Free Pattern: Charlotte Leggings from Laela Jeyne


Legging cuteness ahead! What is better than a great fitting pair of leggings for your girls?! It is a free pattern for a great fitting pair of leggings for your girls.  Marisa at Laela Jeyne Patterns is releasing this pattern for free.  Laela Jeyne’s first pattern was release in January 2015.  I have tested quite a few of her patterns since then and have enjoyed watching Laela Jeyne Patterns continue to improve and advance. The jump to layered printing and no-trim pages was huge, but you can also see a change in pattern presentation. This pattern would be a great way for you to get a glimpse of some of the things you can expect with the patterns.  All you need to do is join her facebook group to get the coupon code.   This pattern is for simple leggings, however there will be a deluxe version available for purchase soon as well. *This post does contain affliate links, so if you decide to snatch up more than just the Charlotte Leggings with the free coupon code you would be helping to fund my fabric hoarding habit.  Fear not, it isn’t a clinical problem…yet.


I stitched up the size 2 and size 4 (with adjusted length) for my girls based on measurements.  Be sure to measure your model to get the perfect fit as neither of these sizes are what I purchase in RTW clothes. (Isn’t that almost always true when sewing for your kids?)

Charlotte Leggings Pattern Features:

  • 6months-14
  • Layered Printing
  • No trim pages
  • Link to Pattern here*
  • Link to Facebook Group for Coupon Code here
  • You should probably know the entire site in also on sale right now. 🙂

I also love how these pants are recommended to be hemmed using wonder tape before stitching.  It definitely helped with my semi-slippery fabric used in these pants.  I have also grown to prefer the method used for inserting the elastic at the waist.  You will have to get the pattern for more details on the that.

Why This Pattern?

I’ve sewn up three other leggings patterns in the semi-recent past, and I have to say there are two places I have had fit issues.  The first is baggy- butt syndrome and the second was tightness around the ankles that made them difficult to get on.  I did not have either of those issues with these leggings.  I did add length to my sizes to be sure that they would have the appropriate length.  Even thought my kiddos have a size 2 and 4 booty, their legs are longer than this.


One might say that a downfall to this pattern is that the legs are not one single pattern piece.  There are separate pieces for the front and back.  I’m wondering if this makes a difference in the fit.  If it is what makes the difference, I’m more than willing to have that extra side seam to get the fit I have on these. Don’t let that steer you away from these leggings.


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