Project Run and Play Week 2: Spring Greenery


We are back for Week 2 of Project Run and Play  (click link to go vote) with a theme of Greenery.  Greenery happens to be Pantone’s color of the year. Green is my favorite color so I was completely happy with this theme.  For my looks I carried the green vibe into both of my outfits while bringing in pops of pink and florals that remind me of the fresh beginning and bright colors to come with the entry of spring.  If you know me, you know floral prints are my homeboys.  If it’s a floral, I probably need it.


To be honest my makes this week took on several forms before they landed at the endpoint.  It was a journey of reworking, redesigning, and a failed attempt at photos.  In the end, I’m very please with the creations.  I have to give my mom a big shout out this week because my husband has been down and out and she came down was super helpful.  She even made me some fresh strawberry jelly!

Bless her heart, can you tell she is cold?

The striped and floral dress took on the most forms throughout the week.  I’m so glad with the changes and love the striped bodice more than I would have imagined.  I don’t do a ton of mixing of prints, but I found this stripe buried in my scrap box and there was just enough to create this bodice.


My focus for these creations was quality and nice finishes.  This bodice from Lil Luxe Collection features under-stitching along the neckline and the lined cap sleeve.  The skirt seam features an enclosed seam that I hand-stitched for a smooth finish at the waist.


I designed the hi-lo gathered skirt for this dress and it is a great match for the curved front of the bodice.  The tulle falls just an inch and a half below the hemline of the floral.  The tulle length is enough for a peek of color without looking bulky or sloppy.  I hemmed the over skirt with a green bias facing.   This hides raw edges, makes for a smooth finish, and adds another pop of color.  I love to hem circle skirts this way and the curved nature of the hi-lo skirt is another great use for this method.


The bodice closure on the dress has hidden buttons inside, but I wanted to spice this up and added some fun over-sized buttons I found in my jar. I love the texture of these.  I was super nervous about tackling stripe matching for a contest, but I think they were a success.  Do you ever put off stripes for the same reason?


Don’t you just love that dress from the back?  It’s so dreamy!  I love that she loves it too.


For my second look I started with a green floral print.  In fact, these floral prints are the same, just in different color ways.  Have you noticed?  As a random fact, I must really like this print because it turns out I bought it last year in a third colorway and made a dress from it. Ha! I didn’t even notice until I started sewing these up.  The skirt was the first make of this look.  I started with the Willow Skirt pattern from Violette Fields Threads, but wanted a fitted skirt rather than an elastic waistband.  I removed the elastic waistband created my own based on model measurements.  I added a button placket in the back with two decorative buttons, another fun find from the huge button wall at one of my local shops.  I was sure to keep the insides all nice and pretty by enclosing the seam at the waistband.


For the apron I used my own design based on model measurements.   It features four pockets along with some decorative stitching and some ruffle trim.  I loved using some of my fancy stitches on my new machine! It’s the little things that can really add to a piece.


Next for this outfit is the pink top made from a bamboo knit.  This is my first time using bamboo and I have to say… is so soft.  Another find in town.  It started from the Isla dress from Simple Life Pattern Company.  I lengthened the dress bodice to a shirt length and scooped out the back slightly to mirror the back of the first dress.  This little model doesn’t like too much breeze in the back, so I went very conservative on the scoop.  I then hacked the front bodice by adding the ruched center panel.  I’m thinking I may need to do a tutorial on this.  Isla is a great pattern to use for this because it is lined, so none of the ruching or gathering is actually touching the wearer.  Isn’t that nice?  Total mom win here in the comfort category.



I finished of this outfit with a few accessories.  The bow-tie necklace and the headband.  I started with a bow-tie pattern from 421 Myers Designs.  I left of the neckband and added some hardware.  Seriously, I’m going to have to get some tools of my own for these kinds of things.  I had to sneak some tools from the garage for this necklace.  The headband is my own design.  It has a small elastic center in the back for getting a nice snug fit without being too tight or rigid. It pairs well with my model’s short hair.


Well, I think that’s a wrap on my Spring Greenery creations. Thanks so much for stopping in! I do hope you made it to the finish!  I’m sending you off with a final photo.  The girls warming up at the end of the shoot with my mom.  She really was a life saver with all her help.  Now, don’t forget to return to Project Run and Play to vote for your favorite greenery project!




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