Blaverry Finn: Trying New Looks and Loving It


I have sewn up quite a few dresses lately.  If you haven’t noticed, one of my Littles is often the subject in most of the photos related to these.  This is because I have a dress lover (Porter) and a shirt lover (Presley).  Even today when my girls got dressed this morning they told me specifically that one wears dresses and one wears shirts.  I was starting to worry that my shirt lover might be feeling a little left out.  How could I address this issue?  I needed a “comfy shirt” as Presley would say, that would be just perfect for her.  I found the perfect match with Finn from Blaverry.

Finn is my first Blaverry pattern. It was a great sewing success and earned me many kisses and hugs of thanks. (Isn’t that just the best feeling?!)  This pattern includes imperial and metric size charts, digital illustrations along with written directions, layered printing, multiple sleeve lengths, a stylish waterfall peplum ruffle,  great directions for a bound neckline, and includes sizes 2-16.  You can also easily lengthen this top into a dress for even more options.  Porter has already requested a dress version for herself.



My favorite part of this pattern was the construction of the neckline.  I hadn’t actually done one this way before.  Doesn’t that neckline look AWESOME?! People… It doesn’t get better than that without a cover stitch machine.  By the way, if you are looking to buy me a gift, a cover stitch machine is my next item of need.  Feel free to leave one at my doorstep. I’ll be happy to stitch you up a new shirt with it.

**Video for neckline help!

I just found out that designer has a video to help you sew a better neckline.  She said I was welcome to share the link with you. View it here! Come back and let me know if you get a picture perfect neckline too.  I didn’t know this video existed until after I originally posted.  I’m editing to share.

FinnG       FinnFFinnB

Find the pattern.

Check out the Finn pattern here.

Read more about the company here.

Find all the patterns here.

Check out all the Blaverry Patterns.  Which one would you try first? Which one do you think I should stitch up next?  Let me know in the comments below.



5 thoughts on “Blaverry Finn: Trying New Looks and Loving It

  1. The top is very cute. I’m a little intimidated by knits. I really appreciated your link to the video for the neckline. That details looks great! I downloaded the (free) Zozo pattern. Maybe that will be my gateway knit garment. 🙂


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