Make Laundry, Don’t Do Laundry Pre-Show

I have some super exciting news! Next week I am hosting my very first blog tour with the help of the lovely Karly Nelson of Paisley Roots and Jeanine Thomlinson of The Crafting Fiend.  This tour is about acknowledging how we would all prefer to be sewing up new projects than washing our laundry. Bloggers on the tour were challenged to sew up something that they (or their little person) could walk out the door wearing during the amount of time it would take to wash a load of laundry. Have you ever done this?!

One of the most exciting things about the tour is that we have a lot of sponsors helping to make this a fun event for everyone.  Throughout the tour we would love to have our readers link up something they have created that would meet the challenge. You will definitely want to link up because three people are going to win some really great prize packages from the sponsors! Look at all the great designers and fabric shops joining in on the fun!

Untitled design (3)

To help motivate you to find a project to sew and link up, Karly, Jeanine, and I are going to be featuring some of the designer sponsors throughout this week.  It’s a great way to say thanks to the designers for joining in too!

To get things started I sewed up several VERY QUICK items for my girls.  Now, I have to admit that if I was only sewing one set I would be twice as fast, but alas I have twins and so everything comes in twos.  It is not two for the price of one, but two for the price of two! (Big sister is not currently interested in modeling, she is taking a sabbatical so to speak.)


I stitched up the Cami’s Tank Top and Barbs Headband, both FREE pattern from Simple Life Pattern Company when you get the coupon code from the facebook group.  I made several of these last week too, and they were so fast and perfect for the girls to be running around in this summer I knew I needed to make them some more.  The tank, (if I was doing one from cut to finish) could easily be done in under 30 minutes.  It is a simple sew and has turn out great on the ones that I have made so far.  The headband is so simple too!  I cut these out in the morning, but my construction occurred later in the evening. Timing myself on the construction time, I finished in 10 minutes and 7 seconds.  #Sewalltheheadbands because that is soooo amazing! You should probably know I’m a very slow sewist so ya, this is a personal record. Here is a little detail shot of the binding.  I used a twin needle on mine.  I also kept my thread the same for both of these tanks.  I figured I could call it an accent detail, but basically I thought it would be quicker to keep the thread the same color. #lazy #tryingtohurry



Next I stitched up a pair of the Trailblazing socks from The Wolf and the Tree.  I don’t know about you, but I would rather throw away that gigantic basket of unmatched socks than actually try to match them up. Is there anything better than being able to make your own socks? It’s like I could put off sock matching for the rest of my life!  The trailblazing socks were definitely an easy sew. I stitched up the knee length with the cuff for Presley and I have to say she rocked them.  These were even faster than the knit headband! We cranked these out in just under 10 minutes including cut time!


I hope this gives you some ideas about linking up with the tour next week.  For even more ideas, check out Karly’s Pre-Tour Post for today here, and Jeanine’s Pre-Tour post here. See a little sneak below for their posts.  This is going to be fun!

Featuring Thread Faction
Featuring Muse of the Morning

What do you think about these patterns? Will you give them a try? Be on the lookout because there will be more from these two designers on the tour that begins June 6th.


Laela Jeyne Patterns is also a sponsor for the tour and will be featured later this week.  The shorts in these photos are made from the Deluxe Charlotte Legging that just released this past week and I am basically using that pattern everyday right now. Read all about this pattern here.  Check it out *here. (*Affiliate link)  Laela Jeyne Patterns is currently having a site wide sale with everything 35% off ending 5/31.

Alright, that’s all for today.  Tune in for another fun preview show tomorrow!


13 thoughts on “Make Laundry, Don’t Do Laundry Pre-Show

  1. In terms of how long it takes me to do laundry….does it count when I leave it in the washer for a day, forget and than have to restart the washer. Afterwards the clothes go into the dryer and sit there until nice and wrinkly. In all that would give me about 48 hours to finish a project 🙂 Love this little challenge.


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