The Zoo Collection from Flosstyle: One Pattern… Unlimited Possibilities


Another pattern test has wrapped up and this one for Flosstyle has some awesome features!  If you are a person who loves options you should probably check out more than just this pattern from Jessica Turner.  I also tested the JukeBox Hits Collection and own the Five Star Shorts.  They each have a ton of features as well.  Find these patterns here. Jessica’s specialty is designing patterns that can be mashed and modified more than any other patterns I have seen.

Here is the Pattern Scoop:

  • Little people 0000 (Newborn)-4
  • Options for rompers, shirts, and dresses
  • Knit, woven, and swimwear too!


The cool thing about this pattern is that you choose the “top” that you want, then the “tail” which allows you to mix and match all sorts of options to create your final piece. See the photo above for a quick glance at the options. Some of the options include shoulder snaps, snap/button down front, ruffled sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless, crotch snaps, no crotch snaps, dress, romper, shirt, etc.  After you choose these options there are even more!! You can choose to include mods to these options.  For example, there is a second short sleeve option, a tutorial on adding a sash, and a faux vest pattern that can be added too!  Let me just say… If I had a boy he would probably be wearing a little vest from now until eternity, or at least until he grew out of size 4.

For my tester versions I sewed up several versions.  The options you choose have animal names… I love this because I’m always trying to envision what a cross bread of the animals would actually look like. 🙂 #imweird My first version was a Panda Wombat. (Can you see what that would look like as a cross breed?) It is basically a snap down woven top with short sleeves.  It can be made reversible or not! (Another option in this one pattern.) Presley is sporting her Panda Wombat with leggings and some sneakers.  We made a trip to the local zoo to get photos.  It only seemed appropriate for the theme of the pattern.

The second combination I stitched up was a turtle Turtle Koala.  Turtle is a knit “top” option, so be sure to SIZE DOWN when selecting your size!!!  I may have made the mistake of not doing that the first go around…totally my flub up. A note on this is included in the pattern to remind you.  However, that kinda means the pattern will go up a size higher in the knit option. Woot! “Koala” gives you the dress as the “tail” option. The pattern includes a ruffle, but I chose to forgo that so you could see yet another version of this dress.  My Turtle Koala is shown here with a woven skirt, but I’ve also stitched up two others in all knit.  For those I did a dress length and a tunic length to be paired with some Tooshies.  The options continue!

I didn’t stitch up any romper versions because my girls finished potty training just this week.  I wasn’t sure if the snaps were quite the best option for this phase of our training, but I definitely have some ideas in mind for when they are a little more restroom independent.  Be sure to check out the Flosstyle Fair group to see the unlimited amount of romper versions.  They are awesome!

If you decide to give this a go, be sure to read through the pattern before you choose your top an tail.  This will definitely help you get comfortable with the construction and all the options possible.

Check out just SOME of the tester creations below!! ALL FROM THIS PATTERN!!


Links You Need

The ZOO Collection is now online! Sizes Newborn 0000-4. Metric & Imperial. A4 or letter. RRP $14AUD ~ 25% OFF Release sale ends Saturday 6th!


What combination would you make first?  Let me know in the comments.



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