Made For Mermaids Top Tester


Last weekend Made for Mermaids announced they were hosting a #toptester contest where the winners of the contest would be guaranteed spots in up and coming tests of new patterns.  I’ve been a great stalker of the Made for Mermaids group, but don’t post things in there too often.  I thought this contest would be a great way to jump in on some fun and be a little more active. *This post does contain affiliate links.  If you decide you need to purchase from a link in this post you will be helping to support my fabric hoarding without any extra cost to yourself.

For the contest I chose to stitch up the Molly Pattern as a Tunic.  Testers get bonus points for pairing bottoms from the designer’s patterns, so I also made the Evie pleated shorts to pair with the tunic.  My goal for this style was something vintage length with the bottoms just peeking out below the tunic.  For the contest I proof read a pattern given to the contestants to check our editing skills, then I shared fit pictures to demonstrate how a pattern would be looked at for fit during the testing process, and finally shared finished photos of the piece.  I enjoy testing for a number of reasons.  Here is my quick list: I get to learn new skills, I get to meet other sewists, I am motivated to finish projects because there is a deadline, I get to escape the daily struggles I face at work.


Here is the Molly Scoop:

Girls 6 Months- 14 Years and Baby Sizes  0- 24 Months

  • Top, Tunic, and Dress versions included in all sizes, Romper also included in Baby
  • Beginner Level Pattern
  • No pattern pieces to print, measurement charts get you through the whole dress/top
  • Photos and Clear directions for easy construction
  • Back Tie with Flutter sleeves providing good coverage for modesty
  • Directions on how to tie the bow (because sometime ours don’t look as awesome as we wish)
  • No button holes, zipper, or others things that make you pull your hair out

The Evie Pleated Shorts and Pants Scoop:

Girls 1/2 – 14 years

  • Shorts and pant options
  • With or Without Suspender option
  • Flat Front, Elastic Back
  • No-trim pattern pieces
  • Layered pattern pieces, print only the size you need
  • Clear photo directions, especially with constructing the pleats
  • No button holes or zippers here either


I sewed these up because I hadn’t made either before.  I’ve been doing some testing lately and sewing up a fresh pattern definitely helps keep the tester mindset.  The construction method on the straps for Molly was somewhat different than others I have used.  I think this method helped to prevent some of the troubles that arise when turning straps that have the extra bulk of a flutter.  Great idea on this one!  I do love how the flutters on this top still help to conceal some back skin and keep us looking classy and not trashy.  This is a motto we use in our house when applying lip gloss.  I think it applies well here too. 🙂


The Evie shorts came together perfectly.  The waistband matched up amazingly even with the pleats!  I guess that means I can follow directions.  When putting these shorts together I kept thinking I’ve got to try these without elastic in the legs on the shorts.  I think the could look very cute. I’m sure I’ll be making these again, especially in the fall for a great pant outfit.  Here is a sneak of the shorts since they are mostly covered by the tunic, I thought you may need to see them.

Be sure to check out all the #toptester entries at the Made for Mermaids Pattern Group. There are some amazing creations and great photography too! It’s amazing how some of these women have developed their skills in so many areas, they rock.




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