Everyday Wear with Petite Stitchery


It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in the States and I’m joining in on a tours with some lovely ladies to feature Petite Stitchery & Co.  If you don’t know this company that may because it is NEW.  They will mainly be releasing patterns by collection, so be sure to be on the look out as seasons change so you don’t miss anything, you can even sign up for the email list on the homepage!  Also, there is a giveaway at the end of this post, so be sure not to miss out on entering.  I can tell you I have personally had a lot of luck with rafflecopter giveaways. 🙂


The theme of this tour is Everyday Wear.  This works great with the Fall 2016 Collection as there are several foundation patterns that work great for daily wear.  My big girl hasn’t really been popping up on the blog much lately, so I thought I would make her a little something that would be a great comfy set yet still have a bit of style.  She is more into the world of Lego Ninjago than prancing around in fancy clothes, so this theme worked great for her.  Of course she was trying to haggle the terms of the photo shoot, but I won because she owes me several from the last payout. She typically drives a hard bargain. (In the picture below she is counting down how many more photos I can take. Bahaha. I took more than three.)


For our outfit we used the Fawn Leggings Pattern and the Sapphire Layering Top.  The Fawn Leggings offer an optional tuxedo stripe or a simple legging option.  Since our top has a lot going on with the plaid, I chose the simple legging with the yoga waistband.  I made the leggings with a double brushed poly that I ordered from fabric.com during a sale a few months back.  It was not even close to the quality of dbp I’ve ordered from some Facebook groups, but still super soft so I know my big girl would be satisfied.  If you are looking for some quality solid dbp, I’ve had luck with purple seamstress.


The Sapphire Layering top has several options with flutters and sleeve ruffles to create some fun looks to wear alone or as a layering item.  If you recall, I mentioned Peyton isn’t really into the frilly stuff right now, so I went with the basic style of no flutters, no ruffles.  The buffalo plaid is from PHAT QUARTERS.  It’s a cotton/poly blend with not too much stretch, but just enough for a nice t-shirt.  I also used it on a shirt I made for myself here.


I was very pleased with the fit on this top.  The neck band is exactly the width I prefer.  I am not a fan of thick neckbands and typically adjust mine to be smaller when I’m not testing.  I cut the neckband on the bias and lengthened slightly to account for the stretch being slightly less than recommended. After I finished the top, I decided to add a little lace to the the hemline to fancy this up a tad.  I’ve seen some tops hanging in the stores recently with pretty hemlines like this, so I thought I would be a total copy cat and use the idea.  Obviously, it isn’t like this is actually a new concept, so maybe we are all just borrowing the idea from someone long ago. Now that it’s finished I really wish I would have added the lace before hemming with my twin needle.  The finish would have been nicer than the zig zag, but I still think it works. I know for the next go around I suppose.  I wish I had taken before and after shots, because the lace definitely changes the vibe of the top.  What do you think about it?



Thanks to the Petite Stitchery Ladies for thinking of me and having me along.  I’m glad I could join in on the fun.  I hope you have liked my creations.

Tour Schedule


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