Project Run and Play Week 3: Gone Boho


Welcome back to Week 3 for Project Run and Play!  This week the theme was Boho Chic.  I did a lot of debating and changing up plans throughout this week before settling on these final looks.  I ended up with a plan that focused on the Chic part of Boho.  I wanted something that had some fashionable vibes and not to much of the “excess” that we sometimes see in boho styling. Be sure to check out my looks and then hope back over to Project Run and Play to place your vote for this week.


First this first look I started with the Fishtail Kimono and modified it by removing the gathered portion from the back and blending the two back pieces together.  I wanted to be able to feature the print on this fabric and I felt removing the gathered pieces would be the perfect way to do that.  This kimono features french seams and facings that make the inside look just as amazing as the outside.  Check out the inside of the kimono below.



I love the longer back of this kimono and kept this as a feature after modifying the back.  It’s a perfect length for the shorts. Covers the bum, but leaves the shorts visible.  I’m not a huge fan of your shorts being covered by a top.  It makes you look like you aren’t wearing bottoms. ūüėČ


For the denim shorts I started with the Lily Shorts from Violette Field Threads.  I blended sizes to because I have a string bean that has shot up a few inches.  She’s really starting to grow!  These shorts are screaming boho with this fringe accent. I’m loving the look.


For the green knit dolman t-shirt I started with a t-shirt and traced the top to make a pattern piece.  I added a very slight curved in the front and back.   I cut the neckband on the bias to give the neckline a break from the horizontal stripes in the front.  I finished off the look with a tassel necklace made from the remaining trim from the shorts and a suede tie.





Pearberrylane Week 3.jpg

For my little dress lover I wanted to feature a handkerchief hemline.  It’s fun like a circle skirt but adds a definite boho vibe.  I started with the Boheme Sky in midi length (mini dress) from Striped Swallow Designs.  The designer there has a taste for bohemian fashion and it’s visible with all her patterns.  For this make I selected a fun fabric from JoAnn’s.  It had the same gold and navy tones as the kimono fabric so it coordinates well without being overwhelming.  The fabric was perfect for giving the bodice a look of having trims without the need to actually adding any.  I fussy cut the bodice and sleeves to give a the dress its own design.


I especially love the look down the arms.  I also modified by making a 3/4 length sleeve.  If you follow me, you probably already know 3/4 sleeves are how I roll. This pattern includes short, elbow and long, so I made a simple mod to make it what I really wanted.  I also prefer a wider hem allowance, so I modified that too.



This little lady was really working for her money.  She had a pay out in mind, and wanted to be sure she got it.  Don’t you love her sassy poses?



I loved putting my cover-stitch machine to work with this dress.  I used a yellow thread to add a little pop of color. You can scope that on the sleeve hem above, and some on the skirt as well.


I do love getting to shoot photos together.  One day I’ll get all three of the girls to cooperate and end up with some fabulous moments. This shoot was a fun one for these two and I can’t wait to take more with the next project.   Don’t forget to swing by and vote for your favorite Boho Chic look!



Project Run and Play Week 2: Spring Greenery


We are back for Week 2 of Project Run and Play ¬†(click link to go vote) with a theme of Greenery. ¬†Greenery happens to be Pantone’s color of the year. Green is my favorite color so I was completely happy with this theme. ¬†For my looks I carried the green vibe into both of my outfits while bringing in pops of pink and florals that remind me of the fresh beginning and bright colors to come with the entry of spring. ¬†If you know me, you know floral prints are my homeboys. ¬†If it’s a floral, I probably need it.


To be honest my makes this week took on several forms before they landed at the endpoint. ¬†It was a journey of reworking, redesigning, and a failed attempt at photos. ¬†In the end, I’m very please with the creations. ¬†I have to give my mom a big shout out this week because my husband has been down and out and she came down was super helpful. ¬†She even made me some fresh strawberry jelly!

Bless her heart, can you tell she is cold?

The striped and floral dress took on the most forms throughout the week. ¬†I’m so glad with the changes and love the striped bodice more than I would have imagined. ¬†I don’t do a ton of mixing of prints, but I found this stripe buried in my scrap box and there was just enough to create this bodice.


My focus for these creations was quality and nice finishes.  This bodice from Lil Luxe Collection features under-stitching along the neckline and the lined cap sleeve.  The skirt seam features an enclosed seam that I hand-stitched for a smooth finish at the waist.


I designed the hi-lo gathered skirt for this dress and it is a great match for the curved front of the bodice.  The tulle falls just an inch and a half below the hemline of the floral.  The tulle length is enough for a peek of color without looking bulky or sloppy.  I hemmed the over skirt with a green bias facing.   This hides raw edges, makes for a smooth finish, and adds another pop of color.  I love to hem circle skirts this way and the curved nature of the hi-lo skirt is another great use for this method.


The bodice closure on the dress has hidden buttons inside, but I wanted to spice this up and added some fun over-sized buttons I found in my jar. I love the texture of these.  I was super nervous about tackling stripe matching for a contest, but I think they were a success.  Do you ever put off stripes for the same reason?


Don’t you just love that dress from the back? ¬†It’s so dreamy! ¬†I love that she loves it too.


For my second look I started with a green floral print. ¬†In fact, these floral prints are the same, just in different color ways. ¬†Have you noticed? ¬†As a random fact, I must really like this print because it turns out I bought it last year in a third colorway and made a dress from it. Ha! I didn’t even notice until I started sewing these up. ¬†The skirt was the first make of this look. ¬†I started with the Willow Skirt pattern from Violette Fields Threads, but wanted a fitted skirt rather than an elastic¬†waistband. ¬†I removed the elastic waistband created my own based on model measurements. ¬†I added a button placket in the back with two decorative buttons, another fun find from the huge button wall at one of my local shops. ¬†I was sure to keep the insides all nice and pretty by enclosing the seam at the waistband.


For the apron I used my own design based on model measurements. ¬† It features four pockets along with some decorative stitching and some ruffle trim. ¬†I loved using some of my fancy stitches on my new machine! It’s the little things that can really add to a piece.


Next for this outfit is the pink top made from a bamboo knit. ¬†This is my first time using bamboo and I have to say… is so soft. ¬†Another find in town. ¬†It started from the Isla dress from Simple Life Pattern Company. ¬†I lengthened the dress bodice to a shirt length and scooped out the back slightly to mirror the back of the first dress. ¬†This little model doesn’t like too much breeze in the back, so I went very conservative on the scoop. ¬†I then hacked the front bodice by adding the ruched center panel. ¬†I’m thinking I may need to do a tutorial on this. ¬†Isla is a great pattern to use for this because it is lined, so none of the ruching or gathering is actually touching the wearer. ¬†Isn’t that nice? ¬†Total mom win here in the comfort category.



I finished of this outfit with a few accessories. ¬†The bow-tie necklace and the headband. ¬†I started with a bow-tie pattern from 421 Myers Designs. ¬†I left of the neckband and added some hardware. ¬†Seriously, I’m going to have to get some tools of my own for these kinds of things. ¬†I had to sneak some tools from the garage for this necklace. ¬†The headband is my own design. ¬†It has a small elastic center in the back for getting a nice snug fit without being too tight or rigid. It pairs well with my model’s short hair.


Well, I think that’s a wrap on my Spring Greenery creations. Thanks so much for stopping in! I do hope you made it to the finish! ¬†I’m sending you off with a final photo. ¬†The girls warming up at the end of the shoot with my mom. ¬†She really was a life saver with all her help. ¬†Now, don’t forget to return to Project Run and Play to vote for your favorite greenery project!



Project Run and Play Week 1: Parisian Pantsuit


Welcome, Welcome! ¬†I’m so glad you have stopped in to see my creation for the first week of Project Run and Play. ¬†Let me tell you, I spent way more hours putting together this first look than I ever imagined. I can’t really go any further without giving my husband a huge shout out for playing Mr. Mom for multiple days while I’ve been in working on this project. ¬†He has been a rock-star! ¬†After you scope out my post, don’t forget to view all the makes and return to Project Run and Play to vote for your favorite week one creation.


The theme for week one was “It’s all about that…place” or possibly better understood as a creation based on/or inspired by a place you would like to visit. ¬†I opted for a European travel destination and created what I have called a Parisian Pantsuit. ¬†I wanted clean lines, pleats, and a complete look that flows together.


I started with the pants. ¬†I knew where I wanted and how I was going to get there. ¬†I mashed together several patterns along with some of my own pieces to create these¬†trouser pants with a scalloped front yoke, pockets, and knife pleats. ¬†The scallops, pockets, and knife pleats are features of my favorite short pattern from Lil Luxe Collection. ¬†You can read all about that pattern here. ¬†I used the Sewlosophy Serendipity Trouser pattern as the base and then added all these features I love to make my final creation. ¬†I love the fit of these pants and the flat felled seam it features in the rear. ¬†I learned how to do a flat felled seam when I first sewed up these pants several years ago. ¬†The gray suiting used throughout my collection is from my local JoAnn’s. ¬†I’m always nervous ordering any kind of fabric that isn’t quilters cotton online, so I went in and pet all the fabrics before settling on this. ¬†It worked wonderfully.


For the Voile blouse I used the Lauren Pintuck Top* from Made for Mermaids. ¬†I made several alterations for my finished product. ¬†I removed the collar and the facing and finished the neckline with handmade bias tape from the same voile as the blouse. Handmade bias tape is a thousand times better than that pre-made stuff you buy in the stores. In the back of the shirt, I removed the keyhole closure and opted for a full button down placket. ¬†I love how buttons in the back add a nice surprise to any garment. ¬†Who says the back of things can’t look just as good as the front? ¬†Other features of the blouse are a gathered capped sleeve and front pin-tucks. Classic design features for pantsuit I think. ¬†The fabric and buttons for the blouse were a last minute snag from one of my local sewing spots,¬†Let’s Sew. ¬†They have quite a collection and an online store too. I’m so glad they humored me while I spent an ungodly amount of time sifting through buttons to find the perfect fit. ¬†You can even follow them on IG here.

Collage F

Up next for my look was the cape. ¬†How cute are capes?! I created the cape starting with a circle skirt as the base and some model measurements. I drew up the collar being sure to leave room for the bow to be tied in the front. ¬†The cape is lined with light pink satin I grabbed at JoAnn’s. ¬†I used the same satin for the ties as well. ¬†The pink gives the suit a nice soft look for spring innocence, which I was totally going for with this look.


Callage G

Lastly, I finished off the look with the perfect ending to a Parisian inspired creation…a beret. ¬†This pattern came from Sewlosophy. ¬†I only made minor adjustments with the elastic to get a good fit. ¬†The pieces come together perfectly. ¬†This hat made me feel like maybe I should give quilting a try in the near future. ¬†It was a seam matching success.


And now for some action and funnies. ¬†Prepare for photo overload. ¬†Seriously, the photos are why you are hear anyway, right? ¬†Thanks again for stopping in to see my creation from week one!! ¬†PLEASE don’t forget to return to Project Run and Play to vote for your favorite week one creation!!

collage e.jpg


And that’s all folks… Thanks for stopping in.




Simple Life Pattern Co. Anniversary Tour


It’s a two year celebration over at Simple Life Pattern Company! ¬†I was lucky enough to be in on several of the recent tests for releases during the anniversary celebration and to get to share with you one of my most recent creations to help celebrate the fun. ¬†Be sure to make it to the end of this post for details on sales and a bundle giveaway. ¬†After you enter, be sure to hop to the rest of the blogs to see some amazing SLPco creations.¬†*This post does contain affiliate links.


I didn’t really start sewing up Simple Life Patterns until about a year ago. ¬†I confess.. I was more of a stalker than a buyer. ¬†I just don’t buy a ton of patterns in general. ¬†I do more fabric hoarding really. ¬†I’m not really sure what started my string of makes, but as I look back on the year I do have several that I have ended up making, testing, and/or blogging. ¬†Along the way I’ve made some great friends too! ¬†I’ve enjoyed the patterns that I’ve sewn and almost every Simple Life creation I have made has been in the “most loved” category with my little girls. ¬†I know there were tears shed when several of the dresses were passed on to other homes. ¬†I’m going to share a collection of a few makes to reminisce at then end of the post. ¬†But for now, let’s check out my latest make!

I don’t know if you saw my Dolly and Me Ayda dress creations or not, but my girls really loved those dresses. ¬†So what is better than a great dress pattern? It’s a great dress pattern created for knits! My girls love comfy cozy knits and they will never turn down a new dress. ¬†The Ayda Top and Dress pattern is so popular, I know people are going to eat up the fact that they can now make it in knit fabrics.


The crossover back on Ayda helps to make it such a quick sew. ¬†Throw in a circle skirt that doesn’t need to be gathered and it is a match made in heaven. ¬†I could crank several of these out at any given moment if needed.


Let’s talk twirl factor!! Do you need this in a dress? My girls are growing more and more fond of twirling now that they have started ballet. ¬†The circle skirt is a perfect match for the twirler inside every little lady. ¬†The fit is great and I love that there are options for both with and without sleeves.

There are so many possible combinations on the site for Ayda when you look at baby sizes, girl sizes, romper add-ons, bundles, and get the look kits.  Here is a quick link to scope out all the options.


Sale Alert!!!

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary there is an awesome sale happening right now that is almost over. ¬†You have just a few days left to jump on board and get the tiered pricing as that will end soon. ¬† All 10¬†new releases are 25% off, all other patterns are 40% off!!!! All the get the look kits are 30% – that’s like $8.40 per yard for Art Gallery fabric! And to top it off, tiered pricing is in effect right now… (Discounts appear once items are added to your cart…add them in to see your savings.)



Congrats to Amy Y. for winning the pattern bundle!!

Enter Below to Win a Dolly and Me Pattern Bundle

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Visit The Rest of the Bloggers!!

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2/14 Sew and Tell Project

2/15 Sunflower Seams

2/16 Wonderfully {hand}made

2/17 Pearberry Lane

2/18 Sewjourners


As a random side note…¬† Did you notice this fabric is the same that I used for my post here? I just love that it looks so great for all ages.

Let’s Look Back

Thanks to Katie for bringing little bits of happy along with a lot of style to these little ladies of mine! Here are a few of my SLPco makes I could find from the past year.

The Bella in the right hand corner… That is what it’s all about. ¬†Seriously… I’m kinda tearing up on that one.

Favorite moments in your favorite dress.

Winter Wear Magnolia Dress and Top {A Review}


I’m so excited to get to share my review of Winter Wear Designs Magnolia Fit and Flare Dress and Top.  I was drawn to this pattern for two main reasons.  First, it is LOADED with options. This pattern doesn’t just include top and dress options, but it has so many hemline options, an optional back insert, color blocking directions, two different pockets, and more.  I thought I might geek out and calculate all the possible combinations of creations you could make, but there were so many I was afraid I would make a mistake and didn’t want to leave anything out.  The second reason I was drawn to this pattern was that it is on point with popular fashion right now.  If you creep my Pinterest fashion board, you would find many looks that could be recreated using the Magnolia pattern.  Magnolia even includes a link to a Pinterest search for even more inspiration.  


For my look I settled on the ¬ĺ length sleeve, scoop neckline (v-neck is also an option) tunic with the shirt tail option in both the front and the back. ¬†I had originally planned a different length, but that didn‚Äôt print when I had selected my size layer. ¬†I later played around and discovered it was in the size 00 layer rather than the appropriate size group. This was somewhat annoying to me. ¬†There were a few other small issues with lines missing within pattern pieces and typos, but nothing that prevented me from completing my look. ¬†


I didn’t have to make any adjustments to my pattern pieces, but the instructions include quite a few details about how to make adjustments for your body type.  If you are someone that finds you get a better fit by making a few adjustments, this pattern would give you some good resources one making these changes.  I was impressed with the amount of information provided.


Overall, I like the look of this top. ¬†It hugs in just the right places and flares out exactly where you would want to hide possible ‚Äúmom tummy‚ÄĚ issues. ¬†The scoop neckline definitely pushed this dress/top into the sexy zone rather than just another comfy mommy top. ¬†I definitely can‚Äôt wear this to work without flashing the kids my goods. I would describe it as classy cleavage. I teach middle school, so I typically opt for higher necklines to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. ¬†I may bring the neckline up for the next one so I can wear it to school. ¬†The drape of the double brushed poly I used was a perfect match for this pattern. ¬†Be sure to check out the line drawings in the Magnolia Fit and Flare Dress and Top listing. ¬†Those really helped me to make a plan on what options I would choose. ¬†

And lastly… how about this floral print? Do you love it? ¬†I have a little girl make that will be live on Friday in this same print. ¬†Don’t miss it.



Simple Life Pattern Co. Goes Dolly


Ah!!! I’m so excited about this little dolly creation! My very good bloggy buddy Becca of Sunflower Seams released her very first patterns with Simple Life Pattern Company this week!  She designed patterns for several of the most popular girls dress designs so that we can make great Dolly and Me creations.  Hang with me to the end because I have a chance for you to win the Girls Ayda and Doll Pattern Bundle!!! *This post does contain affiliate links.

I don’t know if you are aware, but the Little Ps got Wellie Wisher dolls for Christmas this year, along with matching Wellie boots that are ever-so-popular in our house.  I was super excited about these patterns because currently there is not a ton of options in the pattern world for the Wellies.  They are much smaller than the typical 18″ dolls and proportions are quite different.  The new doll patterns include pattern pieces for 18″ dolls and the new smaller size (14″) that fits the Wellie Wishers. Woot Woot!  We made the Ayda Dolly and Me set for this post.


Along with some new releases, SLPco is celebrating two years of business!! And they are having the BIGGEST sale of the year. All new releases are 25% off, all other patterns are 40% off and all Get The Look kits are 30% off!!!!  Have you seen my look that you can get in a Get The Look Kit? I just loved that dress!

Check out the Options Here for Dolly and Me Makes

Ayda Doll Pattern

Girls Ayda Dress Pattern (For wovens) or NEW Knit Girls Ayda Dress Pattern

Molly Doll Pattern

Girls Molly Pattern

Becca did a great job with this pattern.  She worked to keep the doll pattern similar in construction to the Girls version while making accommodations for doll needs in dressing.  It really is hard to dress something that doesn’t have bending limbs.  Have you ever thought about that?


How adorable is this?! Seriously I’m dying!  I also had a lesson in humility as people passed by me laying on my stomach in a public walkway to get these fabulous dolly photos.  I guess it comes with the blogger territory?  I’m working on getting over it.


And because we take our matching dolly and me makes seriously, we went with the matching boots to complete our look.  It is a great combo, plus we can walk through the rain puddles without issues, right?  Presley has already claimed this make as her Easter dress, so I guess I’m seriously ahead of schedule! That literally never happens for me.

So how about a chance to win a Dolly and Me Ayda Pattern Bundle?!  Check out the rafflecopter below to enter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Congrats to Laura S. for winning the Dolly and Me pattern bundle!!!


Orbis Skinny Harems


Do you remember my One Thimble Tour post about the Orbis Skinny Harems? ¬†Well the Orbis Harem pattern has now been release back to the designer and there is a little celebration to kick them off for a second time. ¬†I do love this pattern. ¬†It’s a fairly quick sew and my girls think they are super comfy. ¬†It’s a co-ed pattern, so if you sew for boys and girls this pattern will go far for you. ¬†We’ve had a hard go with weather being super cold this week, so please hang with us and don’t miss out on the great features of this pattern.

For this post I wanted to try a few things with my Orbis.  The first thing that I did was to stitch my pocket on making the loopers from my coverstitch visible. This is such a fun look, and to be honest with you, it is a lot easier to sew the pocket on in this fashion.  I love the character that this gives the pants.

Isn’t the pocket detail so fun here?

The second thing I did was to change up the waistband.  The waistband is a knit band with elastic casing.  I thought I would switch things up a bit and eliminate the elastic and make a yoga waistband instead.  My girls like a yoga band and I do too, so it was a good choice for us.  To make the yoga waistband I simply doubled the height of the waistband piece and removed and inch from the width.  It worked out great.

This pair is a perfect layer for heading to and from ballet class. ¬†I definitely need to put together something for a matching top. ¬† We loved this knit I snagged from JoAnn’s with the metallic stars. ¬†I sure hope it washes up well after a few rounds with the Gobin girls. ¬†They really do wear things down quickly these days.

Here is the Orbis Scoop

Unisex Skinny Harem

Size 1-14

3/4 or full length

Optional Pocket

Faux Fly

Home Printing and A0 File, Layered Printing

Dont miss out on all the other stops along the tour!  There are some really great makes for you to see!

Orbis Re-Release Tour

Monday – Sew A Piece of Joy, Droomstoffen

Tuesday – Colorita Design, Pattern Revolution, Adventures With Bubba and Bug

Wednesday – MoonStar – WonderMirakel (for the Sofilantjes blog), Ronda B. Handmade, Sew Cucio

Thursday – Annas HeirloomBoutique, TurtleBirdies, Inspinration

Friday – Tales of a Tester, Kreatita, Pear Berry Lane



And lastly, she thought this angle was important. ¬†Take it as you will. ¬†It’s a great hiney shot. ūüôā

Highlander Dolman from Striped Swallow Designs


I’m finally back in the game doing some pattern testing for Striped Swallow Designs. ¬†This is one of my very favorite designers to work with (and now its two designers) working with the brand. You can see one of my other favorite SSD makes here. I just haven’t been able to make my schedule work with tests for quite a long time, so when I saw this dolman I just had to jump in.

The Highlander Dolman has several options to choose from. ¬†There are two sleeve lengths, two back options, as well as several features you can add to the back options. ¬†For my version I stitched up the long sleeve with the high back and tie option. ¬†The low back falls well below the bra line. I personally can’t pull that off in my 30s but I know a few of my sassy blogger friends who will rock that look all day long. ¬†Whether you choose the tie back option, the t-back, or the back strap doesn’t matter, but for sure you can not go without something. ¬†This shirt really needs the support of something to keep the shoulders up.


I love that this dolman is a perfect balance of batwing affect and fitted sleeve as it works its way down the length of your arm. ¬†Along with the sleeve length options there are also two styles of hemlines. ¬†I chose to use the curved hemline. ¬†The hem allowance on this top is a nice thick 1 inch. Have I had time to share with you my crazy love for wide hems, especially on knits? ¬†If not, I’ll put that on my calendar.


Total Pattern Scoop: Highlander Dolman

Sizes: Xs-XXL

Relaxed Scoop Front

Multiple back necklines with features including:  high, low, t-back, tie back, back strap

Short and Long Sleeve options

Curved or Straight Hemline


For this version, I used a the Ruth Double Brushed Polly from Sincerely Rylee Fabric.  I grabbed it for a great price during a sale a while back.  The color tones are totally in my Autumn palette which I basically sport year around.

Beginning Sewing Class Ahead {Matilda Dress}


Recently I was approached by a local sewing shop about teaching some sewing classes on the things that I love to sew, children’s apparel. If you are interested in joining, register here. ¬†I thought it sounded like a fabulously fun project, so I got right to deciding on a pattern that would be great to use for a beginner class. ¬†I asked around for some ideas on patterns that would be great for beginners and I ended up selecting the Matilda dress pattern from Violette Field Threads.


Matilda is a great little peasant style dress that offers three sleeve options. ¬†I think this will be a great way for people to get a little taste for selecting options within a pattern. ¬†for my samples I used the cap sleeve option and the flutter sleeve. ¬†I just love the flutter sleeve! It’s so feminine. ¬†I also think this is a great time to point out how fabric choice can really affect the look of your creations. ¬†These two dresses with just a simple sleeve change and different fabric look completely different from each other. ¬†I LOVE that! By the way, you can order these Dear Stella Fabrics from the shop I’m teaching at. ¬†I also love that I can make two dresses and know which child will pick which one. ¬†There wasn’t any fighting over who got each dress. ¬†It was like they knew which was theirs right away. ¬†That makes a mommy happy.


After deciding on patterns, I went to work thinking about how I could use this pattern to give people the confidence to embark on what could be the beginning of a long sewing adventure. ¬†While sewing up the pattern I noted the parts I liked, the parts I thought could be improved, and tips that beginners could take with them to use with future projects. ¬†Aren’t there things that you wished you would have learned through a pattern but didn’t until much later along in your sewing adventure? ¬†Some of my big points I plan to share are about the importance of pressing regularly. ¬†I especially love to memory press all my hems and casings. ¬†This saves so much time and really simplifies the process in the long run. ¬†I also think there are a lot of ways to gather, and some ways give better results than others. People need to know and see this, especially if they are planning to do dresses. ¬†What are some things you always do on projects that aren’t included in pattern instructions? I’d love to hear.



Simple Life Pattern Co. Bella

Hey everyone! I’ve been slightly silent for the last few weeks. ¬†Mostly, I’m still getting back into the swing of things now that Christmas break is over.



I do have a little something to share.¬†I got a new sewing machine! Woot Woot. ¬†Thanks to my husband for supporting my VERY expensive hobby. ¬†Bless his heart, as soon as I get a new machine, I put another on my wish list. ¬†I should be good to go for a while with the set up I have right now. ¬†That should help take the pressure off the man of the house… at least until my birthday in October.

IMG_1704 (1).JPG

Here is a close up of my new toy. ¬†I don’t have a fabulous set up, so you are going to have to be okay with this angle.¬†You can read more about this machine here. Maybe my next wish list item should be a table area. ¬†I’m still working at a folding table with metal folding chair. ¬†But, one step at a time I suppose. ¬†I gotta pay my dues. ¬†Who knows, maybe a sewing machine table company will contact me to feature their furniture. How awesome would that be?!


So, what was my first project with my new baby? ¬†I knocked out a project on my unfinished project pile because getting a new machine meant reorganizing my space. ¬†I found all kinds of things that needed to be finished. ¬†Shhh, don’t tell. ¬†I’ve had this Bella cut since it arrived this summer and things just kept being pushed ahead of it. ¬†In truth, I actually had three cut out, so I still have two to go. ¬†This pattern is seriously fast, so I’m not sure how I haven’t squeezed them in. Life I suppose is the answer to that… and sleep… the need for sleep.


I shared a few snapshots of this make on Instagram (Follow me!) and in the SLPco group.  I got lots of positive response, which makes me even more sad that I took so long to finish it.   We also grabbed a few photos today outside in the 40 degree weather.  I want you to know that Porter asked if she could put on this dress and go out and take some pictures.  I said okay because a blogger mom should never turn down a model offering to work for free.  I did try to get her to put on a nice sweater, but that was not going to happen.  So please enjoy my very freezing cold, just delightfully happy daughter in her lovely pink dress.


I just love this sequin lace I added here. ¬†It was a simple addition but definitely goes great with the Sarah Jane Magic Parade from Michael Miller. ¬†I love so many things about Sarah Jane designs. ¬†They are youthful and magical all at the same time. ¬†You can’t go wrong with that when thinking about little girls.


And just for fun, here are a few of the shots where she is admitting she is slightly cold.  But really, she did a great job for a self-volunteering,  middle of the driveway shoot.