#2017MakeNine Adventure

This week I decided I was going to be joining in on some maker fun with the fabulous people participating in #2017makenine.  Basically, you select nine projects that you want to complete for 2017.  You can find more information about the leader of this fun project here, then join in on the maker fun!

I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted to commit to.  In truth, I really want to do two sets of make nine.  I needed one for the girls, and one for myself.  I just started with the girls and if I crank through it quickly, I’m going to do one for myself too.  You can see my projects below.


How did I choose my nine?  I started by thinking about patterns that I already have and have been wanting to make but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  I put together a list and then started thinking about what patterns would pair well together and the “look” I prefer to go for these days.  You see, I started out sewing a lot of boutique-y type stuff and now I feel like I’m pulling away from some of that look and going for more of a high fashion, sleeker vibe.  I guess I’m developing my own sense of fashion.  That said, there are a few patterns here that can swing either way based on option and fabric choice.  A lot also depends on styling too.

So, here are the details from left to right and top to bottom on my collage of nine.

  1. Chalk and Notch Fishtail Kimono
  2.  Shwin Designs Glass Onion Top
  3.  Simple Life Pattern Company Sarah Ann’s Cuff Leggings and Capris*
  4. Tadah Library Blouse
  5. This one is a mystery.  I don’t even know what it is yet.  Keeping my options open.
  6. Tadah Tulip Skirt
  7. Simple Life Pattern Company Isla’s Infinity Tunic and Dress*
  8.  Sewlosophy Serendipity Beret and Swing Coat.  These are no longer available for purchase as far as I’m aware.  This designer put out a collection and then literally disappeared. I’ve always wondered what happened.  I purchased the entire collection at release: pants, shirt, coat, and beret.  I’ve only made the pants and the top, but they were super adorable! I’ll share a little pic of those.
  9.  Mix It – Make It Millie Dress (Free Pattern!)


See.  Isn’t that super cute?! I love the trousers and the top was a perfect match.  This was way back at the beginning of my sewing adventure.  In fact, I think this top may have been my first ever button holes.  Peyton’s school pictures were in this outfit.

Okay… I think that wraps up my plans for #2017makenine.  Come back in a few minutes because I have already made one of my nine and need to tell you about it!




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