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Emmy and Rosie Pattern Mash



I’ve been loving all the circle skirt dresses I’ve been seeing recently, so I decided I would take a few Laela Jeyne Patterns and write a tutorial for how to Mash them into a dress. I’ve used the Emmy T-Shirt and Rosie Circle Skirt Patterns to make this super cute everyday dress for the twins.  I know it is going to get a lot of wear.  They love comfy and dresses… Win, win. *This post contains affiliate links.


Materials List:

Emmy T-Shirt Pattern

Rosie Skirt Pattern, Half Circle Skirt Option

Elastic for Waist (I used 3/4″, but 1/2″ would be good too.)

Sewing Supplies: Fabric, Scissors, Rotary Cutter, Pins/Clips, Machine, etc.

Construct Shirt:


Select your size, print, tape.  You will not need the curved hemline, so before cutting fabric you can modify the pattern by using a straight edge and removing that portion.

Construct shirt per Emmy directions without hemming the bottom of the shirt.  I used the capped sleeve option here.

Modify Shirt Length:

I wanted the waistline to fall around the natural waist.  Determine wear you would like your waistline and remove the portion below this line.  Don’t forget to include elastic and seam allowance.  For my version I sewed a size 4 top and removed 6 inches. Do not toss what you removed!

Cut the Waistband:

From the scrap removed from the bottom of the shirt, cut a band 1.75″ wide. This accounts for 3/8″ seam allowance and the elastic casing. (I’m sorry if you think I should use the word length here, but I just think wide fits better.  Hopefully you get what I’m saying.)  If you plan to use an elastic other than 3/4″ you may want to adjust the width.


Measure the width of your shirt. Multiply this number by 2. This is the waist measurement you will use to determine the size skirt you need to print.  Refer to the size chart in the Rosie Skirt Pattern, (page 4). Print the pattern using the layers for the size you need for the waist AND the size you need for the length.

For example: My shirt width measurement of 11.25″ times 2 is 22.5″.  On the size chart this means I need a size 7 waist.  My child falls into a size 4 in height.  I printed my pattern using only the size 7 and size 4 layers.


Blend width and length sizes together by extending the length line over to the width line. Follow the curve of the circle.  Cut skirt only, no waistbands. Sew side seams and hem per pattern directions.

*Note: You will want to use the half circle pattern because the full circle would put a seam down the center of your skirt.  Or… You could color block and totally use the full circle option.


Memory press one edge of the waistband with 3/8″ fold.


With right sides together, match shirt and skirts at waists.


Place waistband over skirt right side of band to wrong side of skirt matching the edge that has NOT been pressed.  Pin/clip through waistband, skirt, and shirt.  Sew/Serge.

*Tip: Align side seams of shirt and skirt, but slide the waistband around slightly to offset bulk of seams.

Pull shirt up through skirt.  Press waistband up, keeping memory press folded. Don’t you just love that you can’t see any of the seams at the waistband?!


Using your choice of stretch stitch, edge stitch around top of waistband leaving a 2″ opening to insert elastic.  Cut elastic 1.5″ shorter than your child’s waist measurement. Insert into casing using safety pin or bodkin.  Overlap 1/2″ and sew together.  Close opening in casing.  My edge stitching wasn’t too hot here, so do better than I did or your elastic with be a bit tight in the casing. 🙂


Turn right side out, throw on a child, and take some photos.  Don’t forget to share them in the Laela Jeyne Pattern Group.

Simple Life Pattern Co. {Harmony}


Every once in a while I just have to do something quick to have the reward of a completed project.  I’ve been working on several things, but none of them are completed and I was feeling like I was in a slump. Enter Harmony from Simple Life Pattern Company.  A super quick summer sew with a bit of style. *Affiliate links are found in this post.


I’ve been looking for a quick and easy hi-lo dress pattern because our current dress that starts Sunday wars in my house is the Greenery dress from Project Run and Play.  Every week both the Littles argue over who gets to wear it to church.  Can you blame them? It is super fun.


Harmony offers multiple style options.  There is the dramatic (shown here), but also a top, dress, and maxi length are included.  Each of these four can be created with or without a ruffle along the bottom of the dress.  You should know that the pattern includes two different sets of pattern pieces for the ruffle version or the simple version.  Pay attention to the print guide or you may accidentally print both versions.  I may have first hand experience on this.


If you have a fear of closures, this dress is still an option for you.  There is a small tie in the back, but this dress really has enough ease that I think you could leave it out all together.  We didn’t until it to get it off or on.   Even with the generous ease the dress has a finished look due to the elastic waist.  This cinches everything in nicely.


I used seersucker for this version.  It was a perfect look for summer.  This is actually my first time using it. I just feel like it provides a simple and classy elegance to this dress.  I will definitely be using it again.  Maybe I’ll splurge and try a different color too.  As for this particular pattern, any light weight woven with good drape is recommended.  You could even use a knit.  I have a ton of jersey I bought last year with very little stretch I think I may use to make a ruffled version.  I think it will be fantastic.


So that about wraps up my super quick sew for immediate satisfaction.  What do you do to re-motivate and jump start your sewjo?  Is there another quick pattern you would recommend?

Oceanside Dress: Itch to Stitch Patterns


It’s been quite a long time since I’ve written any posts over on the Itch to Stitch Blog, but I’m always following what new designs and creations Kennis is coming up with.  I happened across her testing call for a knit dress pattern.  I was so drawn to it that I applied before I realized it was right smack in the middle of the Summer Collection Tour I am hosting.  I’ve been really good about not doing that lately, but I suppose I was just sucked in too quickly. This post contains affiliate links.  Purchasing from a link on this page supports my hobby and clothes my kids.  Thanks for you support.  I would hate to have naked people running around my house.


The Oceanside Dress has a raglan style sleeve with a figure flattering waistband.  I love how some testers made this dress look ready for a ball game while others were able to make it quite formal looking with great fabric selection.  My fabric selection was based on three concepts.  I needed to use what was in my stash, I needed to be able to wear it without needing a slip (because I don’t think I own one), and it needed to be comfortable enough I could wear it to school or church.  If I can’t wear it there, it won’t be worn. Enter floral double brushed poly from Love Adore Knit Fabrics.  I purchased this back in the Spring and it is absolutely lovely.  So soft to the touch, yet easy to work with. For some reason the colors just work for me in this dress.  I also had a pale mint green floral I was considering and I’m glad I went with the navy.  I feel like the flowers just pop right out of the fabric.


The pattern also includes this front triangle inset and features to allow you to get a little creative and include an accent fabric to give your dress a little bit of pop. I used a striped Cotton Lycra for my accent fabric on the sleeves and the inset.  I personally struggled a bit with the inset, but I think it came out nicely.  I won’t mention the tiny buckle just below the point.  It just did not want to lay completely flat and parallel to the ground. It was totally user error and selecting a striped fabric that shows very quickly if it isn’t level was probably not a choice I would make again.


For me the best part about this dress was the ease of size selection.  I used my bust and waist and easily chose what size I needed to make and I had a perfect fit.  I often have issues with dresses because they are too long for my shorter legs.  The circle skirt was very easy to shorten and I ended up with a flattering length for my personal body.


The Oceanside Dress Pattern is currently on sale for $8, but you can get an extra discount with a coupon code in the Itch to Stitch Designs Group.  Don’t miss that!


Laela Jeyne Patterns Summer Collection

Main Blog tour graphic

Summer is in full swing at my house and I’m struggling to stay above water with all the exciting things going on so far.  One bit of exciting news in my sewing world is the Summer Collection release from Laela Jeyne Patterns.  I’ve been following the testing process and just love how everything has come together.  I’m so pumped to be co-hosting this tour along with Marisa (Designer for Laela Jeyne Patterns).  I’m telling you, there are some great creations ahead this week. Also, each day has a rafflecopter, so be sure to click over to the blog and enter for a chance at some of the new collection.


For my Summer Collection Tour post I decided to make the Vivi Swimsuit.  It was a great choice for us, as my little people have been living in swimwear nearly everyday.  If they aren’t in the sprinkler, it’s water balloons. If the balloons have popped, its a dip in the lake. There is no keeping my girls dry.   I made two suits earlier this swim season, but one suit each isn’t enough.  I made a mistake and grabbed a few cheapie suits from Wal-mart just to have some extras in rotation.  It was totally not worth it.  The fit on them is so poor.  I’m surprised they stay on their bodies, and really they kinda don’t.  I’ve seen a lot more crack lately than is called for.   Anyway, let’s talk about a good fitting swimsuit for little ladies. Vivi is a faux cross over suit.  It has options for side cut outs, neckline ruffle, and two different back cut lines.  I love the look of this suit with the neckline ruffle, but I purchased this swim fabric and have been dying to use it.  Let’s be honest… it doesn’t scream, “Add a ruffle please.”  This print carries the suit all on its own.  No extras needed.


The coverage on this suit is quite good. We had no breaks for adjustments while snapping these photos and I call that a win! #wedgiefreeisthewaytobe  This suit is going to be a staple in our summer wear selection simply for this one point.


The most difficult part about the construction of this suit is the faux cross over.  That said, I’m very proud of the stitching at the neckline.  Sometimes we can rock our skills and sometimes we fail ourselves.  For this suit, I think I was rocking the skills.  If you don’t have a twin needle, get one.



So, what are you thinking about swimwear?  Do you sew it or are you needing some help crossing over?  I’ll tell you that it really can be quite quick.  If you don’t have a little lady to sew for, you can actually make a suit with this same style just for you! The Violet Swimsuit  is the Women’s version of the Vivi. I fun surprise with Violet is that you get a bonus pattern when you purchase it.  The Isla Kimono is a great pattern for making a cover-up to go with your swimwear.  I would totally have made a suit for myself, except I’m a teacher and just got a new job.  I’m just feeling like I didn’t need to be posting myself online in swimwear as I’m in the transition phase and don’t want to be fired before I start.


I hope you have enjoyed my sassy girl in her new suit.  For more fun photos of this make, don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram.  Sometimes I sneak stuff on IG that never hits the blog.  Also, be sure to click over to the Laela Jeyne Patterns post each day because there is a different rafflecopter for each day of the tour!  Don’t miss out!


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Chalk and Notch {Pony Tank}


This is two posts for adult sewing in a row! Wow, I’m growing up these days.  I definitely don’t sew for myself enough, but I’m trying to do better about this.  One way to do better about this is to do some testing for designers that I know and trust.  So, today I’m sharing my Pony Tank and Dress from Chalk and Notch.  Gabriela is a fantastic person and designer too.  She really knows her stuff and I’m proud to call her a friend.  If you haven’t tried any Chalk and Notch patterns, you definitely need to!  You won’t regret it.  This pattern was offered for free to people that signed up for the Chalk and Notch newsletter, but if you missed the sign up you can still grab it on the site on sale for $9.00 during release (Ends June 16) and $12.00 after that.  By the way, if you would like to get the Pony pattern free, leave me a comment here and hop over to my Instagram account and tag a friend in my Pony Giveway Post.  I’m giving one away complements of Gabriela!


Pardon the boob shot here, but I have to show you how this V-neck turned out.  I’ve only done v-necks that cross over the band in the front, not the real deal thing.  Oh my! If you have been putting off V-necklines… wait no more.  It really isn’t that difficult and this pattern included clear concise directions for how to make it look great.   It also included markings on the pattern and band pieces for lining up quarters! Praise the Lord.  Why don’t more people do this?! It really does speed up sewing time and reassures you that you aren’t going to get any weird puckering on your bands.  What do you think? Not too shabby, huh?


This tank has a great shape.  It hugs in just the right places at the bust and breaks out into a swing style hiding all the things I don’t need to show.  The recommended fabrics are Rayon Jersey, Bamboo Jersey, Modal Jersey – with 70% stretch and good recovery.  I have to say that Gabriela put together an amazing resource on her blog for fabric suggestions and recommendations. Totally worth checking out.


I think this about wraps up all the excitement from me.  Don’t forget to hop over and read about the release on the Chalk and Notch Blog, then leave a comment below and swing over to Instagram to enter the giveaway.  Happy sewing!




Designer Stitch Tour {Jenny Dress}

black-for-pattern-revolution.gifIt’s the Designer Stitch Anniversary Tour  and I’m joining in to help celebrate.  Nearly all my bestie blog friends that sew for themselves sew Designer Stitch patterns, so I thought it was time for me to put my big girl pants on and give it a go.  I recently received a store credit from Ann (the A-mazing designer of Designer Stitch) while at the SNAP! conference about a month ago, so when the tour opportunity came up I thought it would be a perfect excuse to give myself a deadline to get at least one done.  Sometimes deadlines really help to motivate me. *This post contains affiliate links because a girl’s gotta try to justify to her husband why all those packages of fabric keep showing up at the door.

So, you should notice that “Jenny Dress” is included in the title of my post… Bless it. Jenny and I are still trying to work things out, so I’m actually going to be sharing the Kat Top today.  I didn’t change the title because that would change my perma link, and if you are a blogger, you know you don’t want to mess up that perma schedule HTML if you can at all prevent it. If you aren’t a blogger, just know that you don’t want to be the person that screws all the links up for the tour.  I will tell you that I am learning a lot about fitting and my body shape while working on the Jenny Dress and Ann has been so amazing and providing support to help me get the perfect fit.  I just want to show it to you when I have it “just right” so to speak.  On a side note… The Jenny Dress has an invisible zipper and I totally killed that zipper.  I mean it looks freaking amazing, so I may sneak you a peek of that on Instagram so you can be in awe with me.  It’s my first ever invisible zipper.  While I was doing some fittings, my 8 year old zipped it up and said, “Man mom, that really is invisible.” #nailedit

Kat Top-10

Okay, Okay… How about the Kat Top?  The Kat Top is a super amazing shell top.  I feel it must be said that even with it’s classic design, this look is definitely on trend right now. Woven shirts in general are on fire, but this relaxed fit is something I’m seeing everywhere.

Kat Top-2

This top comes with two version, called the Weekday and Weekend Top.  The Weekday Top has an easy fit with set in sleeves, while the Weekend Top has a slightly more relaxed shell with a Kimono sleeve.  I stitched up the Weekend Top for this post.  And I’m probably going to be wearing it quite a bit.  It pops on without any closures and the relaxed fit makes for comfortable wear.  It is a fantastic pattern for beginners.

Kat Top-1

I’m just kicking off my summer here, so I felt gingham was the perfect fabric selection for this make.  Is there anything that screams summer more? Maybe seersucker???  Still, I think it is perfect for the vibe I wanted.


Kat Top-12

To help celebrate the Designer Stitch Birthday, you will find that all patterns are 50% off right now.  It’s a perfect time to try some of these patterns that you’ve been eyeing in your newsfeed.  You will not be disappointed with the quality and knowledge you are getting when you open a Designer Stitch Pattern.  They are the real deal.

Be sure to check out the makes from all the other bloggers.  There are seriously some amazing makes.  I’m always in awe of women that sew for themselves.  I personally don’t do it much because boobs and butts are just so hard to deal with sometimes.  But these ladies show you just how possible it is to do and how you can make things look so great.

June 5, 2017 
June 8, 2017
June 9, 2017

INblue Wrap Up and Winner!

The InBlue tour has come to an end.  I really hope that you enjoyed clicking through the tour and seeing all the fun creations in Art Gallery Fabrics InBlue line by Katarina Roccella!  I know I got quite a bit of inspiration from the makes.  If you missed any of the posts, be sure to check the links below!

Tour Schedule


I Married Superman


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Thread Riding HoodPear Berry Lane


Ammon LaneSew and Tell Project

I’m sure that several of you are curious about that multi-designer rafflecopter, right?!

The winner is…. Koko K.

Congratulations!!! So much awesomeness in this bundle!!  We’ll be contacting you via email, so be on the lookout.


INblue Tour Day 5

We are wrapping up this fun adventure through InBlue today.  I hope you have enjoyed us featuring different fabrics in Art Gallery Fabrics the line.  I know I’ve loved seeing makes for women, girls, and boys!

Wrapping up the week we have two more bloggers to share some creations.  Tiahna from Ammon Lane is up first.  She made some adorable pieces for her little blonde beauty that you will want to see.  Check out Tiahna’s post here.

Tiahna Sneak.jpg

And wrapping of the tour is Eleri for the Sew and Tell Project.  Eleri stitched up a lovely knit top for herself for the tour, but I have to share another bit of exciting business about what else she has made for the InBlue fabric line.  Yesterday, the Look Book for InBlue was released and you will see some creations Elerie stitched up there as well.  I mean, I kinda feel like she’s famous. 🙂 The look book is full of Amazing creations with this line which include quilting, bags, apparel, etc.  You get a glimpse into the entire line.  Be sure to check that out here.

Sew and Tell.jpg

Don’t forget that we have an awesome pattern bundle up for grabs, so be sure to enter the rafflecopter for a chance at all of those.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tour Schedule


I Married Superman


Coffee and ThreadHandmade Frenzy


Sunflower SeamsHandmade Boy


Thread Riding HoodPear Berry Lane


Ammon LaneSew and Tell Project