Oceanside Dress: Itch to Stitch Patterns


It’s been quite a long time since I’ve written any posts over on the Itch to Stitch Blog, but I’m always following what new designs and creations Kennis is coming up with.  I happened across her testing call for a knit dress pattern.  I was so drawn to it that I applied before I realized it was right smack in the middle of the Summer Collection Tour I am hosting.  I’ve been really good about not doing that lately, but I suppose I was just sucked in too quickly. This post contains affiliate links.  Purchasing from a link on this page supports my hobby and clothes my kids.  Thanks for you support.  I would hate to have naked people running around my house.


The Oceanside Dress has a raglan style sleeve with a figure flattering waistband.  I love how some testers made this dress look ready for a ball game while others were able to make it quite formal looking with great fabric selection.  My fabric selection was based on three concepts.  I needed to use what was in my stash, I needed to be able to wear it without needing a slip (because I don’t think I own one), and it needed to be comfortable enough I could wear it to school or church.  If I can’t wear it there, it won’t be worn. Enter floral double brushed poly from Love Adore Knit Fabrics.  I purchased this back in the Spring and it is absolutely lovely.  So soft to the touch, yet easy to work with. For some reason the colors just work for me in this dress.  I also had a pale mint green floral I was considering and I’m glad I went with the navy.  I feel like the flowers just pop right out of the fabric.


The pattern also includes this front triangle inset and features to allow you to get a little creative and include an accent fabric to give your dress a little bit of pop. I used a striped Cotton Lycra for my accent fabric on the sleeves and the inset.  I personally struggled a bit with the inset, but I think it came out nicely.  I won’t mention the tiny buckle just below the point.  It just did not want to lay completely flat and parallel to the ground. It was totally user error and selecting a striped fabric that shows very quickly if it isn’t level was probably not a choice I would make again.


For me the best part about this dress was the ease of size selection.  I used my bust and waist and easily chose what size I needed to make and I had a perfect fit.  I often have issues with dresses because they are too long for my shorter legs.  The circle skirt was very easy to shorten and I ended up with a flattering length for my personal body.


The Oceanside Dress Pattern is currently on sale for $8, but you can get an extra discount with a coupon code in the Itch to Stitch Designs Group.  Don’t miss that!



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