Emmy and Rosie Pattern Mash



I’ve been loving all the circle skirt dresses I’ve been seeing recently, so I decided I would take a few Laela Jeyne Patterns and write a tutorial for how to Mash them into a dress. I’ve used the Emmy T-Shirt and Rosie Circle Skirt Patterns to make this super cute everyday dress for the twins.  I know it is going to get a lot of wear.  They love comfy and dresses… Win, win. *This post contains affiliate links.


Materials List:

Emmy T-Shirt Pattern

Rosie Skirt Pattern, Half Circle Skirt Option

Elastic for Waist (I used 3/4″, but 1/2″ would be good too.)

Sewing Supplies: Fabric, Scissors, Rotary Cutter, Pins/Clips, Machine, etc.

Construct Shirt:


Select your size, print, tape.  You will not need the curved hemline, so before cutting fabric you can modify the pattern by using a straight edge and removing that portion.

Construct shirt per Emmy directions without hemming the bottom of the shirt.  I used the capped sleeve option here.

Modify Shirt Length:

I wanted the waistline to fall around the natural waist.  Determine wear you would like your waistline and remove the portion below this line.  Don’t forget to include elastic and seam allowance.  For my version I sewed a size 4 top and removed 6 inches. Do not toss what you removed!

Cut the Waistband:

From the scrap removed from the bottom of the shirt, cut a band 1.75″ wide. This accounts for 3/8″ seam allowance and the elastic casing. (I’m sorry if you think I should use the word length here, but I just think wide fits better.  Hopefully you get what I’m saying.)  If you plan to use an elastic other than 3/4″ you may want to adjust the width.


Measure the width of your shirt. Multiply this number by 2. This is the waist measurement you will use to determine the size skirt you need to print.  Refer to the size chart in the Rosie Skirt Pattern, (page 4). Print the pattern using the layers for the size you need for the waist AND the size you need for the length.

For example: My shirt width measurement of 11.25″ times 2 is 22.5″.  On the size chart this means I need a size 7 waist.  My child falls into a size 4 in height.  I printed my pattern using only the size 7 and size 4 layers.


Blend width and length sizes together by extending the length line over to the width line. Follow the curve of the circle.  Cut skirt only, no waistbands. Sew side seams and hem per pattern directions.

*Note: You will want to use the half circle pattern because the full circle would put a seam down the center of your skirt.  Or… You could color block and totally use the full circle option.


Memory press one edge of the waistband with 3/8″ fold.


With right sides together, match shirt and skirts at waists.


Place waistband over skirt right side of band to wrong side of skirt matching the edge that has NOT been pressed.  Pin/clip through waistband, skirt, and shirt.  Sew/Serge.

*Tip: Align side seams of shirt and skirt, but slide the waistband around slightly to offset bulk of seams.

Pull shirt up through skirt.  Press waistband up, keeping memory press folded. Don’t you just love that you can’t see any of the seams at the waistband?!


Using your choice of stretch stitch, edge stitch around top of waistband leaving a 2″ opening to insert elastic.  Cut elastic 1.5″ shorter than your child’s waist measurement. Insert into casing using safety pin or bodkin.  Overlap 1/2″ and sew together.  Close opening in casing.  My edge stitching wasn’t too hot here, so do better than I did or your elastic with be a bit tight in the casing. 🙂


Turn right side out, throw on a child, and take some photos.  Don’t forget to share them in the Laela Jeyne Pattern Group.


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