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Woot Woot! I’m back with a second post for this week!  Today I’m joining in with a plethora of bloggers showing off makes from Coffee + Threads patterns.  There is so much awesome going on with this group of ladies.  Be sure that you catch all the creations.  They are all so different, yet equally awesome and there’s even more to come next week.  Plus, a giant rafflecopter and a 20 % off sale at the bottom of this post.


I have to say that I have a Coffee + Thread pattern I won in a give away a while back, but have never gotten around to sewing it up.  To be honest I wasn’t really familiar with Olga and her designs until recently.  I went searching for some sewists to invite on a tour and came across the Coffee + Thread site.  I sent Olga an invite and then she asked if I would like to hop on this tour too.  So of course, I just had to do that.  I chose to sew up a completely different pattern than the one I have for this tour and went with the Ania Tunic and the Wild and Free Lounge Pants.  My girls have had quite a bit of fancy makes added to their closets lately so I knew I needed to give them something for everyday.


The Ania Tunic can be made in either woven or knit, so I jumped all over the knit option and paired it with the pants for a typical choice for one of my little ladies.  She would say “comfy is my style” and sometimes when I make her things she is sure to tell me, “That is not really my style mom.”  So… here I am making a little lady’s fashion dreams come true.


When this blue floral arrived at our doorstep it was immediately claimed as her own and she was begging for something to be made when it arrived.  In fact, she requested that a shirt and the pants both be made from it to be worn together.  I had to explain we weren’t making pajamas (matching top and bottoms would probably throw a PJ vibe) and we settled for the pink with white polka dots as a happy solution to preventing pajamas in public.


I was loving this tunic as I was putting it together.  This top has a swing style look to it, yet it is fitted well in all the right places.  I love the gathered capped sleeve as a bit of detail and feminine touch.  I did add a touch of length to this top in hopes that I would be able to carry it through the summer months and maybe into fall.  As a side note, the best part about the knit version is there isn’t a closure, so if you avoid those like the plague you can still make this pattern.


And how about that giant hair-bow?  When I popped it in she looked in the mirrored and said, “I think maybe it needs to be a little bit bigger.”  I reminded her we don’t live in the big bow south. 😛 Kids are just too funny sometimes.


For the Wild and Free Lounge pants I modified them by combining the front and back pieces to remove the outer side seam.  I don’t mind doing this seam on leggings (actually my go-to legging pattern also has a side seam, but I just wanted to be able to whip these up without worrying about skipped stitches on my coverstitch machine.  It is sometimes finicky when sewing over seams, so eliminate that let me hem first and then do the construction after without any issues.  I hope you don’t hate me now that you know I hemmed before seaming.  I would have hated me a few months ago, but I’ve had a change of heart since my coverstitch machine has arrived.

If you don’t know, The Wild and Free Lounge pant pattern has several view options.  I stitched up the plain view, but if check out all the other bloggers you will see all the shapes and little animal options you can put on the front knees.  They are so cute and I’m sure if you are one of those creative people you could think of even more ideas that you could do with the knee option.


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Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you loved our Coffee + Thread creation and will join the Facebook group to continue to see all the beautiful makes from Olga’s patterns.




25 thoughts on “Coffee + Thread Tour

  1. This is sooo good and exactly how my girls like to dress too. For someone living in the South I can’t stop chuckling about the bow comment, bahahaha. Where is that blue flower printed knit from? I don’t think you mention that in the post but sorry if I missed it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I may have forgotten to say. It’s from Love Adore Knit Fabrics. They have a Facebook group and let you know when the site will be loaded. You have to move VERY quickly for it’s gone in a matter of minutes… at least the stuff I always want is. 😂


  2. This is just the cutest! I love how it turned out so so so pretty, yet also comfy and functional for every day! Love that she has her own style, I also have a child that prefers comfy over everything else. 🙂 Thank you so much for joining the tour!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Totally cracking up about your “big bow south” comment. 😂 I love the your bow though….I think it is the perfect size….this whole outfit is so adorable. And that floral….I can’t get enough of it!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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