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I’m SEW happy to be on the 6 Degrees of Separation: Sew the Show blog tour! This is a tour for lovers of film, tv, and sewing.  Much like the Six Degrees of Separation game, each blogger connected to the next by finding a character, director, etc to connect to another all while bringing the tour back to its beginning of Kevin Bacon.  Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to make the cut for the tour. When the bidding went down I was always 30 seconds, or more, behind the blogger that connected before me.  In the end, I was able to score my movie by connecting Robin Wright Penn from the Princess Bride (AHH!! THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!) to her character, Theresa, in Message in a Bottle.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 1.02.15 PM

When my movie connection was made, I went right to my dvd.  Yap, I own this one.  If you don’t, you really should.  Message in a Bottle is the beginning of the Nicholas Sparks book-to-movie empire.  The book is better than the movie, but if you want a sappy chic flick to cry along with to help you get through your PMS or your most recent breakup, Nicholas is The Man.

I  wasn’t sure what I wanted to stitch up as my inspirational piece, so I ended up with three pieces inspired by different aspects of the movie. However, the pieces don’t belong in one look, so I am sporting some ready to wear attire as well.  One day I will make a pair of jeans..One day I will make a pair of jeans…One day I will make a pair of jeans… However, that day is not today nor was it any day before this post.

Look One: Plaid Blanket Gone Cozy Scarf


The image that adorns the posters and dvd covers for Message in a Bottle is often the beach scene where Garrett (Kevin Costner) and Theresa are cuddled together against a piece of driftwood surrounded by the the glow of a night fire and the cover of plaid blanket. This blanket inspired my first item, a plaid flannel infinity scarf.  It isn’t quite as sexy as laying out on the beach cuddled with a handsome man under a blanket, but it is functional and fashionable. I even made my daughter a matching one too! She is pretty excited about it.  I was all over the Made for Mermaids free infinity scarf tutorial to make this scarf. Megan shared this tutorial as part of this year’s 12 days of Christmas Freebies. Megan is awesome!  (I say that like I know her, but really I just pretend I do. I’m more of a stalker of designers.)

I told my husband to “be artistic” while taking these photos as I was out of ideas for coaching.   I think this was his best “artistic” effort.  It turned out nicely.

Look Two: Workout Wear Gone Trendy

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Message in a Bottle is definitely a 90’s movie when we are talking about fashion.  Is there anything more 90’s than Adidas apparel?  Actually, there is… it’s cardigans, but my first look was inspired by Katherine’s Adidas workout attire.  It is over-sized and almost frumpy looking, but Theresa wears it on multiple occasions throughout the movie and is wearing it when she finds the first message written by Garrett. I thought I would spin off of the gray t-shirt and do a trendy top . I wanted less frump and more fashion.  I went with the Terra’s Treasures Telluride Top and used a heather gray french terry and white cotton lycra to create the style I was going for.  This pattern has a ton of options! I chose the scoop neckline with the long puffed sleeves.  I plan to play around with this pattern a lot more.  Terra has had some great women’s patterns released recently. (Again, acting like I actually know her, but I don’t. Terra, however, is the one person that convinced me to take my first stab at sewing knits. My first knit project was the Town Square Top which I sewed up during a sew along.  Thank you for that, my sewing life was forever changed.)  I wish it wasn’t Christmas time or I would be spending a large chunk of money on Terra’s Treasures!




Look Three: Boat Gone Apparel

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Though we watch the development of Garrett and Theresa’s love story, there is another person who is an essential piece to the story, Catherine. How could I sew something to give some credit to her?  In the movie, Garrett completes his boat which he names after Catherine.  There aren’t a lot of finished clips of the boat, but the color design is a natural finish on the topside, a white stripe through the center at the waterline, and the rest of the ship below the waterline and at the keel is painted. (Yap, I had to Google parts of a sailboat for that description and I’m still not sure I got that right.)  I decided to stitch up a top that was inspired by this coloring.  I used the Hey June Lane Raglan and pieced together the front to coordinate with the coloring of the boat. (Do you call yellow a natural wood color? I did because brown would be too gloomy with my dark green bottom, so let’s go with it.) This is my first ever Raglan. Yes, I’m sorry about that. Feel free to tell me your favorite raglan pattern so I can continue my hoarding of patterns.



Well, that is my part of the Sew the Show Tour.  I hope you enjoyed reading through, or at least skimming the pictures to see what I stitched up.  Be sure to go back and scope out all the past creations!  Then, stay tuned for the next stop tomorrow beginning with Ali Cat and Co. Here is a sneak for Brianne’s connection. Everything else is linked up below, so don’t miss out.



 Check Out The Tours Stops

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