Simple Life Pattern Co. {Harmony}


Every once in a while I just have to do something quick to have the reward of a completed project.  I’ve been working on several things, but none of them are completed and I was feeling like I was in a slump. Enter Harmony from Simple Life Pattern Company.  A super quick summer sew with a bit of style. *Affiliate links are found in this post.


I’ve been looking for a quick and easy hi-lo dress pattern because our current dress that starts Sunday wars in my house is the Greenery dress from Project Run and Play.  Every week both the Littles argue over who gets to wear it to church.  Can you blame them? It is super fun.


Harmony offers multiple style options.  There is the dramatic (shown here), but also a top, dress, and maxi length are included.  Each of these four can be created with or without a ruffle along the bottom of the dress.  You should know that the pattern includes two different sets of pattern pieces for the ruffle version or the simple version.  Pay attention to the print guide or you may accidentally print both versions.  I may have first hand experience on this.


If you have a fear of closures, this dress is still an option for you.  There is a small tie in the back, but this dress really has enough ease that I think you could leave it out all together.  We didn’t until it to get it off or on.   Even with the generous ease the dress has a finished look due to the elastic waist.  This cinches everything in nicely.


I used seersucker for this version.  It was a perfect look for summer.  This is actually my first time using it. I just feel like it provides a simple and classy elegance to this dress.  I will definitely be using it again.  Maybe I’ll splurge and try a different color too.  As for this particular pattern, any light weight woven with good drape is recommended.  You could even use a knit.  I have a ton of jersey I bought last year with very little stretch I think I may use to make a ruffled version.  I think it will be fantastic.


So that about wraps up my super quick sew for immediate satisfaction.  What do you do to re-motivate and jump start your sewjo?  Is there another quick pattern you would recommend?


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