Blaverry Decklyn: Jackets, Zippers, and KAM Snaps… Oh My!


This week I cranked out the Blaverry Decklyn on a surprise snow day!  (I feel like I’m living for snow days right now so I can get all my projects finished.)  I have had everything all cut for a while, but I was basically terrified to get started and kept delaying it.  Thank goodness for sew days and biting the bullet to complete projects! We are in love with this jacket. Peyton wore it to school today in fact, complete with rain boots too. 🙂 If you are afraid of jackets, zippers, or snaps… Fear no more!


So, why was I so scared of sewing this up? Zippers, of course.  Decklyn not only has a front zipper, but also zippers at each arm cuff for some extra style.  I’ve done several zippers, but they were in small pouches and in a few pants for decor at the ankle.  Separating zippers that actually need to function in public were a bit scary to me.  The directions were very clear and the way they are installed hides all the seams!  I also used Wonder Tape to help me line everything up without using pins.  I struggle with pins in zippers and the Wonder Tape kept everything in exactly the right place without any run away fabric.  If you haven’t used this stuff… you are seriously missing out.  It’s a total game changer for zippers, and many other things for that matter.

I also must admit, I’ve only been using KAM snaps for a short period of time.  Another sewing accessory you have got to invest in if you haven’t yet! (This pattern doesn’t actually call for KAMS, but I used them instead of buttons at the collar.  Per pattern directions, buttons are sewn at the collar without button holes.) The thing about snaps is that you put them in when everything is finished.  I’m always afraid I’m going to mess up installing the snaps and then all the time and material invested will be lost.  So far I haven’t had any issues with my KAMS, it’s those stupid metal prong snaps that I wish to cast into the the fiery pits of hell.  Those things are worthless!

So, Decklyn is all finished.  The jacket has a clean, high fashion finish.  I should have taken some photos of the interior.  It looks awesome!  It is totally worth tackling and I’m so glad I did.

The only sad thing about this project is seeing how grown up my baby looks in it.  Can you believe she is going to be 8 next November?! My baby isn’t a baby anymore.   Here is a few more photos before you check out how you could get a Blaverry coupon code. (This never happens, so if you are interested, be sure to read below.)

Are you loving Blaverry so far? Check out my first Blaverry post here, Finn.




*This pattern was provided to me for the purposes of marketing.  However, any opinions expressed are my own.

Things you may want to know:

Blaverry Site

Decklyn Pattern

Blaverry now has a Facebook Group *When the group reaches 500 members there is going to be a coupon code for the first 500 people that join and share a photo of a patterns they have stitched up!  Hurry before you miss the once in a lifetime Blaverry coupon!





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