One Thimble {Issue 15}

OT15 Cover.jpg

It is time for the newest issue of the One Thimble Magazine!  It’s been a few issues since I’ve joined in on the release tour and I’m happy to be back on board. For my feature post I’ve stitched up the Josephine Dress from Bella Sunshine Designs.  After you check out this post, be sure to check out the other posts featuring all the other patterns in the newly released Issue 15.


Josephine is a drop-waist dress with princess seams and a boat-neck .  It also includes cap sleeves, (which I omitted for my version.)  If you have never sewn a pattern from Bella Sunshine Designs, you should know that Melissa does a great job being sure everything is finished with great techniques and your final project will look very clean on the inside and out.  This pattern isn’t missing any of these features.


There were a few things I enjoyed about this make.  First, I’m usually the quick sew girl.  I don’t usually take on projects with a ton of details.  I have to say I enjoyed spending the little bit of extra effort putting in the princess seams and giving this dress a little extra attention.  Of course, if you are a simple sew kind of girl you can sew this without the princess seams to speed up the process.  I really wanted to include piping on the princess seams too, but I couldn’t find a piping that coordinated with my zipper so I had to let that dream pass.  It should be said though, it really doesn’t add a ton of additional time.  When I look at the finished product I know it is totally worth spending the time on these little details.


Second, I usually stay clear of zippers for similar reasons.  I’m just too busy to commit the extra time.  This pattern includes great instructions and I sewed a fantastic zipper.  #proudsewistmoment  This pattern is listed as an Intermediate level, but I really think an adventurous beginner that can follow directions could tackle it.

The fit on this dress is great.  I love that this pattern provides great coverage and keeps my daughters looking as young and innocent as they are.  Another feature to this pattern is that hem of the skirt is two inches.  This is fantastic for letting out and extending the life of your garment.  I’ve been thinking about how I can make get more out of my pieces and this is a great feature.




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6 thoughts on “One Thimble {Issue 15}

    1. Thank you! I grabbed it from a going out of business sale, so it was a great price. I’m happy with the fabric placement too. I had a slight internal battle over which should be the main and which should be the accent.


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