I Have a Strong Dislike of Laundry

This post does contain affiliate links.  If you feel the need to purchase from an identified link in this post you will be supporting my fabric buying needs at no extra cost to yourself.
Can you believe it is the final day of the tour?!  It is also my day to share what I stitched up while putting off laundry.  Last week I shared a post featuring Laela Jeyne Patterns Deluxe Charlotte Legging* pattern.  Today I’m sharing a pair of shorts that I sewed up using the sweat pant pattern that comes as part of the legging pattern.
I hadn’t made this style before (hard to believe I know), so I’m excited with how stinking cute they turned out.  I used the short length with elastic in the legs and used the yoga waistband option.  Using the sweats pattern with the elastic gives a cute bubble shortie result.  How appropriate for the heart fabric because I am in love!  I can cut and sew these shorts in under 30 minutes!! Score!
I loved pairing these shorts with the trailblazing socks from The Wolf and the Tree.  Wouldn’t you know, I made a pair of these socks last week but they were buried in a pile of laundry, so I had to sew up another pair.  It is waaaayyy easier to make new ones then to actually dig through the piles to find the pair I made last week.  These socks are a definite quick sew too! Three seams per sock makes for a project that sews up in under 15 minutes.
The Wolf and the Tree along with Laela Jeyne Patterns are both sponsors for the tour this week.  Be sure to enter the rafflecopter and link up a quick sew project so that you can have a chance to win some awesome patterns from these designers!
If you have missed other versions of the Deluxe Charlotte Leggings*, be sure to check them here. There are also on sale this week, ending on Saturday.  Snatch them up if you haven’t yet.
Here’s a sneak of everyone else on the tour today too!
Rachel has an adorable outfit ready go to, Essence has a sew from George & Ginger, Starly has an entire outfit made in under 2 hours, Alisha is sharing a #sewforboys project,  Courtney was dreaming of even more sewing after finishing her dress, and Heather is sharing 2 George & Ginger sews.  It is a seriously packed house for the last day of the tour!
Be sure that you link up before Saturday is finished.  Remember, this is a quick sew that you or your little person could walk out the door wearing in a jiffy.  No fancy photo shoot needed.  Snap the shot and post it up!  Scroll down for the linkup.

 Thanks to all of our amazing sponsors for being a part of this tour.

A few of the designers are having sales for the duration of the tour, so here’s the codes!
George & Ginger use code MAKELAUNDRY25 for 25% off her patterns

Blaverry use code MAKELAUNDRY for 25% off her patterns

Stitch Art use code MAKELAUNDRY for 30% off patterns

Paisley Roots use code MAKELAUNDRY for 25% off patterns

These codes are good through June 12th!

Then Laela Jeyne’s Emily Womens T-shirt* & the Deluxe Charlotte Kids Leggings* are on sale through the 11th! No code needed!

I know everyone loves a good giveaway so here’s the prize packages:

Link-up Prize Package
Prize Package 1
Prize Package 2




9 thoughts on “I Have a Strong Dislike of Laundry

  1. I love seeing all your outfits for your girls – this one’s no exception. Those are the cutest little shorts! And sewing socks has GOT to be easier than matching them – that’s the worst part of laundry!


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