Laundry Tour Wrap Up and WINNERS!

Wow! The Make Laundry Don’t Do Laundry Tour was a huge success for my first go at putting something on.  It must be said that it couldn’t have been done without the fabulous Karly Nelson and Jeanine Thomlinson!  It was truly a team effort and they were the best teammates!

So… I know you want to know who won all the fabulous goodies….but first I want to show you everything that was on the tour.  Without these awesome bloggers the tour just wouldn’t have happened.  If you haven’t stopped by, do it now and leave the bloggers some comment love!  I know they will appreciate it!


Thanks to all of our amazing sponsors for being a part of this tour.  We all love to opportunity to get a little something, and even if you didn’t win on of these big prizes, the sales during the tour were awesome too!


Without further delay…. Here are the winners!!

Link-up Prize Package Winner:
(Selected by 


Prize Package 1 From the Rafflecopter Drawing:


Prize Package 2 From the Rafflecopter Drawing:



Congratulations to the winners and thank you for following and sewing along with the the tour!!



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