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Summer is in full swing at my house and I’m struggling to stay above water with all the exciting things going on so far.  One bit of exciting news in my sewing world is the Summer Collection release from Laela Jeyne Patterns.  I’ve been following the testing process and just love how everything has come together.  I’m so pumped to be co-hosting this tour along with Marisa (Designer for Laela Jeyne Patterns).  I’m telling you, there are some great creations ahead this week. Also, each day has a rafflecopter, so be sure to click over to the blog and enter for a chance at some of the new collection.


For my Summer Collection Tour post I decided to make the Vivi Swimsuit.  It was a great choice for us, as my little people have been living in swimwear nearly everyday.  If they aren’t in the sprinkler, it’s water balloons. If the balloons have popped, its a dip in the lake. There is no keeping my girls dry.   I made two suits earlier this swim season, but one suit each isn’t enough.  I made a mistake and grabbed a few cheapie suits from Wal-mart just to have some extras in rotation.  It was totally not worth it.  The fit on them is so poor.  I’m surprised they stay on their bodies, and really they kinda don’t.  I’ve seen a lot more crack lately than is called for.   Anyway, let’s talk about a good fitting swimsuit for little ladies. Vivi is a faux cross over suit.  It has options for side cut outs, neckline ruffle, and two different back cut lines.  I love the look of this suit with the neckline ruffle, but I purchased this swim fabric and have been dying to use it.  Let’s be honest… it doesn’t scream, “Add a ruffle please.”  This print carries the suit all on its own.  No extras needed.


The coverage on this suit is quite good. We had no breaks for adjustments while snapping these photos and I call that a win! #wedgiefreeisthewaytobe  This suit is going to be a staple in our summer wear selection simply for this one point.


The most difficult part about the construction of this suit is the faux cross over.  That said, I’m very proud of the stitching at the neckline.  Sometimes we can rock our skills and sometimes we fail ourselves.  For this suit, I think I was rocking the skills.  If you don’t have a twin needle, get one.



So, what are you thinking about swimwear?  Do you sew it or are you needing some help crossing over?  I’ll tell you that it really can be quite quick.  If you don’t have a little lady to sew for, you can actually make a suit with this same style just for you! The Violet Swimsuit  is the Women’s version of the Vivi. I fun surprise with Violet is that you get a bonus pattern when you purchase it.  The Isla Kimono is a great pattern for making a cover-up to go with your swimwear.  I would totally have made a suit for myself, except I’m a teacher and just got a new job.  I’m just feeling like I didn’t need to be posting myself online in swimwear as I’m in the transition phase and don’t want to be fired before I start.


I hope you have enjoyed my sassy girl in her new suit.  For more fun photos of this make, don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram.  Sometimes I sneak stuff on IG that never hits the blog.  Also, be sure to click over to the Laela Jeyne Patterns post each day because there is a different rafflecopter for each day of the tour!  Don’t miss out!


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33 thoughts on “Laela Jeyne Patterns Summer Collection

  1. I love her sass! LOL! This suit is super cute, and I love that there isn’t constant tugging and pulling on this suit. It’s such a great pattern, and your little girl is killing it in hers!!


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