Laela Jeyne Patterns {Willa Vest Release}

Fall is here and what better way to celebrate than to sew up a vest for the changing of the seasons?! If you don’t know me, I’m one of those Pumpkin Spice fall girls. The ones that everyone keeps wishing would stop celebrating the fabulous perfection that is fall.  I live in vests from the beginning of fall all through winter.  My boss typically makes fun of my “life preserver” as school, but I don’t care.  My classroom is very cold and I love the extra layer of my vests. If you are like me, the Willa Vest from Laela Jeyne Patterns may be a great choice for you. #sewallthevests *This post contains affiliate links because a girl’s gotta have some spending cash for fabric.


The Willa Vest is the very first vest I’ve ever sewn for myself.  In truth, it is the first outwear I’ve ever sewn for me or my girls.  It turned out quite well for my first attempt.  I’ve also never sewn with the quilted nylon or anything similar to it before.  I would suggest using your walking foot for the entire project as I believe it saved my project on several occasions.

Pattern Details

Sizes: XXS-3X

Willa Price: Regular- $9.95 Release Price-$6.50

Willa and Billie Bundle (Mommy and Kids Vest): Regular- $16.oo Release-$10.00

Vest Features: Lined Vest with Princess Seams, Optional Welt Pocket, Optional Removable Hood, Reversible with two way zipper.

Detailed directions on customizing the fit so it is perfect for you!

No Trim Pages for US and A4

Step-by-step directions with illustrations

Layered Printing


The Welt and Princess Seams

Now, let’s address your fear of the welt pocket.  I have to say I pushed for the welt pocket on this pattern.  Welt pockets are like sex.  Kinda scary at first, but after you do it… it’s not so bad.  Now that you are laughing, I promise that you will not think twice about a welt pocket again after trying one.  The directions in the pattern are very clear and even if you need additional support, it will be worth it in the end.  Don’t let fear rob you of the finer things in life.

I had never sewn princess seams until this pattern.  I do love how they flatter the figure and am now noticing several items I have in my closet with princess seams that I never noticed before.  Isn’t that funny.  I suppose it is like cars.  You don’t realize how many of a make and model are on the road until you are driving it, then you see it everywhere.  Also, you are immediately friends with those people driving that same make and model. I think I feel the same way about my newly discovered princess seamed pieces.

Bias Binding

The Willa Vest uses bias binding to finish the bottom edge, collar, and  armscye.  I usually make my own bias tape when I’m doing a project, but when shopping for a zipper I discovered the most awesome thing… Fleece Double Fold Bias Binding!!! Did you even know that they make that? I totally didn’t and it was a perfect match for my fleece lined vest.  It was wonderful to work with and I would definitely recommend it for this vest.  I total time saver and looks great!  It’s the simple joys in life that keep us going.  This was totally one of those moments.



I think I’ve shared with you the important things about this vest on its release.  Be sure to let me know if you have any further questions!  Happy Sewing!


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