Make Laundry, Don’t Do Laundry Pre-Show 5

Today is Day 5 of the pre-show of the tour!! Check out the patterns and designers featured in Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 if you missed them.  Tour time is almost here and I’m getting more excited every day.  Today I’m featuring the tours very own Jeanine Thomlinson’s Stitch Art with her free motion applique designs.  Did you know that Jeanine’s designs are also used in custom fabric? You could totally do pants in the custom knit and applique your own top.  Lots of options.  If you want to check out the custom group True North Custom Fabrics, join here.  There is a pre-order open right now that you have got to check out.  More details on that shortly, I have to show you what I did with the Iggy Icebox Stitch Art Pattern first.


I stitched up the Iggy Icebox applique on this store bought shirt.  Iggy has boy and girl styled popsicles with melty drips and fun shapes to add to customize your design. My girls are convinced that this popsicle is a Shopkin. I’m going to have to look up the Shopkins and see if I can make one to match.  Free Motion applique is a great way to get creative and put your own artistic spin on your creations.  It’s like you get to be an artist with your machine.



When we were working out detail for the Laundry Tour Jeanine suggested using appliques to extend the life of stained shirts.  That idea is genious!  With free motion applique, you actually do most of the creation before you put it on your final item.  You could spend some time creating a few to have on hand and then when you can’t get a pesky stain out just plop your applique over it, stitch the outline and you have a new shirt or bottoms with no visible stain. What a great idea!


Here is a look at the knit design that will match Iggy Icebox.  Isn’t it cute?! These are open for pre-order through June 9th.  The price is $24.50 CAD per meter, which is currently just under $19 per meter US.


And here is a sneak at all the fabrics in the pre-order.  I love those florals. Make sure you check them out! I’m in love!  Here is the group again if you missed it.13342302_10154254385429532_1659956442_n

Don’t forget to check out Karly and Jeanines features for today’s pre-show.  Check out Karly’s sneak and then go read her post here.  Then take a peak at Jeanine’s sneak and read her post here.  Karly is featuring a new Made for Mermaids pattern while Jeanine has whipped up something from Hey June.


So, what do you think about the stain cover plan? Isn’t it a great idea?  I’m totally going to do it for all the shirt stains that I know are bound to happen with our crazy ketchup and popsicle filled summer.



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