Shwin Designs Glass Onion Top

Alrighty!! One down and eight more to go on my #2017makenine adventure.  For more detail on that, read my post here.  Nine projects seems like a lot, but when you just decide to sit down and tackle one you may get the impression that it isn’t hardly enough.  What do you think? Is nine too many, too few, or just right?


I started with my first make being the Glass Onion Top from Shwin Designs.  I don’t know about you, but I have been all sorts of confused about Shwin and Shwin vs Shwin Designs.  I hadn’t followed closely and always thought it was two different designers and then I couldn’t remember what pattern went with which designer.  It turns out it’s all the same… I think.  Maybe it was an issue with names/addresses not being available on different platforms. I get that, but phew… call it a blonde moment or something because I have struggled.  Are you in this boat with me?

Okay… So without further delay, here is my first make.  I will say that I finished this last night and Presley found it laying on the couch this morning and snatched it right up.  We have a snow day today, so I told her to grab some leggings and stand by the window for a little light.  These photos aren’t the most amazing due to indoor early morning pics, but you get the idea I think.


The Glass Onion Top has several options to choose from. This top features a gathered front and a crossover back.  It includes three sleeve options, and two back options.  I chose the pleated back, but there is also a flat crossover back.  The neckline is finished with a facing, and there aren’t any closures to deal with because the scoop back provides ample room to get on and off easily.  Overall, I would describe this as a fairly quick sew for a woven make.


I think this pattern is right on point with the high fashion looks I’m going for!  I plan to make more for certain, and Swiss Dot being my next fabric to go with.  I think it is going to be absolutely stunning!  I can’t wait for good weather to get quality photos of these tops.



What do you think? Would you give this pattern a try?  I think you will like it if you do.  Let me know in the comments.  Don’t forget to follow all the awesome #2017makenine creations on Instagram.  There is so much inspiration to be seen!



9 thoughts on “Shwin Designs Glass Onion Top

  1. So cute! I’ve made several plain back glass onions, but love the pleats on yours! I’m tempted to get on the 2017makenine adventure too but worried about being able to fulfill that kinda commitment 🙈


  2. At the end of the year I make a rough plan of the patterns I want to make in the next year, mostly focusing on stash patterns. Putting together a make nine seems silly when my real goals are twice or three times that at least.
    Congrats on getting your first one done. We all know that getting things done step by step is the way to go.


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