Laela Jeyne Deluxe Charlotte Leggings


A few weeks back a shared a post about a free legging pattern.  If you haven’t snatched that up yet, get the details here in my post.  Now Marissa of Laela Jeyne Patterns* has put together the Deluxe Charlotte Leggings and Sweatpants with an entry sale price of $5.50!  It has a ton of options and a wide size range to make this a truly loaded pattern. *This post does contain affiliate links.  Please know that you will be contributing to a fabric hoarding illness when you decide you need to contribute to your own personal pattern hoarding illness by purchasing from an affiliate link. 🙂


Let’s talk about numbers for a moment.

Focusing on the leggings style* first: there are 3 waistbands, 5 length options, with or without pockets (front and back), with or without the skirt. There are some issues that will cause combinations to be voided.  For example, the elastic waistband doesn’t work with the skirt option.  You would need the banded or yoga waistband for that.  Now, I was going to get an exact number of possibilities, but I’m realizing this may be too much thinking for yours truly during summer…  This math teacher is off the clock, so I hope you will settle for an estimate.  Without taking into account the select combos that wont work as just mentioned, you are looking at just under 60 possibilities with just the leggings!

Knee Length Leggings with Banded Waist


This pattern also includes a whole separate sweatpant style* along with the leggings!!  You get both in the one pattern. 😀 They fit looser and are a great style for playwear.  You get all the same options, plus you can also add elastic to the hem of all the options too. This looks especially adorable in the shorts as it gives them a nice little bubble look! I personally would not add the skirt to the sweats, so lets get a number without that option. With  3 waistbands, 5 lengths, with/without pockets, 2 hem options gives you another 60 combos!

Sweat pattern in short length with elastic legs and yoga waistband.

Let’s recap… that puts you at just under 120 options when you take out the combos that don’t work as mentioned with the skirt and the elastic waist. I have to say, that is a lot of possibilities! Oh my, I just realized I forgot the Jegging style too! This include the pockets plus a faux fly. Add that in to all the legging lengths and band options!!

Sweatpant Style in Short Length Banded Waistband


Other Details You Want to Know About the Deluxe Charlotte Leggings and Sweats*

  • Clearly written instructions with color photos or computer drawings to illustrate each step.
  • Detailed information on how to print with layers so you print only the size you need This is especially important for this pattern with so many sizes and options. USE THE LAYERS FEATURE!
  • Detailed fabric layout
  • Yardage and size charts
  • Tested pattern pieces for sizes 6M-14
  • No trim pages for US letter and A4 paper
Knee Length Legging paired with woven tunic. Tunic Pattern: Sis Boom Kelsey


So… Photo overload!!! #sorrynotsorry

If you are on the fence about this pattern, don’t forget you can try out the plain leggings for free by joining the facebook group for the free coupon code.  I think they are totally worth it, but that would be a great way to get a feel for the fit.

Patterned Knits from Raspberry Creek Fabrics! LOVE THEM!! You will not be disappointed here.

Cami/Tank Pattern AND Knit Headband Pattern: Simple Life Pattern Co. (Join the facebook group for a free coupon code.)

Woven Tunic Pattern: Sisbook Kelsey


5 thoughts on “Laela Jeyne Deluxe Charlotte Leggings

  1. You have been so busy! I’ve been on holidays so no sewing for 3 weeks! I’m off to download this one too thanks! I bought some cheap ladies workout tights to up cycle for my daughter who wants some sporty tights! They have a stripe down the side so this pattern with the side seam will be perfect to workout where to line up my pieces. All my other patterns are full leg pieces, so theres a reason why the side seam is good! They could also help when saving fabric too with non directional fabric maybe??? Thanks 🙂


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