Make Laundry Don’t Do Laundry Pre-Show 2


It is Day 2 of the Make Laundry, Don’t Do Laundry Pre-Show.  If you didn’t get all the details, read yesterday’s post here.  Today, I’m featuring a George & Ginger pattern for my post.  Kristi is what I would call the queen of Make Laundry, Don’t Do Laundry.  Every day she shares her new creations for us to ooo-and-ahhhh over and I am always wondering how on earth she ever finds time to wash all the things she is sewing up.  Finally I asked her about it and she said, “I don’t do laundry.” Immediately, I knew we could be friends!

I own several George and Ginger patterns and Kristi offers an extensive selection of free patterns.  Seriously, I think she has more free patterns (that people actually use) than any other designer.  Join the George & Ginger Facebook Group for the free patterns.  The struggle was hard to decide what to feature for the pre-tour.  Finally, I decided a hack for the Splitsville top was in order.  I tested the Splitsville top along with the Fancy Back Collection and shared about them here.


For my Splitsville, I removed the split.  I cut the back piece on the fold (and then put a pleat in the back to account for what would have been seam allowance if two back pieces.  How awesome it that?! I think this could be a great mod for very light knits too. Printing to hemming… I finished this in just under one hour! Woot woot! I even had to search for my tape before I could tape the pattern together.  Did you know G&G uses no-trim pages?! That definitely helps to speed up the time.


Here is another bit of awesomeness… If you have been wanting to pick up a George & Ginger pattern and haven’t yet, Kristi is offering a discount for people who are following along with the the tour. Next week will be the time to grab that pattern you’ve been wanting if you want to take advantage of that discount.  Afterwards, go sew it up so you can link it to the tour and be entered in for some awesome prizes!

What about the other Pre-Tour Features for today?! Karly and Jeanine both have something for you to see as well.  Check out Karly’s post here, and Jeanine’s post here.

Karly did some fun stitching here!
Jeanine has some cute short to talk about today!

Be sure to be planning what you are going to sew-up for the link up! I can’t wait to reveal all the awesome prizes on Monday!

Untitled design (3)


11 thoughts on “Make Laundry Don’t Do Laundry Pre-Show 2

  1. I’ll definitely make something for the linkup. I love the tour theme! Years ago when I was in college, and lived in a major city, I had a tendency to buy packs of cheap underwear in order to be able to put off a trip to the laundry mat for a few more days! Sewing is definitely much more fun than doing laundry!


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