Sew Some Pajamas Link Up Party


Hey Friends! I don’t know about you, but my children are in need of pajamas! I keep saying I’m going to get some done as I see my kids running around the house in belly shirts and capris. Mind you, their attire used to be full length.  Are your kids running around the same way?

In an effort to provide motivation to myself and all my bloggy people, I thought a link up party would provide some great motivation to getting some of these jammies sewn up.  Please Link Up any and all of your pajama posts over the next week-ish. (New stuff, not oldies.  We love those but that isn’t motivating you to make new.)  I can’t wait to see all the fun creations. The link up closes on December 14th, so don’t miss out.

My personal goal is to sew up some un-pajamas.  What I mean is that I’m going to patterns that weren’t really meant to be pjs but will be this year.  Mostly I’m doing this because I have a ton of patterns I haven’t used and this will help me to get motivated to make them.  I will probably slip a few quickies from the Alex and Anna winter pajamas because the pants and sleeves have cuffs and I say.. #cuffallthethings

I’ll be sharing my pajama post later this week.  I hope you will stop by and check out my creations!!  Be sure to peak at all the link ups as well!


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