For the Love of Dresses and Tunics: A Valentine Post


Welcome to the beginning of the Love Notions: For the love of Dresses and Tunics Tour. On this tour we are going to be sharing our Valentine plans and what Love Notion Pattern went perfectly with our plans.  Enjoy checking out the projects!

What is more exciting than “Meeting The Family” on Valentines day weekend?!  Well, my sister has requested a gathering at our family home so we can meet her new fella. Talk about pressure on the poor guy!  To give you an idea of our family, I am one of four girls plus an extra sister and brother who joined the family a few years back.  If you have seen the movie SISTERS, the interactions between the sisters in the movie are on-point… There may have been a camera observing us before the script of the movie was written. The groping of each other, feeling up of new clothes, belly bumps, food babies, and craziness when the sisters get together… That is legit stuff!  The whole world stops when we are all together, but I digress and I’m sure you want to know what I’ve stitched up to wear for this exciting time together. See my seesters below…Just had to share. 🙂

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So what does one wear when heading to a family gathering?  For me it is something comfortable because I have a three-ish hour drive and we will probably be lounging around chit-chatting once we get there.  Even though I need something comfy, it must be also be photo ready.  We don’t get together without taking 100 group selfies before we get one that we all agree on.  This is not a joke. Soooo. You have to look good because it will be posted on social media by whichever sister looks the best in any given photo. (Are we too old to be doing this?)

For my comfy, photo ready outfit I went with the La Bella Donna Top and Tunic for several reasons.  It has top and tunic lengths, several neckline options (boat, cowl, and hood), three sleeve lengths (short, 3/4, and long), and optional inseam pockets.  I am a sucker for the pockets, so ya… I had to include those in my version.

My Take on Comfy Valentine Attire

My La Bella Donna:

  • Tunic Length
  • 3/4 Sleeves
  • Boat Neck
  • Pockets
  • Fabric: Mystery poly/rayon/spandex blend from JoAnns I had in my stash.

I probably could have shortened this a bit, but honestly I like it.  I’m comfortable wearing it with leggings to school without having to worry about my behind being flashed to people that don’t need to see it.  I teach middle school.  If you don’t already know, middle schoolers basically live in the gutter (this includes middle school teachers too), so a visible booty in leggings would not be okay.  Also, I must mention that I’m typically a cowl neck girl… Specifically, I probably have more than five gray ones in my closet right now.  I really splurged from my stereotypical look with the red boat neck.  I think the neckline is super flattering and is great to dress up with some accessories.  On another note, I don’t think my “ladies” have looked this good in a while.  The cut just works I guess.

It looks like I’m all set to go with my clothing for this get together.  I contemplated snatching a photo of this guy we are supposed to be meeting for you to see, but I thought if he would read this he may think it was a little creepy.  Let me assure you, I’ve seen a photo and looks will not be an issue. 🙂

Did you like my tunic? Check out the pattern link and Facebook Group below.

Link to the La Bella Donna pattern

Love Notions Facebook Support Group

Here is what is left on my list before we meet this new fella:

  1. Stalk facebook page and see if I can learn anything.
  2. Stalk Instagram to do the same.
  3. Make a list of threatening questions that make him uncomfortable to see how he stands up under pressure.
  4. Run background check.
  5. Verify if he can build a shopping mall with a Q-tip and a pocket knife (This is a movie reference.  If you know it… Share in the comments.  We can be friends)
  6. Crunchy or creamy?
  7. Grape or Strawberry?

Okay, okay… Some of these may not actually happen, but they make for great conversation and entertainment.  I’m sure it will be a great time had by all.

Thanks for stopping in and be sure to enter the rafflecopter below and check out all the other stops along the tour.  There are a lot of different Valentine plans, so you will see all sorts of fun projects.




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26 thoughts on “For the Love of Dresses and Tunics: A Valentine Post

  1. Your family sounds like so much fun. There are 4 girls and 3 boys in my family, and it gets crazy… plus we have nieces and nephews ages 4-30. Now there are grandnieces in the mix. It’s nuts, but awesome!

    Your tunic turned out beautiful. I love that color on you. Fabulous job!


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