421 Myers Design {Free Headband Patterns}



Several weeks ago I tested a girl’s bracelet and a pet collar for 421 Myers Design.  Linda Stafford, the designer, is beginning her own business in the PDF world and I always love helping new designers get their patterns up and running.  When Linda asked me to test I was happy to join her on her adventure.

This go around I tested a Mommy and Me Wired headband set.  I haven’t played with I wired headband before this and honestly wasn’t sure how to style it.  Oh my goodness, you can do so much with it.  I searched “how to style a wired headband” and found all sorts of fun options. I twisted our headbands at the top three different ways.  You can check them out below.



I hope the fabric is catching your eyes as well as the headbands.  It’s Art Gallery Emmy Grace and I’ve been in love with this particular design for quite some time.  My fabric was donated to me just for this post by Christine Ousley of Threads and Stitches Fabric.  Not only does she carry new designer fabrics, she also has some fun trims you can check out too!

Threads and Stitches:

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Have you noticed the girls are swapping out in these photos? They are so sneaky sneaky. 🙂

Not only is the wired headband pattern releasing today, so are a ton of other headband options! Here are all the options you will find in the 421 Myers Headband Patterns:

  • Wired Headband
  • Knot Headband
  • Elastic with Tied Bow Headband
  • No Slip Headband

Headbands are a great accessory for any outfit and an awesome way to kill those scrap bins that are piling up.  I don’t know about you, but my scrap bin is growing at an exponential rate.


So, how do you get these awesome free patterns?  Just join the 421 Myers Design Studio Facebook group and check out the pinned post.  Download the files you want and then get to work.  Be sure to post your makes in the group and on Instagram.  Tag them #421Myers so everyone can find them easily!




2 thoughts on “421 Myers Design {Free Headband Patterns}

  1. Oh, your headbands turned out so wonderful!! I so love that fabric and they look great on you. So glad that I could help you turn this amazing pattern into an adorable mommy and daughter accessory set. -Christine Ousley Threads and Stitches


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