didn’t mind this design option at all, but I did learn that it should mainly be used for darker fabrics. My coral fabric was maybe not the best choice, but also not inappropriate either. It did make me aware how lighter colored fabrics could show things we don’t want to show.

If I’m being completely real, I’ll share that while making this suit I totally jacked up and sewed the bottom onto the top backwards… Agh!!! Removing serger seams sucks, but I did it. But for real, I’m not even sure how I jacked that up. I feel like that’s as bad as sewing a sleeve on inside out and I haven’t done that in a loooonng time. I thought I was past moments like that.  I guess not.

Are you wondering how the adjustable straps went? They turned out pretty good. My machine wasn’t making friends with the multiple layers of fabric in some places, but overall I love that I did them. It makes the suit potty functional which is a total win in my book.

For fit on this, I thought it was good. No wedgy issues here either. I did add a tiny bit of height to the top of the suit just for personal preference on coverage up top. I will probably continue to do that. I’m super conservative and even though my models aren’t “developed” I want to promote keeping boobies covered. Call it imprinting. 😂

So, that’s my swim journey thus far this year. I’m sure I will make a few more. I still have some swim fabric I bought but haven’t used yet.  Thanks so much to Karly and Tami for hosting this tour and pushing my skills a bit. Thanks to Jess and Suz for trusting me with your patterns to tackle for this project.

Hosted by Sew Sophie Lynn & Paisley Roots

Pear Berry Lane / Inspinration / It’s Liesel / Sewing For Four

Harper Lu / Call Ajaire / Stylin Stacy / Skirt Fixation

Sewing By Ti / Sewing With Sarah / Sew & TellMe Made

Made By Melli / Life Sew Savory / That’s What She Crafted / Auschick

Rebel & Malice / EYMM / Stitching & Making / Lilliepawillie

Simple Life Pattern Co. and Sew Caroline Tour {A Designer Collaboration}

Magnolia Shorts-18

Hey friends!  I’m joining in to  celebrate the kick off of a designer collaboration between Simple Life Pattern Co. and Sew Caroline.  I won’t bore you with all the collaboration details because if you have been following, you already know them.   I’m just going to show of my version of the Girls Magnolia Shorts.

Magnolia Shorts-16

The Magnolia shorts are almost a culotte style short.  They are an absolutely quick sew with just a single pattern piece per leg and a waistband.  Friends, it doesn’t get much easier than this. They are perfect for light weight wovens with nice drape as well as knits.  I definitely do not recommend quilters cotton for these.  They kinda get a little “poofy.” I’m using a lightweight polyester here that I snagged from Hobby Lobby last year in the summer seasonal section.  I think it worked very well. I did have a little trouble with the double quarter inch fold hem.  I’m a little OCD and the thin fabric was not cooperatiing with my commands.  There are also two waistband options, woven and knit.

Magnolia Shorts-11

Hop over to the rest of the tour here.

May 15
May 16
May 17


Magnolia Shorts-9

Thanks for swinging by.  Be sure to be in touch with all the fun summer excitement ahead.

Magnolia Shorts-20

Little Lizard King {Amsterdam}


It has been a LONG time since I’ve tested for Little Lizard King, but I’m glad I was able to join in on the Amsterdam test. You can read about my last one here.  I think this pattern features some great things that some of us sewing moms and shop owners really like.

Here are the points I love:

  • Super-duper-wuper quick sew…
  • Great bodice coverage
  • Great fit with no closure
  • Leaves room for creative extras such as trims, fancy ties, etc.
  • Direction on how to cut horizontal fabric to get a chevron pieced bodice
  • Patchwork Options… Someone probably loves this… Honestly I’m too lazy for it. 🙂



Peyton has been in serious need of dresses for church.  I haven’t sewn her many dresses as of recent because she claims her style is “sports wear.” I find this ironic because she has absolutely no interest in participating in any sort of athletic program.  I suppose there are a ton of moms out there wearing yoga pants that don’t do yoga, so I guess she is following their lead.

Anyway… She was definitely pleased with this dress as you can see by her working the camera.  It’s like she turns on when she loves something.

I suppose I should probably mention some fabric details because even though this is a pattern post, much of what makes this dress pop is this beautiful fabric.   It is Caravella Arcade Jessica in Green Cotton Fabric by Jennifer Paganelli.

If you are in the states, you can find it here. By the way, this link to Hawthrone Threads shows that this fabric is on sale for $6.99 per yard.  Isn’t that nice.

If you are an Aussie, you can find it here.



Thanks for swinging by to see this beautiful make.  For more inspiration photos, check out the listing on the Little Lizard King website, or join the FACEBOOK group to share and connect.

Be sure to join me on Instagram for quick peaks at upcoming posts!

One Thimble {Issue 15}

OT15 Cover.jpg

It is time for the newest issue of the One Thimble Magazine!  It’s been a few issues since I’ve joined in on the release tour and I’m happy to be back on board. For my feature post I’ve stitched up the Josephine Dress from Bella Sunshine Designs.  After you check out this post, be sure to check out the other posts featuring all the other patterns in the newly released Issue 15.


Josephine is a drop-waist dress with princess seams and a boat-neck .  It also includes cap sleeves, (which I omitted for my version.)  If you have never sewn a pattern from Bella Sunshine Designs, you should know that Melissa does a great job being sure everything is finished with great techniques and your final project will look very clean on the inside and out.  This pattern isn’t missing any of these features.


There were a few things I enjoyed about this make.  First, I’m usually the quick sew girl.  I don’t usually take on projects with a ton of details.  I have to say I enjoyed spending the little bit of extra effort putting in the princess seams and giving this dress a little extra attention.  Of course, if you are a simple sew kind of girl you can sew this without the princess seams to speed up the process.  I really wanted to include piping on the princess seams too, but I couldn’t find a piping that coordinated with my zipper so I had to let that dream pass.  It should be said though, it really doesn’t add a ton of additional time.  When I look at the finished product I know it is totally worth spending the time on these little details.


Second, I usually stay clear of zippers for similar reasons.  I’m just too busy to commit the extra time.  This pattern includes great instructions and I sewed a fantastic zipper.  #proudsewistmoment  This pattern is listed as an Intermediate level, but I really think an adventurous beginner that can follow directions could tackle it.

The fit on this dress is great.  I love that this pattern provides great coverage and keeps my daughters looking as young and innocent as they are.  Another feature to this pattern is that hem of the skirt is two inches.  This is fantastic for letting out and extending the life of your garment.  I’ve been thinking about how I can make get more out of my pieces and this is a great feature.




Tour Schedule



Sew Pony Tour {Juliette Dress}


A few weeks ago I was asked to join a group of ladies showing off the Juliette pattern.  This great new pattern was a collaboration between Jill of Kneesocks +Goldilocks and Suz of SewPony. I basically stalk Jill and all her creations on Instagram (I mean, who can make standing in front of a couch in pretty things look so good? I want to be able to do that! Also, I think she’s secretly superwoman), so I was happy to jump on board with this tour.  Suz at Sewpony is kinda new-ish to me, but I’m glad I’m getting to see her work through this tour.  Thanks for having me ladies!!


A little about this dress pattern… The Juliette pattern has both dress and top options.  I have to admit, that the dress versions are my favorite as of now.  Juliette is an A-Line silhouette with many options to choose from.  You can make this with or without sleeves, with the neck ruffle or without, and you can add a faux button placket to the front if you like too!  The back closure has options of a loop and button or bias ties.  Both of these options make this dress perfect for the beginner sewist and a great make for anyone.


I love the collar detail on this dress.  It’s like Jill and Suz have been snooping my Pinterest account and know things that I like.  This ruffle just so dainty and feminine, I love it.  A few tips for the sewist on making your ruffle collar look great… 1.Don’t cheat on the gathering stitches!!  You need to do more than one gathering stitch, and overachievers would probably do three.  It really does make your gathers nice and even.  2. Make your own bias tape.  The pre-made stuff works okay, but making your own is just a different ballgame altogether. (Plus there are pattern pieces for this, so you don’t have to have a bias tape making process.) The results are totally worth the extra few minutes on these points, I promise!


If you haven’t followed me for long, you may not know that I am kinda a floral girl.  I’m wondering if people every get bored with my overuse of florals?  But, it’s spring now and that is a perfect excuse to bust them out, right?! I’ve been saving these florals from Lecien Fabrics for several years I think…  I’m glad I finally cut into them. The blues and pinks are lovely and I just love the floral in the collar!  It gives a nice pop of color to her face.


Sale and Contest Alert!

So, now that you’ve gotten to scope out this dress, I’ve got some good information to share with you!  There is a 10% discount on all Sew Pony Patterns through June 2 with the Code DRESSEDINSEWPONY.  Not only is there a discount, but Suz is also hosting her very first contest featuring her patterns.  It’s a great opportunity to try out a new designer if you haven’t already, or to get a chance to win at some awesome prizes.  All the contest details can be found here.  Read all about the contest and the great prize packages here.

Tour Schedule



I hope you have enjoyed this stop along the tour!  Lately I’ve been having some fun sending people off with a fun photo from our shoots that will leave you smiling.  These are kids doing our modeling, and even though we share all the “good” ones with you I love sharing the “real” ones too.  It shows everyone we are just real people having some real fun.


Primavera: by Patty Young for Riley Blake


Patty Young has a recent line out and I for Riley Blake, Primavera, and was asked to stitch it up to show it off.  I loved this line at first sight.  It’s screams SPRING TIME! I decided to use it for one of my Easter dress makes this year for that exact reason.  This line is full of pinks, yellows, blues, greens, and teals.  The designs include florals, plaids, paisleys, leaves, and if you look very closely at the damask prints you will find some grasshoppers too.

For my creation I used the Primavera Damask Pink and the Primavera Tile Tangerine.  I thought they were a fun combo and the Tile is a great match for the Damask.


For this dress my daughter requested a maxi length.  This is the first time ever she has asked for a long dress, so I totally hopped on that without any issues.  I’m just glad she wanted me to make her something.  I fear she is drawing near the part of her life where she will be too cool for her mom to make her clothes.   I used the Laela Jeyne Chloe Dress Pattern.  This pattern has been out for a while.  I actually tested it as one of my first pattern tests.  I thought I would bring it out of digital storage for this make.  The fun open back is perfect for spring, but still classy looking.  Can you see the cute little grasshoppers in the damask pink above?


Chloe Pattern:

Newborn to Size 6*

Girls Size 7-14

There is also a romper add on to the dress available.

If you are interested in this dress pattern, I should mention a few changes I made here.  First, I used the flutter bodice and left off the flutter.  This dress pattern contains two different bodice options, a flutter and a cap sleeve bodice.  Next I added a band at the bottom.  This information is not part of the pattern.  Lastly, in the pattern the back edges of the bodice are finished with bias tape and I opted to construct it leaving this out and stitching it up as if it were a bodice with a back placket. If you would like more details there, let me know in the comments. 🙂


I am super happy with the finished product here in this fabric.  I was nervous about fussy cutting the Tangerine tile because I am slightly OCD about a lot of that stuff, but the bodice and the skirt band both turned out perfectly with it.  I was very pleased.



Thanks so much to Patty for including me in showing of this lovely fabric.  Don’t forget to swing by and check out all the fun fabrics from this line at Riley Blake Designs.