One Thimble Issue 12 {A Feature Post}


Yay! It’s time again for the newest issue of OneThimble! Can you believe we are looking at issue 12?  Each issue, Pattern Revolution hosts a tour to share all about the newest issue.  I’m exciting to be joining in for a second time with the festivities! I’m here to share about two patterns in the latest issue.  First, I hopped on the Melbourne Romper from Jilly Atlanta.  This is a unisex romper, but I only have girls so that means it is for girls at my house. You can see some adorable boy photos in the listing.  I didn’t know what the romper was going to look like when I signed up, but I know Jill has a taste for simplicity and beauty all wrapped into one with every pattern, so no matter what the pattern was I knew I wanted to try it.  For the second pattern, I tackled the Flutterby Kite by Molly and Mama.  This is my very first Molly and Mama make.  This kite is the closest thing I’ve ever come to making a quilt, so I was stepping out on a limb with this pattern.  It is marked for beginners, so why not give it a try? *As often happens, this post does contain affiliate links to help support fabric hoarding. Thanks for the support.


For the Melbourne Romper I had a vision of trying to put together a romper that represented that simplicity and beauty I mentioned that I love in Jilly Atlanta patterns.  To accomplish this, I used a solid gray cotton with a white lace overlay on the bib. I think the lace adds a bit of fancy to the look without taking it overboard. I think it was a great match.  The fit of the romper was good and I can easily take this romper into fall by layering with a shirt and possibly some tights.  We chose to do the crisscross straps without flutters. We had no issues with bathroom stops and I didn’t even have to help with them. A great feature to this pattern is that there are options for the bottom based on whether you need room for a diaper or not.  That will make a huge difference in fit.  How awesome?!


I had the most beautiful white buttons picked out for these straps, but when I tested my button hole it wasn’t going to fit within the straps.  Darn the luck!  You can also sew the buttons to the inside on the back to tuck the straps in if you like.  Personally, I like the options of leavingthem out and adding a little something with buttons.


For the kite, I wanted to create something that went with the vibe of the romper for this post, but you could do so much with this pattern in terms of wall decor.  The pattern was easy to follow and when I was finished I feel like I had a glimpse of the quilting world.  I struggled a tiny bit with the corners and probably need some tips for making those look better, but other than that I’m very happy with my final product.


I was so impressed by myself and my awesome quilting of this kite! Seriously, can you see that?! (Fist bump to myself!) Not bad for a  first attempt.  The tail was looking quite awesome as well until we took it out for pictures. It got a little beat up by the model.  What can you say? It’s hard being a kid holding a kite and not taking off with it.  This kite isn’t meant to be a flying toy, rather more of a piece of wall art.  We were getting creative for our photos.


All in all, these were two fairly simple patterns and definitely patterns that can create different looks just by changing up the fabric.

Thanks for stopping in to check out my One Thimble Issue 12 makes! Be sure to check out the rest of the features from the newest issues by following the schedule below!

 One Thimble Issue 12 Tour






5 thoughts on “One Thimble Issue 12 {A Feature Post}

  1. What a beautiful romper and matching kite. I’m so in love with what you’ve made for the One thimble blog tour. Thank you for featuring my Flutterby Kite pattern, and congratulations on a simply stunning first attempt at quilting!


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