Little Birdy Pants, A 70’s Throwback Design

Hello 70’s style… Is there anything more 70’s inspired than these pants?  Maybe I should have made them in polyester to take the full jump back in time.

Laela Jeyne Patterns is releasing their newest patterns, the Little Birdy Pants and the Little Birdy Top and Dress.  I had the opportunity to test the pant pattern, and I’m glad I did because there is much more to these patterns than meets the eye.

Designer Marisa Ryniak teamed up with Dorie Kirk in a partnership to support Angel Un-Aware in Fort Worth, Texas.  Angel Unaware is the 3rd pediatric hospice program in the United States serving patients and their families with end of life care. This pattern was a collaboration with Dorie Kirk, an online boutique owner and fellow sewing fanatic, who has also lost a little bird. She, along with the founders of Angel Unaware, want to bring awareness of the care that is available to those who may need it.

Read More about Angel Un-Aware:

On to the pants….

I stitched up the Little Birdy Pants for both the Littles and Peyton.  The Littles were not available for photo ops, as is the case with most three year olds, and therefore aren’t gracing you with their beauty today.  The Little Birdy Pants feature and elastic waistband, flare legs, and a front pin tuck that really gives them the vintage vibe.  The green and cream floral fabric (purchase from Persnickety) I used was a medium to heavy weight woven, but I also used denim for the other pairs I stitched up.  Both were a great choice for these pants.  I love the denim! I used a gold thread for the front pin tuck and hemming.  It was a great detail addition. Maybe I’ll be able to bribe the girls with some candy and grab a few pics for you to see.  Overall, these pants are a great look for the very little time it took to put them together.  I am planning to add some pockets at the side seams the next time I stitch them up.  This feature isn’t included in the pattern, but it would be a quick modification.

Birdy6 Birdy1 Birdy7

Grab the Little Birdy Pants here and check out the Little Birdy Top while you are at it.  There is a Birdy Bundle too!  The pants are releasing at a sale price of $5, the Dress/Top at $5.75, and you can grab the bundle for $10.


After I made the Little Birdy Pants I realized we had no shirt that would really go with these, so back to the machine I went. I knew I had a quick pattern with a bib style that would allow me to bring in the fabric from the pants.  The Delaney Top from Create Kids Couture came through for me with no problem at all.  Just to challenge myself I set a timer to see how long it would take.  Printing to construction was at a little over an hour. (This does not include hems.  The sun was setting and we had to get pictures before dark.  I hemmed after the photos were taken. Hopefully you couldn’t tell.)   I am a pokey sewer most days, so I consider this shirt a pretty good success for a last second project.


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