Little Lizard King Marlowe Release


I was definitely pumped to get the invite to join in on the most recent pattern test for Little Lizard King! I feel like there are small goals I’ve set for myself in my sewing adventures and testing for these ladies is definitely one of them.  Everyone is so friendly and supportive, it is great! I love to be involved with groups like this.  I was, however, super nervous about being able to keep up with the awesomeness of LLK testers.  They create and photograph seriously wicked awesomeness.


Enough of that…. Let’s talk about the Marlowe Top and Dress.  It features a boho inspired bodice with optional flutter sleeves.  Choose from a simple skirt (top or dress length) or the boho hem skirt for the dress length.  This does not have any closures as the design of the crossover back bodice allows for easy on and off.  I have to say, I was super nervous about that “V” shaped bodice coming out nice and pointy and I didn’t have any issues with it at all!


I used an ivory swiss dot for the bodice.  Don’t you just love dotted swiss?! It just takes a design to a new level.  I love creations even more when they are made with dotted swiss.  I made Marlowe as a dress with the simple skirt hemline that falls just above the knee. The floral fabric was one that I have been hoarding for a while and I just love how it paired up with the ivory fabric in the bodice.


Marlowe Scoop:

  • New release price of $6.99 
  • 12 Months – Girls Size 12
  • Tunic and Dress Lengths
  • Simple Hemline (Tunic and Dress)
  • Boho Hemline (Dress)
  • Layered Printing
  • Great for adding bodice trims!
  • Super quick sew

I think that should be everything you need to know to check this out.  If you are new to my blog, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the view.  Be sure to follow me here by joining to receive emails when I post something new (over on the right hand side) and on Instagram here.



6 thoughts on “Little Lizard King Marlowe Release

  1. Your creation and the photographs are seriously awesome too 😍😍😍!!! Love that gorgeous floral and the dotted swiss, I’m just cutting into mine for another project.


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