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It’s finally here, it’s my day to show off some of the fabrics I played with featuring one of Art Gallery fabric’s new lines from Katarina Roccella, InBlue!  I’m kinda geeking out here a little bit.  I’ve hardly been able to wait. How about all the lovely creations so far this week?  I loved Becca’s sibling set over at Sunflower Seams and Kelly’s son at Handmade Boy was just fantastic.  I loved the creek they visited for their photos!

As a reminder, don’t forget the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the tour posts!  The prize package is legit.  I mean, you could make nearly every creation on the tour if you win.  I love that the pattern designers support us bloggers so much!

Before I get to my fun post, there is another post live on the tour today too! Sherri of Thread Riding Hood has sewn up some lovely dresses for her girls.  She did a dress length and a maxi with the same pattern for her girls.  It makes them coordinate so well. Be sure to notice the fabrics here because Sherri used wovens and I used knits for our posts today, but of the some of the same designs.  I love how changing the fabric type opens up new doors.


Let’s Get Started!!

So, let me tell you a little about this my adventure in hosting this tour.  I was so excited to be able to host because this line was love at first sight. Thanks to Art Gallery Fabrics for sponsoring this tour and allowing me to host it! As a reminder, even though this is a sponsored tour, my love for this fabric completely genuine and my own.  I think it was probably the florals that snagged me at first.  If you follow me, you may already know that nearly everything I sew is a floral… I just can’t help myself.


But there are a few other reasons I love this line.  It’s the blues and the designs that make me think of delicate china. Have you ever seen the movie, The Great and Powerful Oz? For our family, it was a long time favorite… I mean we watched it a LOT.  By far my favorite parts included the little China Girl.  The little China town she is from is amazing.  I snagged a photo from here to give you an idea if you haven’t seen it.  There is just something magical about the designs and the feelings you get looking at all the details.   Along with these designs I love the hot air balloons and dutch inspired themes.  All together, it just makes a fun collection.

China Town.jpg

For my first look I sewed up the Fly Away Laat and the Dalaroze in Cotton/Spandex.  This knit fabric was fantastic to work with.  Both of these prints have soft pastel colors with designs in darker hues of blue and pinks to brighten the print. The Chalk and Notch Waterfall Raglan is a favorite of my first model, so I knew it would be a great pattern for this post.  Along with the Waterfall, I used my go-to legging pattern, the Deluxe Charlotte Leggings from Laela Jeyne Patterns.  The fit is spot on every time.



The intricate details in the balloons are amazing in Fly Away Laat.  You really have to take a moment to check them out.   The Dalaroze print was a favorite because my model called it her horse fabric.  I’m always excited when they think I pick something just for them.  She is a total horse lover. (Does every little girl go through a horse phase?)



For my second look I just had to use the Bloesem Dark because it stole my heart from the beginning.  The colors…the details in the florals… it’s all there. I used the Calabria Dress pattern from Lil Luxe Collection for this.  I thought the “puffed sleeves” would go perfectly with the dainty-ness of the floral. I think it was a perfect marriage of fabric and pattern.


Would you believe it took me three attempts to get photos of this girl in this this dress?! Man, she gave me a run for my money…LITERALLY.  In the end, I can’t believe some of the beautiful shots we got of this dress.




So what do you think? Are you ready to take off and snag some of these fabrics?  I know we have been showing you all these fabrics, but maybe you need a place to grab them for yourself.

Shops to find INBlue Art Gallery Fabric. (This is just a few I use.)

Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Hawthorne Threads

Let’s Sew (This is my local shop, so I feel like I should give them a little support.)


Don’t forget about the rest of the tour! One more day after today.  You won’t want to miss it the last day.  And be sure to enter the rafflecopter below.  Thank you so much for following along!

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Tour Schedule


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10 thoughts on “inBlue Fabric Blog Tour

  1. Wow, I had not seen the Calabria dress before and I love those sleeves!!

    All of this fabric is beautiful and I’ve enjoyed seeing a lot of this tour on my normal blog feed. That hot air balloon fabric as a waterfall raglan is fantastic – I have the waterfall raglan pattern but haven’t got around to making it yet, but this is so inspiring! May need to grab some hot air balloon fabric!

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