Modkid Kendall Skirt


Modkid recently posted a testing call for a twirly gored skirt.  Honestly, I had to Google what gores were before I applied to test because I just didn’t know what a gored skirt was.  So I’m going to educate you and let you know that a gored skirt is simply a skirt with triangular shaped panels.  I hope you feel smarter now! 🙂  This skirt pattern works for both woven an knit fabrics!  If you want a twirly skirt, be sure to select a fabric with good drape.  You should be sure to check out the tester photos in the pattern listing.  The knit skirts get a bonus twirl factor.  It’s so fun!

For my Kendall skirts, I used Michael Miller Glitz Fabric that I purchased from Jessica King on Facebook in the group Sew Fantastic Fabrics.  She runs sales A LOT.  You probably need to join that group if you aren’t a member already. (I am in no way affiliated with the group, I have just had good experiences and found good deals.)

I have typically stayed away from skirts that are paneled or strip-work because that always seems like so much extra work to get to the final product.  To my surprise the skirt went  together very quickly.  I had a system in place.  Sew all one step, then serge all, press all, top-stitch, then do it again for the next step.  Zip, zip, steam, zip and it was practically finished.

Pattern Details:

Kendall is a digital pattern for a very full and twirly gored skirt design with a drop-waist panel. The waistband features a flat front and elasticized back for a more streamlined look. The peek-a-boo small gores are a sweet surprise when she spins!

This pattern can be sewn with woven or knit fabrics and it comes in sizes 2T to 12. See the last photo for the fabric requirements and sizing charts.

Pattern is on sale until 2:00pm February 20,2016.

Kendall Skirt on Craftsy.

Kendal Skirt on Etsy.

Enjoy your Kendall Skirt!!


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