Lil Luxe Collection {Papillon Shorties}


Okay… So a while back I was on a short sewing spree and sewed up about 5 or 6 versions of the Papillon Shorties from the Lil Luxe Collection.  I hadn’t posted about it because I really just sewed them for fun because I was loving the pattern.  I thought I should go ahead and write up a little something because they are just too cute not to document.


If you don’t know this pattern, it features a scolloped flat front waistband with elastic back waistband.  Knife pleats and front pockets added to the scolloped front make this pair of shorts such a great make.  You can add trim to the scallops to spice up this make which is a fun feature that really makes the scallops pop.

I also used this pattern for my Art Gallery Blog tour.  You can read about that here.  Here is a little sneak for you.


Here are a few more of my makes from the pattern.



I’ve started some hacking of this pattern too. Here is the skirt version I stitched up using the waistband and a gathered skirt.  Super quick sew and LOVE that waistband.  My newest hack is going to be a wide leg pant version!  I’ve been dreaming about this hack and it will be coming soon.  I know it will be a perfect match for the Calabria Top.  That’s all for now.  If you are moving into warmer weather, you should probably check out this pattern.  It is a total keeper!!


Laela Jeyne Patterns {Willa Vest Release}


Fall is here and what better way to celebrate than to sew up a vest for the changing of the seasons?! If you don’t know me, I’m one of those Pumpkin Spice fall girls. The ones that everyone keeps wishing would stop celebrating the fabulous perfection that is fall.  I live in vests from the beginning of fall all through winter.  My boss typically makes fun of my “life preserver” as school, but I don’t care.  My classroom is very cold and I love the extra layer of my vests. If you are like me, the Willa Vest from Laela Jeyne Patterns may be a great choice for you. #sewallthevests *This post contains affiliate links because a girl’s gotta have some spending cash for fabric.


The Willa Vest is the very first vest I’ve ever sewn for myself.  In truth, it is the first outwear I’ve ever sewn for me or my girls.  It turned out quite well for my first attempt.  I’ve also never sewn with the quilted nylon or anything similar to it before.  I would suggest using your walking foot for the entire project as I believe it saved my project on several occasions.

Pattern Details

Sizes: XXS-3X

Willa Price: Regular- $9.95 Release Price-$6.50

Willa and Billie Bundle (Mommy and Kids Vest): Regular- $16.oo Release-$10.00

Vest Features: Lined Vest with Princess Seams, Optional Welt Pocket, Optional Removable Hood, Reversible with two way zipper.

Detailed directions on customizing the fit so it is perfect for you!

No Trim Pages for US and A4

Step-by-step directions with illustrations

Layered Printing


The Welt and Princess Seams

Now, let’s address your fear of the welt pocket.  I have to say I pushed for the welt pocket on this pattern.  Welt pockets are like sex.  Kinda scary at first, but after you do it… it’s not so bad.  Now that you are laughing, I promise that you will not think twice about a welt pocket again after trying one.  The directions in the pattern are very clear and even if you need additional support, it will be worth it in the end.  Don’t let fear rob you of the finer things in life.

I had never sewn princess seams until this pattern.  I do love how they flatter the figure and am now noticing several items I have in my closet with princess seams that I never noticed before.  Isn’t that funny.  I suppose it is like cars.  You don’t realize how many of a make and model are on the road until you are driving it, then you see it everywhere.  Also, you are immediately friends with those people driving that same make and model. I think I feel the same way about my newly discovered princess seamed pieces.

Bias Binding

The Willa Vest uses bias binding to finish the bottom edge, collar, and  armscye.  I usually make my own bias tape when I’m doing a project, but when shopping for a zipper I discovered the most awesome thing… Fleece Double Fold Bias Binding!!! Did you even know that they make that? I totally didn’t and it was a perfect match for my fleece lined vest.  It was wonderful to work with and I would definitely recommend it for this vest.  I total time saver and looks great!  It’s the simple joys in life that keep us going.  This was totally one of those moments.



I think I’ve shared with you the important things about this vest on its release.  Be sure to let me know if you have any further questions!  Happy Sewing!

DIY Treat Bag


Treat Bag.jpg

I’m joining in with some ladies that were invited by Shelly Morgan of Coral and Co. to participate in a Halloween Bag-a-palooza. Basically, we are all putting together little treat bag tutorials just in time for you to whip something up and head out the door for some treat-or-treating fun. Check out all the stops for some exciting Halloween ideas.

Treat Bag2.jpg

My treat bag was inspired by those Lego floor mats.  You know, the ones that lay flat on the ground but then gather up and take all those tiny Legos inside them?  I was thinking this type of bag would be perfect for Halloween candy because the first thing I want to do when I get home is dump all my candy out and sort it. This bag opens up flat for all your sorting needs and then gathers up for a quick pick up.


  • Main fabric 20″x 20″ square
  • Lining Fabric 20″x 20″ square (Honestly, you can make this whatever you want. It is going to be a circle.  I made a circle with an 18″ diameter so 20″ gave me some room for error or uneven cutting at the store.)
  • Small scrap of interfacing 1″ x 2″
  • Ribbon: Approximately 3 yards
  • Basic Sewing Notions: Scissors, pins, iron, marking pen, scrap of string, bodkin or safety pin.

This tutorial uses 1/4″ seam allowances, which I typical hate but I thought it was appropriate here.

Step 1. Fold Main fabric in half, then half again. Tie the scrap of string to the marker and hold the other end at the corner of the fabric with two folds. Mark an arc from one side of the fabric to the other using the scrap of string and the marking pen. For a circle with 18″ diameter, the string should be 9″ in length from the marker to the end.  If this confuses you, just go grab your biggest mixing bowl and trace it.🙂  Cut out the circle.  Repeat for lining fabric. You should now have two circles.


Step 2. Cut 2-12 inch strips of ribbon. These will be the bag handles.  Finger press your the main fabric in half and re-open. Fold each strip of ribbon in half, pin, and baste to the main fabric at the half points made from the finger pressing.



Step 3:  Cut a small scrap of fusible interfacing 1″ x 2″ and attach to the wrong side of the lining fabric 3/8″ from the top of the lining at the center.


Step 4: Mark button holes by measuring 1/2″ from the center. Sew two vertical button holes on each side of the center at the interfacing. (Sew button holes from the right side.  The wrong side is pictured for ease of photography.) Open button holes now.


Step 5: Place main and lining fabrics right sides together. Sew around leaving 2″ opening for turning. Clip curve or trim with pinking shears if you have them.

Step 6: Turn and press.  Edge stitch around the circumference of bag closing up the opening used for turning.

Step 7: Sew a second row of stitching around the circumference with a 1/2″ seam allowance, making a casing for the drawstring ribbon.

Step 8:  Using a bodkin or safety pin, thread the remaining ribbon through the casing.  Tie knots at the end of the ribbon and trim excess.  ***Do NOT tighten the drawstring and then trim it! You wont be able to open it up flat without the ribbon getting sucked through the button holes.  Finish ends of ribbon using your preferred method so they do not fray.



Step 9: Tighten drawstring to pull bag into a purse.  Tie drawstring and tuck inside the bag.  On my initial bag I placed the button holes on the main fabric, but decided I didn’t like the excess ribbon on the outside. The drawstring on the inside keeps the outside looking nice and tidy.


Step 10: Go collect all sorts of yummy candy!! These eyeballs glow in the dark, so that is going to add a little something fun to the evening… However, do people even trick-or-treat once it’s dark anymore?

I hope you liked this quick and simple tutorial for a Candy Sorter Treat Bag.  I love how simple, yet functional it is for Halloween.  What do you think?  Don’t forget to stop by the other blogs to see their treat bags too!  You could make a different one for each of your kids!

Simple Life Pattern Co. Release {Helena’s Button Back Top and Dress}


How about this dress?! I happened to come across Simple Life Pattern Co. needing a few more testers for a dress a few weeks back.  I was pretty swamped, but I just wanted to make this dress.  I cranked it pretty quickly and hopped over to a location I’ve been wanting to use forever.  The dress turned out great and I am pretty pleased with my photos too. **This post does contain affiliate links which allows me to earn a small amount of spending $$ when you purchase from a link in my post.

The Helena’s Button Top and Dress pattern actually includes a blouse and a dress! Often times patterns that include both tops and dress options are really just the skirt portion of the dress shortened for a tunic length.  This is not the case for the Helena’s top.  The top and the dress to look quite different when finished.


Pattern Details:

Helena’s Button Back Top and Dress

Price: $10, but on sale for $7.50 through Sunday 10/9.

Sewing Level: Beginner (Use Snaps if you are anti-button) I used snaps just because I had some that matched.

Size Range: 2 – 12

Features: Dress/Top Options, Button down back (or front), Scoop and Modest Neck Options, Pintuck Placket, Flutter Sleeve/Sleeveless Option, plus three additional sleeve lengths, hemmed sleeve or elastic sleeve.

Layered Printing

No Trim Pages

For my version, I stitched up the dress with the scooped back and 3/4 length elasticized sleeves with the flutter option. Every time I look at my button down back I can’t help but sing… Miss Mary Mac, Mac, Mac… All dressed in black, black, black… It makes me want to do an inspired dress with features of the song appliquéd all around it.



The dress construction overall was definitely beginner level.  The only things that could bump it to intermediate are the button holes.  If you haven’t done any button holes, this is me encouraging you to give it a go.  The doors of creation will open wide with this little skill.  If you need help, leave me a comment and we will get you some.  If that isn’t enough support, grab your snap pliers and go to work.  I used snaps on my version and love how it turned out.


Even though I haven’t stitched up the top version, it is a great pattern to have in your pattern collection.  I think it is going to be awesome for leggings and skinny pants.  The sleeve options add even more to this. Be sure to check out the top versions in the listing!

Get The Look Kit:


My favorite part about testing this pattern is that my version can now be purchased in a Get The Look Kit.  You can get the pattern and the fabric to create the same look I created for this post.  How exciting is that?!  This get this look kit is 25% off through Sunday, so don’t miss out if you are in love with this make.

Overall I’m super happy with this make.  It even became a birthday dress last weekend.  For a fun little sister photo, I’ll leave you with this little image.  Sisters are special, but twins have an extra little connection that is so interesting to watch.


Thread Faction #105



I stitched up Thread Faction #105 to share with you all today.  I didn’t really know Thread Faction (or the previously named Hatchling Patterns) until there was a blog tour promoting the newest line of patterns over the summer. You can find the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection here.  I was sucked in by the high fashion vibes along with the simplicity of the patterns.  I’ve followed the company for new releases and testing calls since the tour.  I haven’t always been available for testing calls due to prior commitments when they have come up, but I was able to jump on board with sewing up and sharing my creation of this pattern.  I did receive this pattern for promotional purposes, but all opinions are my own. This post does contain some affiliate links to help support my love of buying fabric.




I began with an awesome plan of some sequined knit (you may have seen on Instagram), black faux leather leggings, and a beenie for a high fashion urban vibe for this post.  I was all excited until…. at the last two inches of serging on my neck binding my serger ATE MY NECKBAND!! I’ve never had that happen on a neckband.  Devastating.  So, change of plans to french terry for casual comfy vibe.  The only positive things about this accident are that #105 is so quick I was able to sew up a new shirt in no time, and this fabric is so comfy my model loved it.

Thread Faction#105 is a dolman style top with a high low hem in sizes 2-10.  I would describe this as relaxed fit and perfect for layering in season transitions. It would also make a great cover up for dance class or the like.  The sleeves are elbow length, so it works great for layering with both long and short sleeves depending on your needs.  Here we are layering with short sleeves as we are moving into fall and it is still a little toasty so we aren’t ready for long sleeves yet.  The pattern also includes an optional pocket which I opted to leave off here.

There are several additional features of the pattern that I thought were great.  The first is that the neckband measurements print along the arm of a pattern piece so you don’t have to go running back to your computer to look that up while cutting.  I hate when I have to do that. This is ingenious! The second great feature of the pattern is that there are additional instructions on how you can modify/hack your pattern with some color blocking.  These were such great ideas and I know I can get great use out of these supplemental directions. The color block tips really give the top a completely different look. Lastly, the pattern includes some great tips and knit education for beginners.  I think a first time knit sewist would find this section of the pattern very informative and helpful.


I cut my neckband on the bias here due to the stripes in my fabric.  I learned a long time ago that my striped neckbands always turn out better when I don’t try to line up the stripes horizontally.  The bias cut neckband is a great solution for my personal issues. Do you do this with stripes?


Though I like the looks of this top being layered, I can definitely see myself lengthening this to a full length top to wear alone in the very near feature.  I really don’t think I have a quicker sewing top, so I plan to keep it handy. I’m a dolman fan, what can I say.


Pumpkin & Bunny {Peppercorn Pants}

I’m back with a new pattern release.  I helped test the Peppercorn Pants and Shorts from Pumpkin & Bunny Patterns.  If you are new to P&B, the patterns tend to feature fine sewing skills to create pieces that will last even if you don’t have fancy finishing machines.  This is a great feature this pattern.  Beginners can learn some great new skills when purchasing this pattern.


This pattern caught my eye several months back with the designer posted a tiny little sneak of the sailor style front.  I’m a total sucker for a sailor front and have never actually made anything with this style. (I do own several short patterns, but haven’t made them…AH!)  I’m very happy with the finished product and know my girls with get some use out of them.  We went to dinner at Chic-fil-a after our little photo session and we got so many complements on her pants.  That is always a nice feeling after you have put time into a project.

Pattern Details

Peppercorn Pants and Shorts

Price: $9.50 with Release Sale Price: $7.00

Size Range: NB – Size 14

Pant and Short Options (Bermuda Style)

Features Flat Felled Seams and French Seams for a professional finish

Extra Length to accommodate growth spurts

No Trim Pages

Layer Printing

The Foxglove Tunic was release along with the Peppercorn pants and you can also bundle them to get the best discount.  Find the bundle here.

If you are on the fence about the flat felled seams, do not be afraid.  They look so nice and have such a rewarding feeling when you look at your completed project.  I hadn’t made anything with a flat felled seam for several years and it was nice to remember how such a simple feature can add to the style and quality of a piece.


I do love how these pants turned out. I’m sure I’ll use this pattern again.   I think I accomplished some of the best top stitching of my life on the pockets of these pants, so I’ll be keeping them around well after the girls grow out of them just to admire.🙂

If you are new to Pumpkin & Bunny you can also join the Facebook group here to keep up with sales and new patterns to be released.

I think this wraps up my little review.  Let me know if you are planning to make  these adorable little pants in the comments.  Happy Sewing.



Ellie Dolman Cardi from Elliedactyl


I’m joining with with some fun ladies to share my favorite style of Cardi for the Cardigan Tour.  Thanks to Tibeca Yao for letting me hop in on the fun.  My favorite style of cardigan is a drapey, comfy layering cardi. I have a TON of drapey cardis! In truth, I should tell you most are store bought and in the color grey or beige.  Just for fun I went through my closet and counted… I have TEN in gray or beige cardis that I found in my closet.  I’m  obviously the earth-tone girl in the family.  I really stretched my personality a lot by sewing up my Raspberry Creek florals for myself..


For the tour I wanted to sew up my own cardi to share and I tossed in some color just for the fun of it. I had narrowed down my list to a few patterns and decided to splurge and go with the Ladies Ellie Dolman Cardi from Elliedactyl, a designer I hadn’t sewn up before.  Notice I said I hadn’t sewn before… I’ve bought several patterns from her… just hoarded them. Are you guilty of doing that too?  Annelise was happy to sponsor my post by offering a coupon code for the duration of the tour for you and a pattern of choice for a rafflecopter giveaway.  Be sure to enter the rafflecopter below and grab a few items with the coupon!!  The coupon code is CardiTour and will be a cart total coupon of 20% off your entire purchase through the end of the event.

Pattern Features:

Dolman Sleeve with short/long sleeve options with cuffs

Relaxed Fit

Two neckline options.

Pockets/No Pocket Options

No Closures

Layered Printing

Photo Tutorial plus Quick Sew Directions for experienced sewists


Fit Review

Personally, I love a Dolman style anything.  If you are anti-batwing, this cardi can still work for you as I didn’t feel this has huge wings that can sometimes come with a dolman style top.  I was happy with the fit through the shoulders and the more fitted sleeve through the arm.  I used my measurements to determine my size.  The sizes within the pattern aren’t listed as XS-XXL, but rather with words that evoke power.  This really does require you to use your own measurements to make something for your individual body.  I like this feature.

My version includes long sleeves, pockets, and the tapered neckband.  I found the cuffs/arm length could have been shortened for myself, but I would say that would not be typical for most people.  I have short limbs in general. I love that the sleeves are finished with cuffs for both the short and long sleeves as I always prefer to add a cuff when possible.  It may be that I’m too lazy to hem or still just annoyed that I don’t have a cover stitch machine.


Overall, I’m very happy with this cardigan.  I’ll probably be making several others and be spending a lot of time in them as the weather continues to cool here.  This cardigan can definitely be printed, taped, and sewn in under two hours. So quick and comfy too!

Be sure to check out all the other stops along the Cardigan Tour.  There are a lot of new patterns and go-patterns being featured.



Cardigan Blog Tour September 26-30
Wednesday 28 Doodle Number 5


a Rafflecopter giveaway

At School and Play {SisBoom Pattern Tour}


Hey friends!! My last Back to School stop is finally here.  I’ve been having so much fun playing will tons of different designer’s patterns and touring along with so many creative bloggers over the last month.  Today I’m a stop along the Sisboom Pattern Co “At School, and At Play” tour.  I’m super exciting to be sharing my first Sisboom make that isn’t a top or dress.


For my project I planned a casual outfit for heading to school.  I used the Sisboom Katie pants pattern.  If you are familiar with the pants you are probably noticing I’ve got pockets that are slightly different from the original pattern.  I did a little hack job on these. I’m kinda a pocket lady and so are my girls.


Hack Debrief

For the pockets I cut my front pant pieces using the low right cut line.  Then totally eyeballed where I thought the front pockets should fall.  I used my rotary cutter and ruler to make the cut.  After that, I used the trimmed piece of the pants as a template to modify the front pocket lining. After that I used fairly common pocket construction.  I placed the front pocket lining right sides together against the front pant front, stitched on the angle I had just cut, flipped, pressed and top-stitched for each pocket.  After that, I placed the back pocket lining right sides against the front pocket lining and sewed around the edges being sure to line up the top and sides of the pocket with the top and sides of the pants.  I then basted the pocket linings to the pants at the top and sides where they overlap.  I constructed the pants per directions until getting to the waistband.  When cutting the waistband I first modified the piece by adding a half inch the the length.  Then I cut two sets instead of just one.  I stitched the waistband pieces on the short ends and then across the top creating an entire waistband rather than just a facing.  This was then attached to the pants like you would attach a binding.  I inserted the elastic and then finished per directions. They turned out beautifully.



Do you love Sisboom Patterns? Be sure to join the facebook group here to share all your creations with lovely Sisboom Sewist.

Stop by the Etsy shop here.


Sisboom Tour

Thanks for Stopping in on the Sis Boom Blog tour!
We are excited to announce that our bloggers EACH have a pattern giveaway on their posts! Everyday something new; so be sure to follow along with this tour!
August 22 Paisley Roots / August 23 Cookies n’ Bees  /  August 24 Tina Sew Tiny  /  August 25 Screeching Dinosaur  /  August 26 PearBerry Lane  /  August 29 Troops To Tots  /  August 30 A Crazy Craft Lady  /  August 31 Glitter in My Coffee  /  September 1 Sunflower Seams  /  September 2 Adventures with Bubba and Bug


The Giveaway Winner has be selected.  Yay!

Maggie B.

Would you like to win the Sisboom Katie Pant pattern? Leave me a comment below to be entered to win.  If you would like some extra entries, follow me on Instagram and like my Facebook page. Include a note in the comments about where you followed.


Emmy T-Shirt Pattern {For Boys and Girls}


The Emmy T-Shirt from Laela Jeyne Patterns is a staple pattern for your stash.  This pattern is the children’s verson of the Women’s Emily T-Shirt.  I love the Emily! My favorite top right now is an Emily.  You can see it here from a post I did over the summer.  Just like the Women’s pattern, Emmy is full of options to carry throughout the seasons. *This post contains affiliate links to aid in my fabric hoarding tendencies.

Pattern Details:

Size Range: Childrens 6m-6 and Girls 7-14

Neckline options: Jewel neck, cowl neck, hood

Sleeve options: Regular or Gathered Sleeve cap with three lengths.  This also includes options to create with or without cuffs, but a thumb-hole cuff option. (I’m all about not hemming, so I love these options!)  The Gathered sleeve caps give a feminine touch, while the regular sleeves work great for the boys.

Accent Features: Three elbow patch options, and a triangle accent at the hip, curved hemline

Along with these options for the patterns you get all the features Laela Jeyne offers.

  • Clear, concise instructions with photos and illustrations
  • Fitting adjustments
  • Printing directions
  • No trim page options for US and A4 Paper
  • Fabric Requirements and Layout
  • Tips for sewing with knits!

The Emmy release price is $6.00 with the rest of the shop being 30% off!  You can also bundle Emmy with Emily for $10.50.  That is a pretty awesome deal for such loaded patterns.  This is the last pattern release where the entire shop will be on sale, so be sure to snag anything on your wish list!

If you want to stay up with Laela Jeyne Patterns use these links:

Facebook Page: Like the page to keep updated.

Facebook Group: Come share your creations!

Instagram: Come follow!


I just love this top I stitched up for this post.  I live for fall and there is nothing that screams fall like a cowl neck shirt.  Last year I made the twins some cowl neck shirts and Peyton has been asking for one, so I was happy to oblige.  I made the elbow length here, but have also done a second version with long sleeves and elbow patches.  Those patches are such a fun feature.


I love the curved hemline on this top.  This feature gives it a little more style and bumps it up from just a basic t-shirt pattern.  I was nervous about hemming this, but with a good pressing it came out perfectly.  A twin needle can do great things. (Though I wish I had a cover stitch machine.)

What combinations would you make first?  Next I want to do a hooded version with long sleeves, elbow patches, and the triangle hip accent.  I’ll be sure to share that when I’m done!

Happy Sewing!!


Modkid Aubrey {Pattern Release}


Modkid has a new dress pattern releasing! I wasn’t supposed to be hopping on any more tests, but I’m a sucker for anything knit or with pockets and Aubrey has both… so basically I caved.  I’m glad I squeezed this one in because it is a fairly quick sew and I know my girls will get some use from this pattern.

The Aubrey dress pattern has a large size range covering size 2-12.  The dress has a hidden kangaroo pocket, dolman sleeves with three lengths, neck binding and neck band options, along with a design that allows for some creative fabric choice.  It’s a great fit for medium weight knits.


I grabbed and end of bolt box last week from Mama Made and Beautiful and it just so happened to contain some of Patty Young’s Acorn Valley fabrics. Of course I had to use those for what I stitched up, its only right.  Plus, those little foxes are just too cute.  I used a different color way of those cute foxes when I was on the Acorn Valley tour, check that here.


For this newest release use coupon code AUBREY2016 to get 40% off your entire order  in the Modkid Etsy store! That puts every regular priced pattern at $5.99!! That’s pretty awesome if you need to get busy with some back to school/fall sewing.  This coupon code is only good for 24 hours, so don’t delay.


Here is the Modkid Boutique release anouncement for the Aubrey dress pattern.  Its a great  to scope all the tester photos for the new pattern.nnI hope you enjoy all those fun photos.

I leave you with the face that leaves me laughing when I should be scolding…. It’s hard to say no to that! Would you be able to?IMG_0308