Make Laundry, Don’t Do Laundry Pre-Show 3

It’s Wednesday, and day 3 of the Make Laundry Don’t Do Laundry Pre-Show where we are featuring some patterns from designers that are sponsoring the tour next week!  Be sure to check out Day 1, and Day 2 if you missed them. 🙂

Today I’m featuring some quick sews from Modkid.  Modkid recently release the Laguna Summer Shirts Collection and the Perfect Leggings patterns, so I thought I would show those off.  I tested both of these, but decided to sew up different options because both of these patterns have quite a lot to choose from.  Check out my first post about them here.


The Laguna Shirts Collection has 4 Different Views.  The options are fun yet still simple. If you haven’t sewn a Modkid pattern before, they have a way of making things seem less complicated.  It is like they have basic pieces that come together with style in the end. Totally worth trying.  For today, I did View A with the single layer sleeve option.  I wanted to keep it simple so we can mix and match with some of our other clothes.


Modkid Sneak

If you love the Laguna Summer Tops Collection, Modkid is also hosting a sewalong next week! That means you can enter a Laguna top for the sewalong prizes and for the Laundry tour! Boom, two for one!  Get all the details for the sew along here .  Coupon code LAGUNASAL2016 gets you 25% off your entire order in the Modkid Etsy store. That’s ANYTHING you buy in the shop not just the Laguna pattern!! The coupon code expires on Wednesday, June 8th at midnight EST. Don’t miss it!

For the Perfect Leggings I used the simple shorts, again to make them flexible with our other items, but this patterns has so much more to offer.  Rouched sides with a faux button placket and Mini-Ruffles at the hemline are two other options available.  This pattern also features no outer side seam.  I know this is a huge plus for some of us.


The shorts are a great length! Not too long and not too short, just right. I am definitely going to try the faux placket next.  Will you try out a Modkid pattern for the link up?  Be sure to check out all the patterns Patty Young offers in the shop!

I hope you liked my little feature, but don’t forget that Karly and Jeanine also have designer features today too!  Check out Karly’s adorable shorts with some great fabric here.  Check out Jeanine’s post here.



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