Make Laundry Don’t Do Laundry Kick-Off

Oh my goodness!!! Today is the day!! Karly, Jeanine, and I couldn’t be more excited  to see the excitement has arrived.  The tour that celebrates the love of sewing and the strong dislike of doing laundry begins today!! Let the sewing begin.

Laundry Tour Graphic 2

For this tour  the challenge was to sew up something that you (or your little person) can walk out the door wearing during the amount of time it would take to wash a load of laundry. (Whether you include washing and drying time together is your own interpretation of the challenge.) There will be two categories. Fresh Sew and Go-To Sew. We know stitching up something new is going to take longer than patterns that you always pull out for a quick fix. A fresh sew is something you haven’t stitched up before, but a go-to sew is something you know you can whip up with ease.

We had a ton of ladies hop on board with this tour, but we know there are many more people out there that feel the same as we do about laundry.  We wanted to include everyone, so we are hosting a link up so that you will sew along with us.  How awesome is that?  The link up will be open from Monday 6/6 through Sunday 6/12.  Monday the 13th we will announce the random winner of an awesome prize pack for the participating in the link up! Find the link up at the bottom of the post each day.  There is also a rafflecopter you will want to check out.  There are two large prizes for that too! Check out the details further down in a bit.  Now I want to show you some sneaks for our first day of the tour!


Katie always does a great job putting together fashionable ensembles.  Check out how long it took her to put this ensemble together.  And, don’t you love her necklace too?!

Call Ajaire Make Laundry preview

Four skorts in 2 hours? That’s like the sewing time of four skirts and 4 shorts! Sign me up for that!  Check out what pattern Ajaire used to create these rocking skirts.  We all know Thread Faction has been blowing up recently with the awesome tour that just wrapped up.


Courtney is sharing her favorite quick sews.  Get the scoop on how and what patterns she is using to put off laundry for another day.

Katy Wild+Wanderful

Katy is sucking me in with the cuteness in this sneak.  I just have to go scope out what she created for her little man.

MLDDLpromopic (1)

And Leah is cracking me up with her sewing dreams and laundry reality! This image is truly what my husband views as my personal laundry process. #loveit

Be sure to check out everyone coming up this week on the tour, join in the rafflecopter fun and plan what you are going to sew up for the Make Laundry, Don’t Do Laundry Tour.



We want to thank all of our amazing sponsors for being a part of this tour.

A few of the designers are having sales for the duration of the tour, so here’s the codes!George & Ginger use code MAKELAUNDRY25 for 25% off her patterns

Blaverry use code MAKELAUNDRY for 25% off her patterns

Stitch Art use code MAKELAUNDRY for 30% off patterns

Paisley Roots use code MAKELAUNDRY for 25% off patterns

These codes are good through June 12th!

Then Laela Jeyne’s Emily Womens T-shirt & the Deluxe Charlotte Kids Leggings are on sale through the 11th! No code needed!

We know everyone loves a good giveaway so here are the prize packages:

Link-up Prize Package

Link Up Prize

 Thread Faction Full Collection Spring/Summer 2016

2 Patterns of choice from Momma Quail

Prize Package 1 (For Rafflecopter)

Prize Pack1

1 Pattern of choice from Pattern for Pirates

Prize Package 2 (For Rafflecopter)

Prize Pack2

1 Pattern of choice from Simple Life Pattern Company 

 Click here to Enter the Rafflecopter!!


Click to enter the link up! And be sure to leave some comments on the posts this week.  We all know how much everyone appreciates that!


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