JillyAtlanta Cali Top/Dress Release

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Another pattern test down and another Thanksgiving piece ready to go for this week. This shirt coordinates with the Abiline Skirt I made for Peyton to wear for the holiday. See that here. I love killing two birds with one stone.  Sometimes, I think if I didn’t pattern test I would never finish a product.  I’m certainly motivated by a completion deadline.


Jilly Atlanta (Jill Coppock) is a new-to-me pattern designer.  I have to say, testing for newish designers is may favorite thing… Actually, I think I have said that before in another post.  When I saw the call to test the Cali top/dress I knew I wanted to join in.   I like to creep the designer’s business page and Instagram and see if their style matches my interests, and of course, the interest of the wearers.  Heaven knows I don’t want to spend time making things my girls aren’t going to wear. I’m over that… JillyAtlanta style is the combination of sleek and classy with wear-ability. A perfect match for my ideal style.  Check out her Etsy shop and you will see exactly what I mean.  I’ll link up everything a little later.  Keep reading.

She did a great job for 40 degrees outside with no coat.

Cali Top/Dress

I stitched up the Cali Top for this test, but the pattern includes pieces and instructions for both the top and dress.  I do love two-for-one patterns. This is a BOHO style design with front button loop closures on the yoke. If you don’t do button holes, you can still make this top!  There is also a modesty panel within the design, so your little one won’t be flashing any skin while sporting her freshly made attire.  The pattern includes three sleeve lengths with some great tips on how to add embellishments to your product.  I love when designers include instruction on embellishments! These feature include adding elastic to the upper arm and trim to the sleeves and neckline.  I sometimes need that extra bit of support when trying new things.  Do you have a serger? If you don’t, it’s no problem. The tutorial also include how to create your product with french seams to give everything a professional finish, even without a serger.

The pattern pieces fit together perfectly and the directions were clear, yet revealed a bit of the designer’s personality.  I love seeing personality in patterns! It is like I’m becoming friends with the designer as I work.  With Jill, this is especially true because she is taking the time to make connections with her customers and followers.  If you join the JillyAtlanta sewing group (linked below) you will see this right away.  She has taken the time to greet every individual that has joined the group! She is warm and welcoming.  Who wouldn’t want to support that?


When my top was finished, my dress loving girl put it on for a quick photo op.  The sun had set, but we went for it anyway. It has rained every stinking day this week. We planned to do a re-shoot this morning, but it is pouring again. Ugh!  It only cost me two rolls of Smarties from the Halloween stash in the cabinet!  Porter needs a shirt…”WILL WORK FOR CANDY.” I’m not complaining, I’ll be in trouble when she starts charging me cash.  After the photo shoot, she wanted to keep her pretty shirt on for the rest of the evening! That is a success for the girl who tries to only wears dresses.



Want the links?

JillyAtlanta Cali Top/Dress: HERE (24 hours release price of $7, Nov 19-Nov 20. Noon-noon EST)

JillyAtlanta Facebook Page: HERE

JillyAtlanta Facebook Pattern Group: HERE

I hope you have enjoyed another sewing adventure! Follow my posts by signing up to receive an email or follow me on bloglovin!  Leave some love in the comments if you are loving this new shirt and JillyAtlanta.


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