One Thimble #13 {Orbis Pants}

You know when you have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for that one special day? When that day finally arrives you almost don’t know what to do with yourself because you are so excited you act like a goon instead of an intelligent person… That is probably how I would describe myself with the Orbis Pants and the release of One Thimble #13. *This post does contain affiliate links.


The Orbis Skinny Harems from Sofilantjes for One Thimble are such a fun and hip make.  I tested these quite a long time ago, but to preserve the magic of One Thimble, we had to hold off on all our excitement and sharing until the release.  This was a test of strength and commitment. I am happy to say I made it….Barely!


The Orbis Skinny Harems can be purchased as a stand alone pattern here,  or as part of the One Thimble 13 Issue.  There are a lot of great patterns in this issue.  I’m sewing up two more and showing them off next week as part of the Pattern Revolution Tour.  Be ready for that post. It is going to be a cute one. (Well, aren’t they all really?)  Orbis may or may not be making another appearance there.


Here is the Orbis Scoop

Unisex Skinny Harem

Size 1-14

3/4 or full length

Optional Pocket

Faux Fly

Home Printing and A0 File

Personally I love the over-sized pockets on these pants.  The pocket is a great way to use up your scrap of fabric fabrics that you may not have a lot of.  The construction also provides for some stitching that adds to the detail of the design.


The design is perfect for my sporty girl.  I think she really rocks this pants and the fabric for this pair is quite fun.  I grabbed the geometric print at JoAnn Fabrics right before I was selected to test this pattern.  I think it was a perfect marriage of pattern to fabric.



If you love original creations with style, Sofilantjes is a great designer to check out.  I shared a top creation from this designer in this post.  If you haven’t seen the Hibernis Cowl Shirt pattern, it is awesome.  Definitely a great pattern to add to your collection.  Shop around for some new patterns and come back next week to see a few more makes from the most recent issue of One Thimble.

For more pleasure reading.  You can read other One Thimble Magazine features I’ve written here, here, and here.

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6 thoughts on “One Thimble #13 {Orbis Pants}

  1. Love these so much! Your daughter is really rocking them. As I’ve only worked with US designers, can you tell me how this pdf pattern compares? Are there seam allowances built in? Directions clear? Thanks so much!!


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