Shwin Designs Glass Onion Top

Alrighty!! One down and eight more to go on my #2017makenine adventure.  For more detail on that, read my post here.  Nine projects seems like a lot, but when you just decide to sit down and tackle one you may get the impression that it isn’t hardly enough.  What do you think? Is nine too many, too few, or just right?


I started with my first make being the Glass Onion Top from Shwin Designs.  I don’t know about you, but I have been all sorts of confused about Shwin and Shwin vs Shwin Designs.  I hadn’t followed closely and always thought it was two different designers and then I couldn’t remember what pattern went with which designer.  It turns out it’s all the same… I think.  Maybe it was an issue with names/addresses not being available on different platforms. I get that, but phew… call it a blonde moment or something because I have struggled.  Are you in this boat with me?

Okay… So without further delay, here is my first make.  I will say that I finished this last night and Presley found it laying on the couch this morning and snatched it right up.  We have a snow day today, so I told her to grab some leggings and stand by the window for a little light.  These photos aren’t the most amazing due to indoor early morning pics, but you get the idea I think.


The Glass Onion Top has several options to choose from. This top features a gathered front and a crossover back.  It includes three sleeve options, and two back options.  I chose the pleated back, but there is also a flat crossover back.  The neckline is finished with a facing, and there aren’t any closures to deal with because the scoop back provides ample room to get on and off easily.  Overall, I would describe this as a fairly quick sew for a woven make.


I think this pattern is right on point with the high fashion looks I’m going for!  I plan to make more for certain, and Swiss Dot being my next fabric to go with.  I think it is going to be absolutely stunning!  I can’t wait for good weather to get quality photos of these tops.



What do you think? Would you give this pattern a try?  I think you will like it if you do.  Let me know in the comments.  Don’t forget to follow all the awesome #2017makenine creations on Instagram.  There is so much inspiration to be seen!


#2017MakeNine Adventure

This week I decided I was going to be joining in on some maker fun with the fabulous people participating in #2017makenine.  Basically, you select nine projects that you want to complete for 2017.  You can find more information about the leader of this fun project here, then join in on the maker fun!

I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted to commit to.  In truth, I really want to do two sets of make nine.  I needed one for the girls, and one for myself.  I just started with the girls and if I crank through it quickly, I’m going to do one for myself too.  You can see my projects below.


How did I choose my nine?  I started by thinking about patterns that I already have and have been wanting to make but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  I put together a list and then started thinking about what patterns would pair well together and the “look” I prefer to go for these days.  You see, I started out sewing a lot of boutique-y type stuff and now I feel like I’m pulling away from some of that look and going for more of a high fashion, sleeker vibe.  I guess I’m developing my own sense of fashion.  That said, there are a few patterns here that can swing either way based on option and fabric choice.  A lot also depends on styling too.

So, here are the details from left to right and top to bottom on my collage of nine.

  1. Chalk and Notch Fishtail Kimono
  2.  Shwin Designs Glass Onion Top
  3.  Simple Life Pattern Company Sarah Ann’s Cuff Leggings and Capris*
  4. Tadah Library Blouse
  5. This one is a mystery.  I don’t even know what it is yet.  Keeping my options open.
  6. Tadah Tulip Skirt
  7. Simple Life Pattern Company Isla’s Infinity Tunic and Dress*
  8.  Sewlosophy Serendipity Beret and Swing Coat.  These are no longer available for purchase as far as I’m aware.  This designer put out a collection and then literally disappeared. I’ve always wondered what happened.  I purchased the entire collection at release: pants, shirt, coat, and beret.  I’ve only made the pants and the top, but they were super adorable! I’ll share a little pic of those.
  9.  Mix It – Make It Millie Dress (Free Pattern!)


See.  Isn’t that super cute?! I love the trousers and the top was a perfect match.  This was way back at the beginning of my sewing adventure.  In fact, I think this top may have been my first ever button holes.  Peyton’s school pictures were in this outfit.

Okay… I think that wraps up my plans for #2017makenine.  Come back in a few minutes because I have already made one of my nine and need to tell you about it!



Itch to Stitch Holiday Tour


It is finally my day to share a creation on the Itch to Stitch Holiday Blog Tour!  I was excited to get the invite to join in.  Itch to Stitch (and awesome helpers) along with Stylemaker Fabrics have helped to put together a great tour.  This post does contain affliate links, but as always my opinions are my own.

So far we have seen an array of different looks on the tour.  Some are classy and elegant while others are comfortable yet stylish.  I stitched up the Idyllwild Top and Dress which I love. You can see a short sleeved version I did here on the Itch to Stitch Blog. Idyllwild is a t-shirt pattern that includes so many fun extras.  There are 2 necklines, 7 sleeve options, and 3 length options.  That is a total of 42 different combinations.  I’m a math teacher, so I can confirm that 42 is a correct number and Kennis did a good job on her math when she wrote the listing. 🙂  I used some fabulous French Terry supplied by StyleMakers Fabric.  I love how warm and cozy this dress was in French Terry.  It has a 4 way stretch too!  You can find the fabric HERE. I really hadn’t gotten into the French Terry craze that has hit all the sewing groups I belong to.  I had bought some, but used it for items for my kids so I hadn’t really figured out what the craze is all about. I get it now.


The only adjustment I did to this dress was to shorten the length.  I did this using the shorten and lengthen lines provided within the pattern. I don’t know about you but I’m short, so basically all my dresses have to be adjusted for a flattering length.  Due to the heavier nature of this fabric I probably could have shortened a tad more, but since it cool here in Indiana I kept it as is.


I’ve been wanting a tee-shirt dress for a while.  I’ve been talking about it with teacher friends about how comfy they would be for our long days at school, so this was easy to pick for the tour.  I added a scarf for styling for a touch of holiday spirit.  You may also see a belt in a few photos. I’ve recently discovered that belting your scarf give a fun look that is slightly out of the norm of what we usually see with scarves.  Belting it makes me feel like there is a part of me that is fashion forward.


When I chose this neckline for this dress I opted for the larger neckline. I’ve made both necklines with this pattern now and think they are great.  Sometimes I like a higher neckline for comfort and easy of dealing with children without fear of flashing my goods.  I think the larger neckline works pretty well for this too.  It is still modest, but does allow for you to wear pop on a necklace and look great.



I’ve sewn up several Itch to Stitch patterns and I must say they are top notch.  I love the clear concise illustrations and how there are detailed measurement charts to help you select exactly what size you need for your perfect fit. Some patterns even include cup size options so you don’t have to do bust adjustments. That is huge!


Well that raps up my feature for the Itch to Stitch Holiday Tour.  I hope you liked my make and take the time to look over all the patterns offered at Itch to Stitch.  There is a special discount code during the tour. Use code holiday16 for 16% off your entire cart. StyleMakers fabric is offering a great deal too! $5 shipping on all fabric from Style Makers, no code needed. There’s a discount for international shipping as well!

Don’t forget to pop in on the other posts! There are so many lovely creations featuring StyleMakers Fabrics and Itch to Stitch Patterns.


Sew Some Pajamas Link Up Party


Hey Friends! I don’t know about you, but my children are in need of pajamas! I keep saying I’m going to get some done as I see my kids running around the house in belly shirts and capris. Mind you, their attire used to be full length.  Are your kids running around the same way?

In an effort to provide motivation to myself and all my bloggy people, I thought a link up party would provide some great motivation to getting some of these jammies sewn up.  Please Link Up any and all of your pajama posts over the next week-ish. (New stuff, not oldies.  We love those but that isn’t motivating you to make new.)  I can’t wait to see all the fun creations. The link up closes on December 14th, so don’t miss out.

My personal goal is to sew up some un-pajamas.  What I mean is that I’m going to patterns that weren’t really meant to be pjs but will be this year.  Mostly I’m doing this because I have a ton of patterns I haven’t used and this will help me to get motivated to make them.  I will probably slip a few quickies from the Alex and Anna winter pajamas because the pants and sleeves have cuffs and I say.. #cuffallthethings

I’ll be sharing my pajama post later this week.  I hope you will stop by and check out my creations!!  Be sure to peak at all the link ups as well!

Everyday Wear with Petite Stitchery


It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in the States and I’m joining in on a tours with some lovely ladies to feature Petite Stitchery & Co.  If you don’t know this company that may because it is NEW.  They will mainly be releasing patterns by collection, so be sure to be on the look out as seasons change so you don’t miss anything, you can even sign up for the email list on the homepage!  Also, there is a giveaway at the end of this post, so be sure not to miss out on entering.  I can tell you I have personally had a lot of luck with rafflecopter giveaways. 🙂


The theme of this tour is Everyday Wear.  This works great with the Fall 2016 Collection as there are several foundation patterns that work great for daily wear.  My big girl hasn’t really been popping up on the blog much lately, so I thought I would make her a little something that would be a great comfy set yet still have a bit of style.  She is more into the world of Lego Ninjago than prancing around in fancy clothes, so this theme worked great for her.  Of course she was trying to haggle the terms of the photo shoot, but I won because she owes me several from the last payout. She typically drives a hard bargain. (In the picture below she is counting down how many more photos I can take. Bahaha. I took more than three.)


For our outfit we used the Fawn Leggings Pattern and the Sapphire Layering Top.  The Fawn Leggings offer an optional tuxedo stripe or a simple legging option.  Since our top has a lot going on with the plaid, I chose the simple legging with the yoga waistband.  I made the leggings with a double brushed poly that I ordered from during a sale a few months back.  It was not even close to the quality of dbp I’ve ordered from some Facebook groups, but still super soft so I know my big girl would be satisfied.  If you are looking for some quality solid dbp, I’ve had luck with purple seamstress.


The Sapphire Layering top has several options with flutters and sleeve ruffles to create some fun looks to wear alone or as a layering item.  If you recall, I mentioned Peyton isn’t really into the frilly stuff right now, so I went with the basic style of no flutters, no ruffles.  The buffalo plaid is from PHAT QUARTERS.  It’s a cotton/poly blend with not too much stretch, but just enough for a nice t-shirt.  I also used it on a shirt I made for myself here.


I was very pleased with the fit on this top.  The neck band is exactly the width I prefer.  I am not a fan of thick neckbands and typically adjust mine to be smaller when I’m not testing.  I cut the neckband on the bias and lengthened slightly to account for the stretch being slightly less than recommended. After I finished the top, I decided to add a little lace to the the hemline to fancy this up a tad.  I’ve seen some tops hanging in the stores recently with pretty hemlines like this, so I thought I would be a total copy cat and use the idea.  Obviously, it isn’t like this is actually a new concept, so maybe we are all just borrowing the idea from someone long ago. Now that it’s finished I really wish I would have added the lace before hemming with my twin needle.  The finish would have been nicer than the zig zag, but I still think it works. I know for the next go around I suppose.  I wish I had taken before and after shots, because the lace definitely changes the vibe of the top.  What do you think about it?



Thanks to the Petite Stitchery Ladies for thinking of me and having me along.  I’m glad I could join in on the fun.  I hope you have liked my creations.

Tour Schedule


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Plaid and Boots Tour



It’s finally my day to share on the Plaid and Boots Tour hosted by Laela Jeyne Patterns.  If you don’t know it, I do a lot of work with Laela Jeyne Patterns, so I am around that group and the page a lot.  If you aren’t familiar with Marisa and her patterns, I hope this tour has encouraged you to give a pattern (or two…or whatever) a shot.  You can try several patterns for free if you join the facebook group.  Details are in the pinned post. You can also use  Code is P&BTOUR20 for 20% off cart during the tour! *This post does contain affiliate links to help support my hobby.

So, let’s get started.  Today’s theme for the tour is Game Night and Bonfires.  A perfect match for my infatuation with all things fall, pumpkin, and autumn colored in the world.  I created two looks for this theme because there are really two types of “bonfire” experiences that I am aware of.  My post was sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics, so I got some beautiful fabrics to make my creations for this post.


The first bonfire I styled for is the “out in the cow pasture” or “down at the cabin” type.  This includes a gigantic pile of wood where the fire is huge and amazing. Hot dogs and s’mores are had by all.   It’s a laid back, relaxed event with lawn chairs and blankets and so much fun.  For this I sewed up the Emily T-Shirt with the Taylor Leggings.  For my Emily T-shirt I used a lovely panel which was provided by Moon Man Printing. To cover my back side, I did add some length to the Emily at the shorten lengthen line. I’m not at the stage in my life where I wear leggings with my back side actually being visible.  Kudos to you if you are. To complete the Emily and make the Taylor Leggings (a free pattern with the group discount code),  I used the Trade Winds Port by Sharron Hollan for Art Gallery Fabrics. I loved this fabric! The knit is butter soft and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to sew it up.  I then paired it with my Willa vest which I shared about here.  I paired it with my boots and with some comfy canvas shoes so you get get several vibes for these makes.  The boots are probably necessary thought.



The second type of bonfire is what I would call the “city girl bonfire.”  This is the type where someone has an outdoor fireplace, amazing seating, and a great view.  The environment is a little more subtle, yet classy.  My sister has an amazing outdoor seating area with a fireplace that is perfect for this. Which is right here.  I totally stole this photo from her social media, but I feel it was needed.


For a classier look to match the city-girl-bonfire I stitched up the Samantha Swing Dress.  I used the Hi-Lo dress option with long sleeves.  This fabric was also sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics, Survey Ochre by April Rhodes.  I have to say, I love this color in the fall.  It just goes perfectly with my inner self.  It was like my heart was happy to wear something that screamed fall.  The Samantha Swing Dress has a ton of options, including a racer back. I made a racer back tunic here if you want to check that out. Samantha also has girls version with the Sammy.  If you like to do Mommy and Me looks, you may need the bundle.  Sweet Red Poppy made a Sammy that is perfect match to mine for this tour. Too bad we don’t live closer, we could have gotten that on camera. Don’t miss her post!


Again, I paired this with the same Taylor leggings as before.  This dress doesn’t require leggings, but since we are talking about cool weather and bonfires I felt like it was a necessary piece to complete this look.  I also paired this with my canvas shoes as well as a pair of brown leather boots to give you some additional styling ideas.  I really think I like the boots the best!

And styled with the boots here for a bit of a different look….


So, what do you think?  I’ve gotten several complements on my Samantha while wearing it already, so I’m thinking it is working.  I can’t wait to see all the other looks for the theme today!  Don’t miss out on all the seriously awesome giveaways!!!  Catch the details below along with the blogger schedule.

Tour Schedule


Kaleidothoughtidle sunshineAllie J.


Sew PinspiredSewSophieLynnThe Wholesome Mama


Nini and AshSew and Tell ProjectSweet Red Poppy


Pear Berry LanePaisley RootsThreadbear GarmentsLace and Pine Designs


Olive AshbySunflower SeamsElegantine

Thanks to all the awesome sponsors for the tour!!!


Check out the prizes for the giveaway and ENTER to Rafflecopter!!

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One Thimble #13 {One Romper and Danny Donut}


One Thimble #13 is hitting my blog again today! Last week I shared my Orbis pants, which you can read about here. Today I’m sharing my make from the One Romper Pattern from Filles a Maman (FAM) and I used the Danny Donut Applique from Cut Sew Love.


Let’s start with the One Romper pattern.  I was super excited about the possibility of having a hip, urban vibe romper with this newest issue of One Thimble.  This pattern includes a short and a pant romper with short sleeves.  The romper is bathroom accessible with a shoulder closure to be unsnapped for quick breaks.  You may notice that my version doesn’t look like a romper, nor does it have shoulder snaps. If you would like to see a romper on this tour, check out this one from Swoodson Says.  The One Romper pattern also includes a t-shirt option.  Since this is a tour about the patterns, I decided to make the t-shirt version because I hadn’t seen a lot of them out there and you probably should know its an option.  You are welcome. 🙂  You should also know that the One Romper does not come with long sleeves when purchased through One Thimble, however, a free long sleeve download is available here. 

Construction for this tee was fairly typical.  If you choose to, you can add the shoulder and sleeve placket from the romper version to spice things up a bit.  My model was between chest sizes for this pattern, so I chose to size up as I made a cool weather top and we are just moving into the cool weather. I think I would have been fine with choosing the smaller size option.  Overall, we really like this top. My shirt is made with french terry and the neckband is a cotton lycra blend.

If you notice, this isn’t just a plain shirt, it has the  cutest little donut fella on it.  Cut, Sew, Love released the Kawaii Appliques which includes the Danny Donut pattern along with a few other applique designs.  I “do-nut” know about you, but we LOVE donuts at our house.  We watch the Krispy Kreme signs all the time to check and see if the red light is on so we can stop in for our free snack. If you aren’t familiar with Krispy Kreme, you should google it.  You can see the entire baking process within the store.  My girls love to watch the donuts being made.



For my Danny I used some embroidery floss to add the face details and free motion applique on my machine to do the outlining.  If you haven’t tried free motion applique, it is a fun way to add a little pzazz to your creations.  Here we made our donut look like our favorite Krispy Kreme, glazed with chocolate icing and sprinkles. This was such a quick applique and the other sets that come within this patterns are so cute too.  There is just something so adorable about food with faces.  I suppose that why Shopkins are so popular.

Now, don’t forget to make some stops along the tour to see all the awesomeness for Issue 13 of One Thimble.

11/10 Pattern Revolution, Beri Bee Designs, The Sew and Tell Project, SewSophieLynn

11/11 Create 3.5, GAAFMACHINE

11/12 Tales of a Tester, Little Cumquat, Call Ajaire

11/13 Happy Okapi, Sunflower Seams, Stitches by Laura

11/14 Made by Sara, Candice Ayala, Filles a Maman

11/15 House of Estrela, Snickerdoodle Stew, Swoodson Says

11/16 The Lady and the Gents, Lulu & Celeste, Pear Berry Lane

11/17 Finn’s Door, Blue Wren Handmade, Once Upon a Sewing Machine, Just Add Fabric

I hope you have enjoyed my stop along the One Thimble 13 Blog Tour, Sponsored by Pattern Revolution.  Thanks again for having me!

One Thimble #13 {Orbis Pants}

You know when you have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for that one special day? When that day finally arrives you almost don’t know what to do with yourself because you are so excited you act like a goon instead of an intelligent person… That is probably how I would describe myself with the Orbis Pants and the release of One Thimble #13. *This post does contain affiliate links.


The Orbis Skinny Harems from Sofilantjes for One Thimble are such a fun and hip make.  I tested these quite a long time ago, but to preserve the magic of One Thimble, we had to hold off on all our excitement and sharing until the release.  This was a test of strength and commitment. I am happy to say I made it….Barely!


The Orbis Skinny Harems can be purchased as a stand alone pattern here,  or as part of the One Thimble 13 Issue.  There are a lot of great patterns in this issue.  I’m sewing up two more and showing them off next week as part of the Pattern Revolution Tour.  Be ready for that post. It is going to be a cute one. (Well, aren’t they all really?)  Orbis may or may not be making another appearance there.


Here is the Orbis Scoop

Unisex Skinny Harem

Size 1-14

3/4 or full length

Optional Pocket

Faux Fly

Home Printing and A0 File

Personally I love the over-sized pockets on these pants.  The pocket is a great way to use up your scrap of fabric fabrics that you may not have a lot of.  The construction also provides for some stitching that adds to the detail of the design.


The design is perfect for my sporty girl.  I think she really rocks this pants and the fabric for this pair is quite fun.  I grabbed the geometric print at JoAnn Fabrics right before I was selected to test this pattern.  I think it was a perfect marriage of pattern to fabric.



If you love original creations with style, Sofilantjes is a great designer to check out.  I shared a top creation from this designer in this post.  If you haven’t seen the Hibernis Cowl Shirt pattern, it is awesome.  Definitely a great pattern to add to your collection.  Shop around for some new patterns and come back next week to see a few more makes from the most recent issue of One Thimble.

For more pleasure reading.  You can read other One Thimble Magazine features I’ve written here, here, and here.

From One Thimble 12
One Thimble 11
One Thimble 10

Laela Jeyne Pattern {Sydney Slouchy Raglan}


Marisa has been super busy wrapping up the last patterns for the year over at Laela Jeyne Patterns.  This week the Sydney Slouchy Raglan is on the list of new releases.  You don’t want to miss out on the releases this week, because the Taylor Leggings pattern has also released and it goes perfectly with the Sydney. The legging pattern will be FREE with a coupon code from the facebook group. Be sure to join that now.  *This post does contain affiliate links, however, if you purchase the leggings with the coupon code there isn’t a lot to be made from a free purchase.  You may want to purchase the raglan too. 🙂

Sydney Slouchy Raglan Details:



Sydney is a relaxed fitting raglan with so many options.  You can choose from multiple necklines, hemlines, and sleeve options.  You can see several options in the line drawing above.

  • Sixes XXS-3X
  • V-neck, Off the shoulder, or hooded cowl
  • Two sleeve types.  Slouchy sleeve and relaxed sleeve with three lengths for each.
  • Hi-Lo Slouchy Silhouette, Rounded Hem Slouchy Silhouette, and a separate Swing Silhouette
  • Illustrated Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Layered Printing with Printing Guide
  • No Trim Pages
  • Letter and A4 printing options



For my Sydney I chose the Hi-Low Slouchy Silhouette with 3/4 length Sleeves.  I love the fabric I chose for this make!  I just think it screams fall.  The plaid is Girl Charlee Bolt that I got from Phat Quarters.  Bless Gemia’s little heart.  I won this fabric in a contest Phat Quarters sponsored and a week later I won AGAIN in a completely unrelated contest.  I do have to say, Phat Quarters carries some great fabrics and they have great service too.  The shop is definitely worth checking out. Thanks again for the goodies. 🙂  The solid for the sleeves came from the ever fabulous Mel of Purple Seamstress and her solid cotton lycra collection.  Best solids for the best price.  That’s the truth.  You are missing out if you haven’t cashed out on some of those.

Anyway…  Let’s talk about that free pattern. The Taylor leggings go great with Sydney, however so many testers paired their raglan with the leggings, I decided to mix it up and pair with some skinny jeans and don’t have mine pictured here.  I’m sharing the line drawing so you can see the options.  These leggings are only going to be FREE through the end of this year. (with the code from the facebook group) Get them now so you don’t miss out! Marisa’s goal was to design a great fitting legging.  If you try these please leave a review on the site to help others know what they are getting!

Taylor Leggings Details

  • Sixes XXS-3X
  • Contoured Waistband Leggings
  • Maternity Waist Instructions included
  • Three Length options
  • Illustrated Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Layered Printing with Printing Guide
  • No Trim Pages
  • Letter and A4 printing options