Thread Faction #105


I stitched up Thread Faction #105 to share with you all today.  I didn’t really know Thread Faction (or the previously named Hatchling Patterns) until there was a blog tour promoting the newest line of patterns over the summer. You can find the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection here.  I was sucked in by the high fashion vibes along with the simplicity of the patterns.  I’ve followed the company for new releases and testing calls since the tour.  I haven’t always been available for testing calls due to prior commitments when they have come up, but I was able to jump on board with sewing up and sharing my creation of this pattern.  I did receive this pattern for promotional purposes, but all opinions are my own. This post does contain some affiliate links to help support my love of buying fabric.




I began with an awesome plan of some sequined knit (you may have seen on Instagram), black faux leather leggings, and a beenie for a high fashion urban vibe for this post.  I was all excited until…. at the last two inches of serging on my neck binding my serger ATE MY NECKBAND!! I’ve never had that happen on a neckband.  Devastating.  So, change of plans to french terry for casual comfy vibe.  The only positive things about this accident are that #105 is so quick I was able to sew up a new shirt in no time, and this fabric is so comfy my model loved it.

Thread Faction#105 is a dolman style top with a high low hem in sizes 2-10.  I would describe this as relaxed fit and perfect for layering in season transitions. It would also make a great cover up for dance class or the like.  The sleeves are elbow length, so it works great for layering with both long and short sleeves depending on your needs.  Here we are layering with short sleeves as we are moving into fall and it is still a little toasty so we aren’t ready for long sleeves yet.  The pattern also includes an optional pocket which I opted to leave off here.

There are several additional features of the pattern that I thought were great.  The first is that the neckband measurements print along the arm of a pattern piece so you don’t have to go running back to your computer to look that up while cutting.  I hate when I have to do that. This is ingenious! The second great feature of the pattern is that there are additional instructions on how you can modify/hack your pattern with some color blocking.  These were such great ideas and I know I can get great use out of these supplemental directions. The color block tips really give the top a completely different look. Lastly, the pattern includes some great tips and knit education for beginners.  I think a first time knit sewist would find this section of the pattern very informative and helpful.


I cut my neckband on the bias here due to the stripes in my fabric.  I learned a long time ago that my striped neckbands always turn out better when I don’t try to line up the stripes horizontally.  The bias cut neckband is a great solution for my personal issues. Do you do this with stripes?


Though I like the looks of this top being layered, I can definitely see myself lengthening this to a full length top to wear alone in the very near feature.  I really don’t think I have a quicker sewing top, so I plan to keep it handy. I’m a dolman fan, what can I say.



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