Sally Dress: A Jennifer Paganelli Design

Scientific Seamstress_Sally
Sally Dress: No Sash with Double Skirt Option

Sisboom Sally Dress

It’s the new year and time to start dreaming about school coming to an end and fun in the sun with my girls.  Christmas break should also be called hump break because that is exactly how teachers feel about it.  WE ARE HALFWAY TO SUMMER!!  Another clue that the holiday season is over… I went to Starbucks today and they were out of Pumpkin Spice syrup!!!!  Fine then… I was done with winter anyway.  How does one spit in the face of winter you ask? Sew up some summer wear and have your child stand in the 30 degree weather and pretend it is warm so you can get some pictures to use in your blog post.


I was super pumped to jump in on this test for a number of reasons. Reason One: Sisboom patterns are some of the most complete patterns I have used.  I don’t have a ton of them, but they are precise and clear. Reason 2: Jeanine Thompson was in on writing this pattern and I think she is pretty rock’n, so why not help a girl out when she is working on her first pattern. (Again, acting like we are friends.. but really I’m more of a sewist stocker/groupie.)  There are more reasons… but let’s move along.


Sally has a number of different options as pictured above.  I selected to do the double layer no sash option.  I was thinking this will be a great way for the girls to throw on a dress without needing me to help them.  We are also potty training and I don’t know about you, but who wants to worry about if the wet sash trailing behind your daughter is pee, spilled milk, or water from the spray bottle on your ironing board? Be sure to check out the sash options though, there are some pretty cute versions.

Sally is a quick sew and great for beginners and spans from 3 months to 14 years in size range.  That’s a ton of dresses that can be sewn up.  If I was really in a geeky mood I would calculate for you just how many versions including sizes and options were possible to make.  Thank goodness the inner math teacher isn’t escaping to do that.   This is a pullover dress/top with no buttons or zippers.  The back has elastic to cinch in the waistline and if you add the sash that gives it even more of something special that appeals to the eye. The neckline and arm holes are finished with bias tape. No lining means it will be nice and light for summer.  Be proud everyone… I took the time to make my own bias tape for this project.  It really does make a difference when you make your own bias tape compared to that pre-made store bought crapola.

I used Dena Designs Little Azalea fabric for this dress.  After cutting it out it occurred to me that I might have committed a cardinal sin by using this fabric in a Sisboom/Jennifer Paganelli pattern test.  I’m sorry if that was a no-no and someone of importance has actually read this post.  This said, I LOVE how it turned out! It is so cute and bright and colorful.

Here is the cover for the Sally Dress.  Look for this when you are shopping.


And here is Porter doing a great job in the freezing cold.  I paid her in hot chocolate to model and she really only lasted about 90 seconds.  I just had to snap snap snap and pray for a few good ones.

Grab the Pattern:

On etsy: Here for $9.95

On Here

Join the facebook Group to see more and share your work: Here


What do you think? Did I commit a cardinal sin?  What version would you make first? Are you a bias tape maker or do you wuss out and by the pre-made crapola? (I usually wuss out myself. No shame in it. Own it.)


3 thoughts on “Sally Dress: A Jennifer Paganelli Design

  1. Love this version, and I think the fabric looks great (sin or not!). I haven’t ventured into making my own bias tape, it just seems that it would be tedious cutting those tiny strips!


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