Little Lizard King {Amsterdam}


It has been a LONG time since I’ve tested for Little Lizard King, but I’m glad I was able to join in on the Amsterdam test. You can read about my last one here.  I think this pattern features some great things that some of us sewing moms and shop owners really like.

Here are the points I love:

  • Super-duper-wuper quick sew…
  • Great bodice coverage
  • Great fit with no closure
  • Leaves room for creative extras such as trims, fancy ties, etc.
  • Direction on how to cut horizontal fabric to get a chevron pieced bodice
  • Patchwork Options… Someone probably loves this… Honestly I’m too lazy for it. 🙂



Peyton has been in serious need of dresses for church.  I haven’t sewn her many dresses as of recent because she claims her style is “sports wear.” I find this ironic because she has absolutely no interest in participating in any sort of athletic program.  I suppose there are a ton of moms out there wearing yoga pants that don’t do yoga, so I guess she is following their lead.

Anyway… She was definitely pleased with this dress as you can see by her working the camera.  It’s like she turns on when she loves something.

I suppose I should probably mention some fabric details because even though this is a pattern post, much of what makes this dress pop is this beautiful fabric.   It is Caravella Arcade Jessica in Green Cotton Fabric by Jennifer Paganelli.

If you are in the states, you can find it here. By the way, this link to Hawthrone Threads shows that this fabric is on sale for $6.99 per yard.  Isn’t that nice.

If you are an Aussie, you can find it here.



Thanks for swinging by to see this beautiful make.  For more inspiration photos, check out the listing on the Little Lizard King website, or join the FACEBOOK group to share and connect.

Be sure to join me on Instagram for quick peaks at upcoming posts!


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